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Sep 10 2014
Forever Jung: MDNA Flashback Comments (0)


“Madonna” is so relevant it's scary...

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Sep 09 2014
Gay Gardens Comments (0)

Raymond and Lane

See if you agree that Raymond & Lane are the Grey Gardens of 2014...

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Sep 08 2014
Channing Up: The Dick Graze Comments (0)


Channing Tatum brings you the Dick Graze...

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Need To Know: Can W.E. Talk? + Burning Bush + Shallow Gene Pool + Ifs, Ands, Butts + MORE! Comments (0)

Madonna-GagaDepending on if you value youth or talent more, this image is shady in different ways...but brilliant.

*widget boy cultureVia Planet Hiltron: Madonna as Joan, Gaga as Melissa.

*widget boy cultureKate Bush's rare live shows in the UK draw raves.

*widget boy cultureChik-fil-A founder dies.

*widget boy cultureGene Simmons declares rock dead. Rock asks, “Who?”

*widget boy cultureObama delays executive action in immigration.

*widget boy cultureA butt you'd second-mortgage your house for.

*widget boy cultureTom Brady's beggin' for it!

*widget boy cultureTodd Sanfield's bulge is timeless.

*widget boy culturePorn sites wake up on 'Net neutrality.

*widget boy cultureKathy Griffin on Joan Rivers: “Respect must be paid to this woman.”

*widget boy cultureDid you spend $10K to get into Joan's funeral?

*widget boy cultureSo what if Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) isn't gracious?

*widget boy cultureSadly for the right, Obamacare is working.

*widget boy cultureA hot flash of hot undies.

*widget boy cultureFriendly reminder: Ross Lynch is over 18.

Shirtless-Ross-LynchDefinitely not a Ken doll under that suit

Sep 07 2014
Rolling Up The Red Carpet... Comments (0)

JOan-Rivers-funeralCourtesy of Mitchell Ivers

By all accounts, the memorial for Joan Rivers today was hilarious, sad and classy. Both Audra McDonald and Hugh Jackman performed, with a eulogy by Howard Stern and remembrances by Margie Stern, Cindy Adams and, of course, Joan's daughter Melissa.

Sep 06 2014
Don't Cry Me A Rivers: Letterman's Upbeat Tribute To Joan Rivers Comments (0)


David Letterman memorializes Joan Rivers this week, whose funeral is tomorrow...

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Sep 05 2014
Ass Me No Questions Comments (0)

Straight guys pick their own buttholes from a photo lineup.

Is Tyler Posey Looking? Comments (0)

Tyler-PoseyGay = funny

This is what reality TV has come to: Being Tyler Posey. Just...being him.

In the preview clip, Posey's friend brings up Tinder, which leads to an interesting convo about Grindr...

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