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Sep 25 2011
(Only Slightly) Off-Key Comments (6)

IMG_2291Next to Alice Ripley

On my way to work, I stumbled into the Broadway Flea Market—I forget about it every year, then always enjoy it so much when I find myself at it.

This year, I arrived with $3 in my pocket, which is deadly considering the tables IMG_2302 sagging with fun ephemera, autographs, old magazines, mementos and other junque. Making my way through, I spotted a silver-looking box that was engraved "Jane MAME Angie 1966-1968" and immediately regretted not having money. The dates matched up to the original Broadway production of Mame. I went to get some, came back...and it was gone. So annoyed. But then I just got it in my head that it wasn't gone and dug around a bit and sure enough it had been buried under a bunch of worthless VHS cassettes. It was mine for $5. Not sure, but it seems like a gift to an original cast member, and it says "Reed & Barton The World's Finest Silverplate" on the bottom. Angela Lansbury could be the "Angie"—she did the show from 1966 to 1968. A Jane Connell was also in the show. Intriguing.

IMG_2306Better than porn

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Nov 27 2009
Parrish The Thought Comments (6)

Hunter Parrish is shot by Doug Inglish for Vman (Winter 2009). In the interview—which points out that he was raised in a "conservative Christian household"—he admits he turned down a "beautiful story" that nonetheless went against his grain:

"Its content was something I wasn't comfortable doing. It was a little racy for me. I had to perform a lot of sexual acts. It wasn't like a porno, but it was really graphic. It was really heavy. I can't compromise myself or my beliefs, who I am at this moment, for my work. You have to go where your heart's at."

He's also never smoked pot despite starring on Weeds.

I'm gonna call it now—within the next decade, all the biggest stars in their twenties will be right-wingers. Just a trend I see among many, many young performers.


Nov 20 2009
The Even Sexier Men Alive Comments (10)

I like Johnny Depp fine, but "Sexiest Man Alive"? Nope. (Noticing the filler in his cheeks on the cover, too. Hm.) I prefer these also-rans from the same issue, starting with Ryan Reynolds (above) and Gilles Marini (below):

Matt Bomer is gay as a goose and cute as a button. In the text, he talks about wanting to find the love of his life, which I believe he has found???:

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Jul 17 2009
Hunter Gets Captured By The Frame Comments (0)


Hot Hunter Parrish poses in "Big Man Off Campus" by Peggy Sirota for GQ (August 2009). This is the "preppy collegiate" look that is in for boys and girls this fall. It's probably hard to pull of if you're my age; you're more "professorial":


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