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Dec 01 2016
6-PACK —Abs-Olutely No Regrets + Twitter Titters + Royal Test + Trump's Chumps + V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N In The Hummertime + Bradley Cooper, Breeder! Comments (0)

Ab Flash by @brenteverettxxx

A photo posted by Steve Peña (@therealstevepena) on

WIDGETABOVE: Steve Peña shows you his ... abs-a.

WIDGET100 hysterically funny tweets. I LOLed dozens of times.

WIDGETPrince Harry & Rihanna take HIV tests on World AIDS Day to destigmatize the virus.

WIDGETVia Joe.My.God.: Trump voters are full-on stupid. See above.

WIDGETDominic Thiem posts vacay pics with hot dudes. “Is one of them your special guy?”

WIDGETBradley Cooper is having a baby with Irina Shayk. She's carrying it. It'll have Mom's cheekbones and Dad's beard.

Tumblr_mkutnzSqK11r9pt1so2_r1_250(GIF via 20th Century Fox)

Nov 23 2016
6-PACK — Nice Jock! + Trump's Education Pick Is Anti-Schools + Ukrainian Oligarch Paid Off Trump Foundation + Corey Feldman: Off His Rocker, Off The Market + Madonna's Rocco Goes To Pot + Taye Diggs His Chocolate Perfection! Comments (0)

El que madruga dios lo ayuda #Entrenamiento #Domingo 💪💪💪

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*widget boy cultureUruguayan footballer Martín Alaníz goes nude. (Work Unfriendly)

*widget boy cultureTrump's pick to run U.S. public schools? Billionairess who's never attended one, whose kids haven't, either

*widget boy cultureUkrainian oligarch gave Trump Foundation $150K in exchange for speech.

*widget boy culturePics from Corey Feldman's high-camp Vegas wedding, which he did before his Canadian love gets deported.

*widget boy cultureMadonna's son Rocco was busted for pot shortly after his parents settled their custody dispute.

*widget boy cultureTaye Diggs jokes that an NBA player should get his “chocolate lovin',” Twitter loses its shit.


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Nov 19 2016
Mike Pence Booed, Lectured At HAMILTON On Broadway Comments (0)

Mike_Pence,_official_portrait,_112th_Congress(Image via handout)

Soon-to-be-VP Mike Pence — who, remember, is in favor of gay-conversion therapy and is part of what's already shaping up to be a breathtakingly anti-brown administration — had the balls to show up at a performance of Hamilton in NYC tonight.

He was mostly booed. I love that! When I saw The Will Rogers Follies, Gen. Schwarzkopf was cheered (ugh!) and nobody cared about Joan Collins or Erma Bombeck!

At show's end, the cast had this message for the villainous Pence:

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Nov 18 2016
Shaun King Calls Out Bubble-Headed Kanye West On Trump Support Comments (0)

It's sick that Kanye West has come out and stated he (1) did not vote, but (2) would have voted for Trump. For him to then state supporting Trump doesn't mean he doesn't think Black Lives Matter and isn't on board with gay marriage is just absolutely, fundamentally wrong. For him to chide everyday black Americans for giving racism a second thought is dangerously disconnected.

That's what happens sometimes when you're so filthy rich — nothing matters to you because you have all the cards.

What an absurd man.

Charmingly, he also rapped:

I hope they build the wall/I hope they get rid of them all

Wish we could send Kanye back, but he — sadly — was born here. I'll take my chances with a Syrian immigrant over this house rapper any day.

Meanwhile, longtime racist Paris Hilton also came out — after the fact — to admit she voted for family friend Trump. I can't believe people are still interviewing her, but here ya go:


Nov 17 2016
A Foreign Affair Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2016-11-17 at 9.38.36 PM(Video still via Billy Eichner)

See if you can figure out whether these people are REAL AMERICANS or IMMIGRANTS ...

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Nov 13 2016
Like, OMG, Give Trump A Ch — Trump Plans Immediate Deportation Or Impri$onment Of 2 - 3 Million Comments (0)

President-elect Trump is already fuzzy on promises and statements he's made, but he isn't a fool—he gonna dance with the racist and the apathetic-to-racism voters who brung him.

On 60 Minutes, airing tonight, he says he plans the immediate deportation of between 2 and 3 million people. Those he can't deport he will lock up in our for-profit prison system.

See, he thinks 2 -3 million immigrants currently here are criminals—drug dealers, rapists.

So don't ask me to get over it, because this nutjob is exactly who he promised he would be.

Nov 12 2016
6-PACK/politics — Michael Moore, Allan Lichtman Predict Trump Will Be Impeached + Trump's Shady Business Decision + Million Woman March + Trump's Domestic Transition Team Leader Is Anti-Gay + Mass Deportations Coming Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2016-11-11 at 11.19.58 PM(Video still via MSNBC)

*widget boy cultureFrom Michael Moore's mouth to God's ears: He says Trump will never last 4 years.

*widget boy cultureAllan Lichtman predicted Trump would win, now predicts impeachment.

*widget boy cultureTrump will keep his family business under his kids' control while POTUS.

*widget boy cultureMillion Woman March heading to D.C. for Trump's inauguration.

*widget boy cultureTrump's Domestic Transition Team leader believes gayness can be cured.

*widget boy cultureTrump gearing up for mass deportations to begin on Day One.

Nov 04 2016
November Surprises: Trump's Hushed-Up Affair, Melania's Illegal Modeling Gigs Comments (0)

Late Friday, two li'l bombshells dropped regarding would-be President Trump and his trophy wife, Melania.

First, and in my mind more troubling, it is alleged that American Media, which owns and publishes National Enquirer, paid Playboy model Karen McDougal $150,000 for the story of her 2006 affair with Donald Trump.

The report, in the Wall Street Journal, alleges that McDougal had a consensual affair with Trump, and was under the impression that NE would publish the story of that affair.

Instead, David Pecker, the CEO of American Media and a longtime buddy of Trump's, never published that story and is now claiming the $150,000 was paid for McDougal's fitness columns and magazine covers as well as any life rights to the story of her affair.

Um, no—nudie models don't get paid that much for fitness columns. Not-so-nice try. And what tabloid publisher drops $150K only to decide not to use a story?

CjL6iDSWUAE_iHVTypical NE cover (Image via NE)

American Media has issued a denial, stating, “AMI has not paid people to kill damaging stories about Mr. Trump.”

Trump's campaign said merely, “We have no knowledge of any of this,” and called McDougal's contention that she was intimate with Trump “totally untrue.”

Oh, sure, there's no fix in at NE, whose readership is like 100% Trump fans. Oh, coincidentally, the cover of NE for this week is anti-Hillary, and its website is filled with the suggestion that Hillary is a satanist, more crap about emails, stories from people who've worked for her and hate her, etc. No negative Trump news.

Separately, the AP has proof that Melania Trump lied in stating she never broke laws and only worked in the U.S. legally. Though she'd never be prosecuted for it, there is documented evidence she earned over $20,000 in the seven weeks prior to becoming legally eligible for such work, which is technically grounds for deportation.

More to the point, it flies in the face of the Trump campaign's war on “illegals.”

He fuckin' married one.