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Jun 20 2017
Guydar Comments (0)

IMG_9094(Image by Matthew Rettenmund)

So handsome.

More dudes here!

Jun 19 2017
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IMG_8687(Image by Matthew Rettenmund)

He works out.

More guys here!

Jun 18 2017
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IMG_8992(Image by Matthew Rettenmund)

Hot Instagram of guys here — thank you for the follows & likes!

Jun 17 2017
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IMG_8702(Image by Matthew Rettenmund)

More guys here — follow now!

Jun 16 2017
Your Nightly Briefing: Anatoli Georgiev For Modus Vivendi Comments (0)

MV-Swimwear Line-Melanze Edition-Coseptual Photos-With Logo (3)(Image via Vangelis Kyris/Modus Vivendi)

Modus Vivendi's Melanze line of swimwear is here, and it was lavishly shot by Vangelis Kyris featuring model Anatoli Georgiev.

More of Anatoli's anatomy here!

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IMG_8930(Image by Matthew Rettenmund)

More here!

Jun 15 2017
Guydar: Tanks A Lot! Comments (0)

IMG_9525(All images by Matthew Rettenmund)

These dudes look so good in their tanks  they should not even own sleeved shirts.

More to come below ...

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Jun 14 2017
Guydar: Chest Right Comments (0)
IMG_6093(All images by Matthew Rettenmund)
Just a bunch of images of guys with nice racks ...

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