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Apr 06 2015
Need To Know: The BREAKABLE Dr. Brandt, RIP + Harry Moaner + Pizza Race + I'm Coming Scout + Such A Tease + MORE! Comments (0)


*widget boy cultureDr. Brandt, world-famous dermatologist, dies @ 65.

*widget boy cultureMiami Herald columnist cites Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt in Brandt's death.

*widget boy cultureJames Van Der Bigot. (Funny.)

*widget boy culturePrince Harry moaning away.

*widget boy cultureEx-CBS reporter claims two male colleagues sexually harassed him.

*widget boy cultureRaise money for LGBT homeless youth, not anti-gay pizza twirlers.

*widget boy cultureACTION JAXON: Quinn in motion.

*widget boy cultureHerbalife mucky-mucks feelin' the heat.

*widget boy cultureGeorgia teacher offers Christian litmus test (Obama support) to kids.


*widget boy cultureABOVE: Amazing legs. And everything else. Via NICE MALE.

*widget boy cultureNY Boy Scouts challenging national gay ban.

*widget boy cultureVegan diet helps the planet.

*widget boy cultureFind out your real age. (I'm 25, so...yeah.)

*widget boy cultureCute and shirtless.

*widget boy cultureTwin Peaks Season 3 will be missing a key player.

*widget boy cultureKylie Jenner responds to blackface concerns.

Mar 29 2012
James Van Der BJ Comments (3)

Via OMG Blog: James Van Der Beek continues on the self-deprecation path to career resurgence with this mock ad for BJ Jeans to promote his (atrocious-looking) new show Don't Trust the B— in Apt. 23...

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Aug 13 2010
My Big Fat Creek Wedding Comments (1)

I can't help reading some snickering into Life & Style (August 23, 2010)'s coverage of James Van Der Beek's latest wedding, this time to Kimberly Brook. (I'm guessing John Wesley Shipp wasn't invited...)

Just try this caption on for size:

"'We were both raised Christian and eventually found kabbalah to be the spiritual philosophy that rang the most true,' says James, who wore Armani."


Or how about Van Der Beek's comment that his wedding, held at the Kabbalah Centre in Tel Aviv, was a relief in that it was so intimate:

"For us, there was tremendous freedom in not having to worry about the food getting cold or the DJ playing 'YMCA' again!"

Yeah...repressing all interest in the song "YMCA" is a must.

"I finally felt ready for a relationship—someone I could grow old with, change with..."

Good luck, changing, kiddo. And good luck to the new—and any future—Mrs. Van Der Beek.

Mar 31 2010
James Van Der Beard Comments (5)


Wow, $7,750 a month...the most expensive beard-maintenance fee since ZZ Top.

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