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Sep 08 2014
Let's Make It Legal Comments (0)


These two women celebrated 72 years of togetherness by getting married, legally, in Iowa. How wonderful is that?

Jun 14 2014
Need To Know: The Gay Vote + OBVIOUSly Funny + His World Cup Runneth Over + The Graduate + Don't Ask, Don't Tel Aviv + MORE! Comments (0)


*widget boy cultureSmiley for Mayor = cutest, gayest campaign ad ever. Madonna-Jimmy-Scott

*widget boy cultureLesbian premier for Ontario!

*widget boy cultureGod, I miss Patrick Nagel.

*widget boy cultureSinger Jimmy Scott (seen with Madonna) dies @ 88.

*widget boy cultureFresh Obvious Child clip.

*widget boy cultureWorld Cup primer featuring HOT Gerard Piqué.

H-GERARD-PIQUE-768x768Wherever, whenever...

*widget boy cultureLana Del Rey's emo outburst: “I wish I was dead already.”

*widget boy cultureIowa reverses outrageous HIV conviction.

*widget boy cultureMadonna kept her baby...now, she's a high school grad.

*widget boy cultureNoy's heart-wrenching “Let Her Go.”

*widget boy cultureRufus Wainwright on singing love songs with Boy George & other dudes.

*widget boy cultureSir Ivan's “Here Comes the Sun.”

*widget boy cultureWillam Belli & Amanda Lepore do Tel Aviv.

Amanda LeporePooling their resources

Apr 05 2014
Blood Letter Comments (0)


From today's Dubuque Telegraph-Herald, check out this take-down of homophobia and all of its flimsy excuses. The fight for gay rights is not over; we are nowhere near "post-gay." This happened in a state where gay marriage has been legal for five years.

Thanks to Alan for sending.

Sep 09 2013
Need To Know: Eminem Loses Himself, Porn Pioneer, Happy Together + MORE Comments (0)

Steve-GrandGlory, glory hole-elujah!

*widget boy cultureSteve Grand's relationship with the Catholic Church.

*widget boy cultureChristians are Not All Like That on gay rights.

*widget boy cultureEminem blasted out of his mind.

*widget boy cultureMadonna: Queen of Pop? Or Queen of Superfluidity?

*widget boy cultureShould blind people be allowed to carry guns?

*widget boy cultureSaudi Arabia supports a Syria strike.

*widget boy cultureI guess we're too gay to strike Syria.

*widget boy cultureA chat with porn kingpin Tim Valenti.

*widget boy cultureCelebrating the life of gay-rights icon Jose Sarria.

*widget boy cultureLife sentence for HIV-positive man with 300 partners?

*widget boy cultureCheyenne Jackson serenades Christine Quinn on primary eve.

*widget boy cultureA gay couple together 58 years represents NYC's gay past and future.

08COUPLE1-articleLargeAlways, forever.

Jun 15 2013
The Pride Of Iowa Comments (2)
Alan Light has the best Iowa City, Iowa, Pridefest photos from earlier today.
Nov 06 2012
Need To Know: An Election Lasting More Than Four Hours Comments (1)

Obama-tear-crying-cropped-proto-custom_28Tearin' it up

Widget boy cultureObama goes emo in Iowa: "It's up to you."

Widget boy cultureSpringsteen & Jay-Z hype up WI for the other Boss. Young-bigot

Widget boy cultureYoung bigots explain their views: It's the Bible.

Widget boy cultureThe candidates court the football crowd.

Widget boy cultureCNN on Obama today: "Hangs out" in Chicago, "lies low."

Widget boy cultureLittle girl supports marriage equality.

Widget boy cultureProtect Marriage Maine really hates the gays.

Widget boy cultureIrish bettor pays out on Obama bets two days early!

Widget boy cultureInTrade is also bullish on President Obama's chances.


Widget boy cultureFOX News is afraid of black men. Literally.

Widget boy cultureObama wins 23-9-2 in Hart's Location, NH, ties 5-5 in Dixville Notch.

Widget boy cultureChris Christie blew off Romney even worse behind-the-scenes.

Widget boy cultureMap always favored Obama—still does.

Widget boy cultureAll poll closing times.

Widget boy cultureMichelle Obama: Vote!

Oct 31 2012
Need To Know Comments (2)


Widget boy cultureKeith Urban has a body of death.

Widget boy cultureDo NOT call Gene Hackman's wife a "cunt."

Widget boy cultureBrad Pitt puts his money where his mouth is.

Widget boy cultureQuel disaster! (Caused by gay people, of course.) Dylan_RickDay2012.22

Widget boy cultureDylan Williams is camerabait.

Widget boy culture"Celine Dion" is a complete witch.

Widget boy cultureLi'l girl tired of "Bronco Bamma" and Mitt Romney.

Widget boy cultureObama's poll numbers keep improving.

Widget boy cultureIf Mitt Romney ran an honest ad, it would be like this.

Widget boy cultureHere's a visual explanation of why they're called The Wanted.

Widget boy cultureRolling around and trading oral with "insatiable" Joe Simpson.

Widget boy cultureVote in the Queerties.

Widget boy cultureMadonna's dancers prank her during MDNA show for Halloween.

Madonna Haloween prankPut your claws all over my body...

Here Comes The Sun Comments (0)

Barack Obama storm relief NJThis looks like an iconic image

President Barack Obama met with New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and toured parts of the state battered by Sandy. Both men had high praise for each other's response to the disaster, with Christie saying he "can't thank the president enough" for his compassion, concern and pro-active approach while Obama told New Jersey residents "your governor is working overtime."

Meanwile, Iowa's Rep. Steve King (R, of course) is already making demands about who will get storm aid. Unreal.

Obama New Jersey