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Jul 27 2014
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AssMore hot booty over at my Instagram.

Guydar: Throwing Shades Comments (0)

Sexy-white-TVia my sexy-dude Instagram

Sexy men in their sexy shades...

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Jul 26 2014
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Ass-butt-bootyMore hot stuff at my Instagram.

Guydar: Face Men Comments (0)

Hot-profile-IMG_5121Via my sexy-dude Instagram

Great faces...

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Jul 25 2014
Guydar: Cell Yeah! Comments (0)

Muscular-hottie-NYC-IMG_7528Via my sexy-dude Instagram

Hot guys with their cells...

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Jul 24 2014
Guydar: Here Comes The Fuzz Comments (0)

Pecs-IMG_5929Via my sexy-dude Instagram

Two hot guys with hot beards...

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Jul 23 2014
Guydar: I've Got Their Backs Comments (0)

Hot-Mohawk-man-NYC-ramen-IMG_4239Via my sexy-dude Instagram

Two dudes from behind, but it's not about their “Ends of the World”...

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Jul 22 2014
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Butt-melonsMore interesting sights if you follow me on Instagram.

Nice melons!

Guydar: Painfully Handsome Comments (0)


Hot-manVia my sexy-dude Instagram

How much more handsome can guys get? Two more to go...

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Jul 21 2014
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Stacked-buns-in-slacksCheck me out on Instagram!