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Aug 24 2016
CROWDed House: Gay Web Series Debuts Comments (0)

Threes a crowd logo photo(Image via Three's a Crowd)

Nigel Campbell of Instinct introduces another gay Web series (save room for mine once casting is done!), this one focused on the awkward events that occur when a guy begins to fall for someone living with his own ex-partner. Of nine years.

To continue the theme of bad '80s sitcom titles, that can be too close for comfort.

Could you do it?

Well, I did! In my situation, I was the ex; I lived with my ex of 18.5 years for three years before we sold our place, and he was seeing someone most of that time. Maybe it was harder for them than it was for me? (Blinks innocently.)

Watch the first episode of Three's a Crowd after the jump ...

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Aug 23 2016

Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 11.32.18 AM(Video still via Jimmy Kimmel Live!)

Hillary Clinton made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night, joking comfortably with the host about those rumors she's at death's door (he took her pulse), saying she's prepping to debate Trump by drawing on grade-school experiences and touting the high-profile Republicans who have crossed the aisle to (probably very reluctantly!) support her bid for the presidency.

After the jump, watch this frail, mentally unsound woman try to open a jar of pickles ...

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Aug 19 2016
6-PACK — Hookup With Married Man Drives Guy Into The Closet + Wrestler-Mania + Out & Out Sorry + Iran Payment Controversy + Trump's Semi-Sorry + The Long & Short Of That Trump Statue! Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 8.31.26 PM(Video still via WOW)

*widget boy culturePorn star talks about his hilariously failed hook-up with a MM. Video after the jump at the end of the post.

*widget boy cultureWrestler assumes the position. (Work Friendly! Work Friendly!)

*widget boy cultureOutsports writer Cyd Zeigler apologizes for branding closeted athletes as cowards.

*widget boy culture“Conditioned payment” of ancient $400 million to Iran was not a hostage buy-off, but Trump howls that it was.

*widget boy cultureTrump regrets some of his past douchey words. Won't say which. Won't say he won't say crazy stuff again.

*widget boy cultureNYC Parks Dept. responds to unauthorized Trump nude with David Nivenesque with:

Keep reading for that sexy story ...

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Aug 18 2016
6-PACK — Get Hur! + Benghazi Speechwriter For Hillary? + Ivanka Trump's Bro-In-Law Disinvited From Thanksgiving + Trump's Breitbart Import Is Loathed + Gay Journalism Prizes + Does UNFUNNY Equal QUEENY? Comments (0)

UnknownStephen Boyd & Charlton Heston: So thirsty! (Video still via MGM)

*widget boy cultureBen-Hur gets de-gayed, much to dead Charlton Heston's delight.

*widget boy cultureOMG! The Republican who wrote that horrendous Benghazi mom RNC speech may vote Hillary.

*widget boy cultureIvanka Trump's bro-in-law will also be pulling the lever for Hillary.

*widget boy cultureEverybody hates Trump's new campaign guru. Like, hates.

*widget boy cultureCheck out the LGBTQ-journalism elites who got rewarded for their excellence!

*widget boy cultureI get the joke, but isn't the below video just mocking queens, too? 

Aug 17 2016
6-PACK — Madonna In The '80s! + Madonna In The '90s! + Porn Icon's Memoirs + Hugh Must Be Kidding Me + Jason Dottley Leaves Music, Drops Web Series + The Bond Between Gay Men & Straight Women! Comments (0)

66-long-lost-casting-polaroids-of-madonna-show-a-mega-star-on-the-verge-body-image-1471356607Madonna in 1983 (Image by Richard Corman)

*widget boy cultureMr. Corman let a Web site publish hi-res scans of some of his 66 Madonna Polaroids.

UnnamedMadonna celebrating Vincent's b'day on May 4, 1990, in Houston (Images via Vincent Paterson)

*widget boy cultureAn Evening with Vincent Paterson should be on your to-do-list.

Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 10.52.52 PMShawn Mayotte as you may remember him (Image via I.T. for Men)

*widget boy culturePorn icon Shawn Mayotte is alive and well ... and publishing his memoirs.

710316_2c6dee09508c419693a5701c7e366617~mv2(Image via Jason Dottley)

*widget boy cultureJason Dottley retires from music, drops surprise Web series: Body Hair.

*widget boy cultureHugh Grant looks “like a scrotum now.”

*widget boy cultureA gay black man and a straight white woman hit it off real well in El Ganzo, opening 9/9 in L.A.:


Aug 13 2016
Sure Beats Sorry! Comments (0)

S-l1600(Image via eBay)

Aug 12 2016
Comedian Eric Andre Comes Out As Bi — Using More Colorful Language Than That Comments (0)

Tumblr_nf1d7oEDtj1qaudhfo4_500He kissed a cop, and he liked it! See this clip after the jump ... (Image via Adult Swim)

Towleroad's Mark Allen corners outrageous comic Eric Andre on all things LGBT, getting him to admit—in terminology I haven't heard used in decades!—that he is, for all intents and purposes, bisexual:

EA: I think everyone is bi, right? There’s no such thing as sexual orientation, or race, or gender. Those are all obsolete man-made concepts. I’ll say it again, a hole is a hole.

So Eric Andre, would you say you’re coming out as bisexual?

EA: I’ll f*ck anything that moves.

I remember a post-modern queer 'zine called Anything That Moves, but even by then the phrase was dated. Maybe it's now being reclaimed, and is certainly coming from a place of laughter first and serious sexual politics second—which could be the key to making the serious sexual politics stick.

Watch him suck face with a fake cop after the jump ...

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Typical Trump Supporters: Utterly Insane Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 12.29.51 AM(Video still via Hulu)

Via Joe.My.God.: Triumph trolls Trump supporters. Hysterically funny, and so very sad ...

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