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Dec 17 2013
Man Culture: Premiering Season 3 Of HUSTLING Comments (0)
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Check out some shots from the event in the gallery above!

Tonight was the premiere of Season 3 of Sebastian La Cause's popular Web series Hustling. As usual, it was a festive affair, since just about every interesting New Yorker has a part in it. For an introspective drama (all about a porn actor/hustler trying to transition into being a chef), Hustling has a cast of thousands.

IMG_0761*Writer-director-producer-actor Sebastian La Cause gives "the look."

Judging from the first three episodes, this season promises to be as sexy and edgy as the first two. In the space of a few minutes, we got to see multiple actors rolling around on top of each other in ecstasy, plus there were enough food references to choke Paula Deen. Sex and food...what could possibly go wrong?

Be sure to check it out at Hustling.tv.

Tons of pictures after the jump...

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Nov 20 2012
Trick Of The Night: Hustling's Second Season Premieres Comments (1)
* Sebastian-La-Cause-Hustling-Season-Two


  Facundo-Rodriguez Gary-Cowling-Hustling-Season-Two

Above, a gallery of the best-lookin' cast since Paper Dolls in the '80s!

I spent some time with the cast of Hustling in honor of its second season premiere last night, including a revealing Q&A with creator/director/star Sebastian La Cause:

The episodes we screened contained precious little of hysterical Stephen Guarino (as a porn agent) and Gary Cowling (as a career counselor)—these two should get their own spin-off!—but were otherwise filled with what we've come to expect from La Cause's hustling drama: solid acting, witty writing and unexpected situations. This season also benefits from much better production values, even though I though the kick-off season was already remarkably well done on a shoestring.

Daphne-Rubin-Vega-Sebastian-La-CauseRubin-Vega directed us to the after-party: "There's a party in your mouth and everybody's comin'!"

Daphne Rubin-Vega continues to bring real depth to a part that could easily have been a throwaway, and veteran actress Sharon Washington is on hand as the trash-talking mom who will never understand her son's direction in life.

*Sebastian-La-CauseLa Cause honors Movember while celebrating his second season

*Gary-CowlingCowling gets handsy with the boss

Men-of-Husting-Season-TwoBoys, boys, boys: Cowling, Robert Montano, La Cause, Glaszek & Rodriguez

A little atmosphere, including La Cause's introductory speech, can be soaked up here.

While there, I ran into my buddies Andrew Glaszek, one of the main stars, and Guto Bittencourt. Both, like La Cause, are Broadway Bares alumni. Guto's got a hot song and video that's about to drop (stay tuned) and Andrew was teasing us about sexy developments involving his Hustling character. Sounds like La Cause's character has been a bad influence!

Guto-Bittencourt-Andrew-GlaszekAfter-party boys Guto & Andrew

Speaking of which, this season definitely ups the ante when it comes to sexy scenes; everyone was showing ass crack, including Guarino (who I bet had that in his contract—he's proud of it!) and there were several tastefully and tastily filmed horizontal throw-downs, including an eye-opening kick-off featuring a busty Wilson Cruz.

If anything about the series feels unreal, it's how appealing the johns are. But while titillating, the hustling isn't really the core of Hustling, ironically.

*Facundo-RodriguezWho nose? Rodriguez plays a pornstar who parties a little too hard...

Make sure to watch at www.hustling.tv or via the official YouTube channel.

After the jump, a bonus interview with new (and caliente) cast member Facundo Rodriguez...

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Oct 28 2011
Putting Some Muscle In The Hustle Comments (3)

There's a fairly mesmerizing little teaser out for Sebastian La Cause's new Web series Hustling. Unlike its main character, the teaser is free and is only a tease. Sebastian is easily among NYC's (the world's?) 10 sexiest men, so I hope his character charges $500 minimum.

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