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Nov 01 2013
Monsieur X Comments (0)
Out singer Mika is now a judge on X Factor Italia, becoming a superstar in Italy in the process. Now, he's landed on the cover of Vanity Fair Italy.
Oct 08 2013
Need To Know: Leave Gaga Alone, The Gay Revolution Will Be Televised, Boxers Day + MORE Comments (0)

*widget boy cultureGaga now has her version of the "Leave Britney alone!" boy.

*widget boy cultureThe 50 greatest gay TV characters of all time?

*widget boy cultureJude Law's son Rafferty is a 16-year-old model.

*widget boy cultureT.R. Knight is off the market!

*widget boy cultureHomophobe Guido Barilla meets Italian gay activists.

*widget boy cultureNow they're throwing stuff at Azealia Banks.

*widget boy cultureBritney Spears thinks gays are "adorable and hilarious."

*widget boy cultureOne Direction star has his undies stolen.

*widget boy cultureWelcome to First Period, or what happens when John Waters fucks John Hughes.

ElviraCassandra "Elvira" Peterson lets the humor flow heavily in First Period.

Aug 22 2013
Gold Gym: Madonna Launches Hard Candy Fitness In Roma Comments (0)

Madonna looked good (minus the hideous gold grills...please, they're fun for a photo shoot, but let's not go through life like this) at her brand-new, about-to-open Hard Candy Fitness club in Rome.

MadonnaMadonna's name on a locker-room wall...at least there's no phone number.

Work-out, schmork-out: The big news is that "Secret Project" turns out to be a 17-minute film about tolerance created by Madonna with Steven Klein.

That sounds like a bottle of medicine, but perhaps all the guns will make swallowing it a lot more fun than it sounds. I can't wait to see it.

From a press release:

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Aug 07 2013
Need To Know: Uru-gay Marriage, Owl Be Seeing You, Hog Bosses + MORE Comments (0)

Article-2385226-1B28922B000005DC-278_634x422Even though the signs that say "DON'T TOUCH" are in English...

*widget boy cultureFINGERED: American tourist damages priceless statue in Florence.

*widget boy cultureThe happiest Vine ever.

*widget boy cultureUruguayan gays rush to get hitched.

*widget boy cultureStallone v. Willis leads to TKO (Twitter knock-out).

*widget boy cultureGeorge Takei: Move the Olympics.

*widget boy cultureGay teen tortured in Russia dies.

*widget boy cultureBlinking owl = cutest thing you'll see today.

*widget boy cultureGay biker culture.

Motorcycle-kissBorn to ride this way.

Jun 20 2013
Need To Know: Marry Ya Later, Alligator; Deen's Goose Cooked?; Hammer Time + MORE Comments (0)

Florida-gay-marriage-banMarried to it.

*widget boy cultureCan Florida's marriage-equality ban be reversed?

*widget boy cultureMadonna uses new makeup artist. How to get her Dietrich look. Madonna-Dietrich

*widget boy culturePaula Deen is racist, anti-Semitic along with phony.

*widget boy cultureArmie Hammer wants to be rough in bed, but won't.

*widget boy cultureAmazing furry stockings for girls.

*widget boy cultureGay couples discriminated against when renting.

*widget boy cultureS. Australian parliament get behind marriage equality.

*widget boy cultureD&G convicted of tax evasion, sentenced to jail.

*widget boy cultureParis Jackson's nanny was even creepier than her dad!

*widget boy cultureSerena Williams non-apologizes for Steubenville rape comments.

*widget boy cultureRoberto Cavalli inelegantly hosed down by young piece.

*widget boy cultureCher addresses her iconic tweet (are they iconic now?):

Jun 02 2013
A Case Of The X Comments (0)

Two exclusive shots of Mika in Italy, just after completing judging duties on X Factor in Genoa. Wish he were a judge on an American show; I'm sure he has a lot of insight and would charm audiences.

MikaCourtesy of Giulio Mazzoleni

May 30 2013
Be Italian Comments (0)

MikaElio, Morgan, Simona Ventura & Mika

Mika, already famous in Italy, is now poised for superstardom after learning to speak Italian in advance of a coveted gig as an X Factor judge.

Oct 31 2012
Need To Know Comments (2)

2012 obama-romney720From not-so-bad to worse

Widget boy cultureAbove: Barack Obama and Mitt Romey are NOT. THE. SAME.

Widget boy cultureNate Silver not voting, but if he did, it would be between...Johnson and Romney???

Widget boy cultureAnother poll shows Obama ahead in...Florida??? Ricky Martin no pants underwear

Widget boy cultureRicky Martin drops his pants for charity.

Widget boy cultureNew Sicilian governor is gay! (But an asshole.)

Widget boy cultureFor Sharon Needles, "Everyday (sic) is Halloween."

Widget boy cultureJohnny Depp's drag routine for David Furnish.

Widget boy cultureBreezy Point among hardest hit by Sandy thanks to fire.

Widget boy cultureClimate-change deniers are "pigs." (Can pigs swim?)

Widget boy cultureMaryland marriage is on the brink.

Widget boy cultureGay Republican faked hate crime, is fired. GOProud still supports.

Widget boy cultureMitt Romney's Ohio relief event was a total fraud.

Mitt Romney fraudCanned empathy


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