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Apr 10 2014
Not-So-Average Joe: Out Author Joe Putignano On Conquering Addiction Comments (0)

OldschoolboxerImage by Matt Barnes

With Acrobaddict (Central Recovery Press, $17.95), Joe Putignano has written the kind of memoir you can't put down, but the kind of memoir that you hope no one else will ever have to write. Now an accomplished Cirque du Soleil performer and model and a hard-working student, he Acrobaddictspent a decade as a heroin addict, enduring all of the things that go along with that sorry state—familial rejection, expulsion from school, forced and unsuccessful rehab, inevitable relapse. His life was a mess, and was in danger of ending badly—and early.

Reading about his struggle is ultimately uplifting—he celebrated seven years of sobriety on March 25—and provides valuable insight into how to pull yourself up from the depths, even when you're sure there is no way out.

Check out my interview with this sweet and uniquely connected (he cares about others, believe me, he cares) individual after the jump...

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Mar 12 2014
EXCLUSIVE: Behind Venfield 8's Mask + A Gallery Of 5 Never-Before-Published Images Comments (0)
  Venfield-8-stormtrooper Benjamin-Godfre-Venfield-8 Woman-Venfield-8 David-Laflamme-Venfield-8
Above, an exclusive gallery of 5 never-before-published Venfield 8 images.
Venfield 8 is the moniker of a mystery shooter who loves to take the piss out of consumerist sacred cows, as well out of the conventional gay male aesthetic.
Well, with his sorry/not sorry, glam/not glam approach, maybe he would actually put a little more piss into the latter.
Whereas most of the men we're presented with (guilty as charged here) are twinks or shiny musclemen with nary a hair on their god-like bodies, Venfield 8 seeks out hairy beasts, men who haven't had their abs ultra-etched by a surgeon, men you can practically smell through the computer screen.
David-LaflammeDavid LaFlamme by Venfield 8

He's got a sense of humor, too, teasing his rapidly expanding audience with hints that he may be someone famous, all the while sprinkling his Tumblr (Work Unfriendly) with unique, offbeat imagery, building a catalogue of work that is becoming more illustrative of who he is than any personal information ever could be.

I've been negligent in not interviewing him sooner—I've blogged about him for a couple of years already—because we've become friends. I've met him and stayed with him at his home, and have benefited from his advice and support; it's hard to interview your buddies.

But when your buddies are brilliant artists, you have to step up to the plate...

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Mar 05 2014
Bunny Or Die: An Interview With The Original HOT MESS Comments (0)
Lady-Bunny-AaronBunny hops to it every Friday @ Hot Mess
If you're ever in New York, you'd be a damn fool not to check out the wildly popular Hot Mess Drag Revue, a raucous event hosted every Friday at 42West (formerly XL). Hostessed by glamorous Milan, RuPaul's Drag Race star Bianca Del Rio and drag legend Lady Bunny, this "adults-only interactive performance" has been exploding heads for two years now, pulling laughs right out of its patrons' asses...almost literally.
I was honored to interview Bunny about the drag show that Michael Musto has dubbed the best in NYC...

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Feb 28 2014
EXCLUSIVE! The Real Deal: An Interview With Kickstarter King Steve Grand Comments (0)
  Steve-Grand-shirtless Steve_grand_02 Steve_grand_03 Steve_grand_04 Steve_grand_05 Steve_grand_08

Steve's fans lift him up. Full gallery above.

Steve Grand is stubborn.

The Lemont, Illinois, native has discovered a way to have his cake and eat it, too (all the while looking like he's never so much as tasted cake): Without a record deal or traditional music manager, he's created two-going-on-three Steve-Grand-T-shirtviral music videos, landed on multiple mainstream TV shows, made personal appearances around the country and—oh, yeah—raised $130,000 on Kickstarter in a day and a half.

So forgive him if he's not worried to be going it alone when he releases his debut album, All-American Boy, in May.

But for a self-described loner, Steve was, as he has been every time we've connected, completely affable, open and in good humor during our late-night, birthday-eve phone pow-wow, during which we talked about his fans, his album, his single "Back to California" and how he's handling being an "It" guy for so many people who'd never heard his name eight months ago...

