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Sep 03 2013
Need To Know: Hard Twerkers, Getting Along Swimmingly, Nice Piece Of Glass + MORE Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2013-09-02 at 11.07.12 PMYou betta twerk.

*widget boy cultureThe Puerto Rican & Brazilian Boys Twerk Team. (The one in gray wins.)

*widget boy culture"Very famous actor" who made sex tape with Black Spark threatens suit.

*widget boy cultureLesbian swimmer Diana Nyad, 64, swims 110 miles from Cuba to Florida with no cage. Article-2408427-1B91202A000005DC-286_634x853

*widget boy cultureWhich closeted bi actor appeared in Venice alongside his current boyfriend?

*widget boy cultureAssad says Western strike would lead to regional war.

*widget boy cultureObama to meet with Russian gay activists? ZING.

*widget boy cultureA history of electronic music in 55 songs.

*widget boy cultureJames Deen in first Google Glass porn movie.

*widget boy cultureSteven Klein's DSQUARED2 short film has #secretproject vibes:

Jul 31 2013
Need To Know: Hugh & Eye, Russian Roulette, Deen Admissions + MORE Comments (0)

Hugh-Jackman-selfieWeighting for you.

*widget boy cultureNick Jonas, watch out! Hugh Jackman workout selfie.

*widget boy cultureWeiner's director of communications slurs former intern as a "cunt."

*widget boy cultureBradley Manning guilty, but not of everything.

*widget boy cultureGALLUP WHERE WE BELONG: 52% support marriage equality.

*widget boy cultureLegislator challenges Putin on enforcing anti-gay laws during Olympics.

*widget boy cultureThe heat is on in Russia.

*widget boy culturePornstar James Deen is above Hollywood.

*widget boy cultureJustin Deeley is hotter than hell.

Justin-DeeleyGood Deeley.

Dec 16 2012
I Guess I Just Don't Recognize You With Your Clothes On... Comments (1)

Porn icon (it's not too soon, trust me) James Deen shows off his meaty peen in Arena Homme Plus, but also looks pretty fantastic in clothes. Link is Work Unfriendly.

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Jul 18 2012
Shady Lust Comments (3)

50 Shades of Grey Christian Grey Jonathan Taylor Thomas James Deen
In Touch (July 30, 2012) thinks a sketch made of 50 Shades of Grey protag Christian Grey's description in the lurid best-seller is a dead ringer for Jonathan Taylor Thomas. Not bad, but I think he looks more like—and would be more likely to be played by—porn sensation James Deen:



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