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Apr 11 2011
A Model Family Comments (0)

Italian Vanity Fair (6 Aprile 2011) recreates a famous Helmut Newton pose using the original model's daughter, Nathalie Lyon. Magnificent! The same issue features models recreating their own poses decades later.


Mar 28 2011
Cheekboning Up On Duran Duran Comments (1)

Duran Duran is looking well-preserved in Italian Vanity Fair (March 23, 2011) in photos by Mary McCartney. Who was your fave back in the day?

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Mar 20 2011
Grandma GaGa Comments (3)

Fabulous model Carmen Dell'Orefice can still throw it down—as seen in Italian Vanity Fair (16 Marzo 2011)—even though she's 80 years old.

Mar 18 2011
Innerhoffer's Outer Beauty Comments (2)

Italian World Cup Alpine ski racer Christof Innerhofer shows off his outer beauty in Italian Vanity Fair (16 Marzo 2011):

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Mar 17 2011
Lorne Hutton Comments (2)

Sixty-seven-year-old Lauren Hutton courts herself for Italian Vanity Fair (16 Marzo 2011). Quite disturbing.

Mar 04 2011
Zesty Italian Comments (0)

From Italian Vanity Fair (02.03.2011), 36-year-old Italian TV director/actor/screenwriter Giampaolo Morelli has got it, flaunts it.

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Feb 27 2011
All Things Considering Comments (3)

In spite of Melissa Leo's really embarrassing (remember when Margaret Avery did one for herself for The Color Purple...in the form of a letter to God?), self-plugging Oscar ads, I hope she wins tonight; she was terrific in The Fighter and was also recently terrific in Frozen River. Plus she had the guts to remind everyone SAG is a mother-fucking union when she won that trophy.

Art020Via Italian Vanity Fair (23.02.11)

It will be interesting to see if Hollywood can forgive some shameless self-promo as easily as it can forgive (beautiful, talented, troubled) Christian Bale's past on-set lunacy.


Oh, and I want him to win, too. And I still think he's hot, even if I'm be ascared to work with him.

Some shots of Hollywood Blvd. as it was being set up for the Oscars this past week:

Jan 28 2011
Oscar Worthy Comments (0)

From Italian Vanity Fair (26.01.11), behind-the-scenes of a unique ad starring South African "Blade Runner" Oscar Pistorius, the "fastest man on no legs." Pretty cool, pretty hot, just pretty...more after the jump...

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