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Feb 24 2014
Me, (212)!: My Interview With Kenneth M. Walsh Comments (0)


Please do me a favor and check out my lengthy Q&A with my buddy and your second-favorite self-absorbed blogger, Kenneth M. Walsh, over at Queerty upon the occasion of the publication of his witty, insightful, honest-'til-it-hurts memoir, Wasn't Tomorrow Wonderful? (Magnus, $19.99)

Kenneth-walsh-matthew-rettenmundIn happier times

He's an interesting guy, even more so in book-length than in the space of a post.

Jan 02 2014
Think Positive: An Interview With BODY COUNTS Author Sean Strub Comments (0)


Sean-StrubSean Strub, a gay activist, the founder of POZ Magazine and the first HIV-positive candidate for Congress, has published the must-read memoir Body Counts: A Memoir of Politics, Sex, AIDS, and Survival (Scribner). The book chronicles his life, but also serves as a valuable reminder of recent gay history, when gay men were fighting for their very lives, not for relative luxuries like marriage and respect. His life is a reflection of the gay-rights movement and the struggle against AIDS, and his personal memories are engrossing and will be familiar to even those who didn't live through the early years of HIV.

Strub was kind enough to answer some questions via e-mail about his life, his book and his opinions on topics  including sexual health and politics. In my opinion, he is an invaluable visionary in our community. He's also a damn good storyteller, a regular gay Thucydides...

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Dec 06 2013
Q&A With G.B.F. V.I.P. Michael J. Willett Comments (0)

Michael+J+Willett+Tribeca+Film+Festival+Portrait+WJwx6_-B8u4lWillett thinks it's in to be out.

I've already twisted your ear about how hard I fell for the gay rom-com G.B.F., but now here's our opportunity to fall for its adorable male lead, actor/singer Michael J. Willett. He's the G.B.F. (and the B.F.) many of us wish we'd had in high school...

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Nov 02 2013
Need To Know: Tosh Tush, How Reid Read Romney, The Chris Of Death For Buono, Does Ian Ziering's Peen Have A Price? + MORE! Comments (0)

*widget boy cultureDaniel Tosh "Borats" it up for a Tosh.0 segment. Many more here.

*widget boy cultureHollywood ready to tackle AIDS, many gays (see comments) glib about HIV risks.

*widget boy cultureGREAT GOSH AMIGHTY: Gospel singer Kevin Terry's gay sex tape hits the Web.

*widget boy cultureREVEALED: Reid's source on those claims that Romney didn't pay taxes.

*widget boy cultureHere is Queerty's chat with Val Lauren on Sal. And here's mine.

*widget boy cultureSomethingteen Courtney Stodden is divorcing her fiftysomething hubby.

*widget boy cultureJimmy Carter likes Hillary's chances in '16.

*widget boy cultureVia the Dems: Chris Christie is on track to win in NJ in spite of this:


*widget boy cultureMichael Fassbender feels "sexually harassed" by all the big-dick talk.

*widget boy cultureLil' Kim offers "Dead Gal Walking" as this year's treat.

*widget boy cultureWould Ian Ziering pose naked for a million dollars?

*widget boy cultureAre all Obamacare horror stories mythological?

*widget boy cultureInvasion of the Madonnas.

*widget boy cultureThe old woman below is a sculpture. Sam Jinks's work is unreal.

Sam-Jinks-sculpture-old-womanThis old thing?

Aug 13 2013
Tyler Shields Is Back...All Right!: A Brief Q&A With Young Hollywood's Photographer Of Record Comments (0)


In honor of their new album In a World Like This, the Backstreet Boys did an edgy packaging shoot with photographer Tyler Shields, whose risqué, violent, envelope-pushing work with Young Hollywood has made him the go-to guy for getting reactions.

An exhibition of Shields's work featuring the BSB in person is happening tomorrow, then is open to the public from August 15—August 18th, 10 am to 8 pm at Open House Mulberry, 201 Mulberry St., in New York City. All proceeds got to hurricane relief. Why? Because they wanted it that way.

I quizzed Shields in the run-up to the album's July 30 release, when the show was still gelling...

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Jun 21 2013
Getting To The Bottom Of It: An Interview With J.R. Bronson Comments (0)

JR-Bronson-3His movies always beg the question: Who shot on J.R.?

Rugged, built-to-last J.R. Bronson takes the term "power bottom" to a powerful new level. With his handsome face and perfect body, he's well on his way to becoming a porn legend—and he's showing no signs of slowing down.

Check out my chat with the seXXXy stud after the jump, and look for some Work Unfriendly excerpts and photos at Boy Culture's dirty little tumblr later tonight...

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