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Sep 20 2014
Hope It Doesn't Have Bugs Comments (0)

IPhoneI'm thinking this Craigslist ad (totally not placed by Rod Stewart) is not officially endorsed by Apple...? But then again, waiting in line for a new iPhone ain't what it used to be.

Sep 14 2014
The (Cross)Dresser Comments (0)


I would characterize this gentleman, without knowing how he would characterize himself, as a crossdresser; I see him from time to time in my neighborhood, always sporting sheer, revealing (but in a what?-I-had-no-idea-officer! way) women's clothing without makeup or any other nods to femininity.

This day, the wind caught his flowing blue scarf (which was completely see-through, but which doesn't register in the image) at this moment and it just looked so interesting against the food court, I snapped. It has a luxurious feel to it even now.

Aug 31 2014
Ends Of The World Comments (0)

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Aug 10 2014
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Aug 09 2014
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Jun 13 2014
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Jun 12 2014
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Jun 11 2014
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