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Jan 11 2018
Mercedes Williamson's Murder Examined + Oprah Not Running + Hunky HOUSE HUNTER + Franco's Exposé + Immigration Deal? + Pauly Shore As Stephen Miller — 6-PACK! Comments (0)

So Goodnight ATL... Business in The AM! 🌝 #gn

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Above, tats incredible.

Below: Keep reading for a compelling new episode on a shocking murder of a trans teen, a hunky House Hunter, that lame James Franco exposé, a possible immigration deal and Pauly Shore actually making you laffff ...

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Jan 08 2018
Praying For A Snow Day Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 6.39.47 PMThat's why we pray. (Image via video still)

As a singer, she hasn't got a prayer, but this sure is entertaining ...

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Randy Rainbow On Button Buddies Trump & Kim Jong-un Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 1.34.24 PM(Video still via Randy Rainbow)

As Randy says, both are small ...

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Jan 04 2018
Brent & JJ Break Up + When Snow Means Yes + Ellen Trumps Don Jr. + Hot Cop + Bannon Backpedals + Mira Sorvino's Dad Jonesing To Whack Weinstein — 6-PACK! Comments (0)

Above: If you like bearded cuties who show off a lot on Insta, he's your guy.

Below: Keep reading for a porn breakup, the debate over whether 8" is enough or too much, Ellen skewering Eric Trump with a smile and that delicious Trump v. Bannon feud ...

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Dec 18 2017
More Like SATAN BABY: Listen To Her Go After Trump In A Christmas Carol Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2017-12-18 at 4.37.43 PM(Video still via Button Pushers)

She has a lovely voice, and her take on “Santa Baby” (more in the vein of Madonna's comic take than in the vein of Earth Kitt's uncomfortably in-heat take) takes on Donald Trump ...

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MEAT Marketing + Gabbana Is NOT Gay, Guys + Bermuda & Philippines Flipping Out + Rose McGowan Trashes Meryl Streep + DRAG TOTS + The Queen Covers The King — 6-PACK! Comments (0)

Above, a guy who is not available to spot you.

Keep reading for a Meat-y beefcake calendar, Madonna covering Elvis, marriage-equality flip-flops and a wave of new #MeToo finger-pointing ...

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Dec 15 2017
Ghost Stories: A Semi-Serious Chat With Matteo Lane, Host Of GHOST HUNT Comments (0)

Matteo Lane(Image via Snapchat)

Image001Ever been seeing someone who disappeared without a trace?

If you've ever been ghosted — or, let's be honest, ghosted someone — the new Snapchat series Ghost Hunt is for you.

My chat with series host Matteo Lane, an accomplished gay stand-up comic, opera singer, podcaster and popular presence on Logo, lasted longer than some relationships these days, but we at least both knew when it was over ...

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Dec 13 2017
Hate Criminals + Franken's Replacement + Foot Fun + RIP Smithereens Singer + Ho, Ho, Hos + Dennis Hastert's Ban From Kids — 6-PACK! Comments (0)

Above, amazing model Steven Edward Dehler shows off his eight years of progress.

Below, read about the O.C. thugs charged with hate crimes in an attack on a gay couple, Al Franken's replacement, an even gayer Xmas video than the last one and much more ...

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