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Mar 19 2014
Need To Know: Japan's Panty Raid, Tobacco Hits The Road, How Jew Doin'?, Weir Divorcing + MORE! Comments (0)

Poko-murata-dancingJapanese illustrator's work is too hot for public consumption.

*widget boy cultureIndian Ocean debris may be related to missing Flight MH370.

*widget boy cultureCharming HIV-prevention billboard in Japan condemned for showing underwear. Menthol-cigarettes

*widget boy cultureCurbing smoking among black youth in Chicago.

*widget boy cultureSEX ON A SHTICK: I've seen the (Israe)lite!

*widget boy cultureRepub sez God punishes gays w/weather, wins nom.

*widget boy cultureCRIMEA RIVER: Johnny Weir and husband are divorcing.

*widget boy cultureCavallari is, like, scared of autism-causing vaccines.

*widget boy cultureLORDE WILL MIND: Westboro Baptist Church's "Royals" cover an unholy mess.

*widget boy cultureCatholic lunatic to march with "STRAIGHT IS GREAT" banner in Pride Parade?

*widget boy cultureFOX News "talent" Bill Hemmer thinks Noah's Ark has been found.

Bill-HemmerLook! Two jackasses for the Ark!

Jul 11 2013
Need To Know: Bears...Oh, My!, Immigration's Green Card Denied, Britney's Voice + MORE Comments (2)

Bear Mania"Oh, my God, I forgot to have children!"

*widget boy cultureIs Provincetown ready for an infestation of bears?

*widget boy cultureRepublicans in the House say "F.U." to immigration reform.

*widget boy cultureDzhokhar Tsarnaev says he's not guilty.

*widget boy cultureBullying lawsuit settled for $65,000.

*widget boy cultureTwo and a Half Men adds gay character: "Charlie"'s long-lost lesbian daughter.

*widget boy cultureJennifer Lopez continues her love affair with fur.

*widget boy cultureBig bucks for Ali Forney Center!

*widget boy cultureJapanese teens have new fad: Same-sex kissing.

*widget boy cultureBritney Spears "never needed that auto tune thing."—William Orbit

*widget boy culturePalm Springs fantasia:

Ryan-BarryStill a little Palm Springs in his step.

Dec 04 2012
Need To Know Comments (0)

Evan-Peters-flaunt-homotography-1Getting Evan

Widget boy cultureEvan Peters sizzles in Flaunt.

Widget boy cultureHarvard approves BDSM group.

Widget boy cultureTaxes plunge over the past 30 years. Gay-Superman-Henry-Cavill-Easy-Bake-Oven-Courtney-Stoddard-fashion-Jet-Magazine-gay

Widget boy cultureEighth-grader wants gender-neutral Easy-Bake Oven.

Widget boy cultureCourtney Stodden is a(n almost) living doll.

Widget boy cultureNew Superman poster is hawt.

Widget boy cultureHillary Clinton: Mayor of New York?

Widget boy cultureNew Facebook page for Boy Culture.

Widget boy cultureFrank Ocean with his boyfriend?

Widget boy cultureJET Magazine highlights gay union.

Widget boy cultureFratboy rapist gets his.

Widget boy cultureVogue Hommes Japan previews its...summer 2013???...ish.

Widget boy cultureHave to ask how gay marriages are consummated? Don't get one!


Widget boy cultureNetflix adds rarely rerun '50s sitcoms, like Private Secretary.

Ann-Sothern-Private-SecretaryA little Ann Sothern comfort

Dec 31 2011
Nothing, Really Comments (0)

This ad for a Japanese version of the stage musical The Wedding Singer is a few years old, but I just came across it. Looks like there is a bit of revenge for Madonna's "Nothing Really Matters" video:


Mar 13 2011
T$unami Alert Comments (2)

Larry_kudlow_card Larry Kudlow on CNBC accidentally exposed how a lot of money-grubbers (and hey, I'm no Commie myself, y'all) think when he blurted out that we should be "grateful" that the human toll of the Japan quake is much worse than the economic toll.

Kudlow later apologized briefly via Twitter, which for a person with a TV outlet is kind of like breaking up with someone via Skype when you share a studio apartment.

Mar 12 2011
The Color Of Blood Comments (2)

The only known color photographs taken in the wake of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake (which was probably somewhere between 7.7 and 8.3 on the modern Richter scale, compared to Japan's recent 8.9) were discovered in 2009 and recently unveiled. There are apparently hand-colored photographs, but these were taken using a true color process.

Fascinating, and love the fact that the process was poor at capturing motion—it rendered pedestrians as neon-rainbow blurs.

Mar 11 2011
When A Joke's Not Just A Joke Comments (16)

SafariScreenSnapz001Idiocy, dutifully retweeted by a wannabe-hipster performer

With countless people missing, many dead, the threat of a major nuclear disaster or two and billions in damage over in Japan, Alec Sulkin thinks it's funny to joke that Japan deserves it because they bombed the U.S. 70 years ago.

Forget the fact that Japan is a staunch ally of ours now, and that very few of its citizens were even alive then, and that the U.S. retaliated by annihilating scores of Japanese civilians.

Nah, anything for a laugh.

Aftershock Comments (2)

As I'm sure happened with many of you, I woke up to devastating pictures coming out of Japan—its 8.9 quake was the worst in that country's history (and it's no stranger to quakes to begin with) and apparently the fifth worst in recorded history anywhere. The tsunami images are horrifying. It really looks like the world ending to see that muddy wall swallowing up homes and land.

My thoughts are with everyone affected.

Aug 31 2010
Life Is A Mystery Comments (1)

For all you crazy Madonna collectors out there...a little insight? I rummaged through some of my countless posters and similar items last night and discovered that I'd bought two amazingly rare things TWICE. I'm old...I forget what I still need! Anyway, one of them is the above fabled set of 1987 promo-only Mitsubishi posters from Japan.

As I was preparing to sell one, I looked at each and realized that although the boxes are identical and although each box has "four" posters (they're actually 19" X 29" sheets folded in half so that you can place them together like a loose-leaf book), the images are somewhat different from one item to the next. The cover is the same, the rest seems to have differences—they only seem to share about three imaes. Examples after the jump.

Have any of you heard of this item having two (or more?) variations?

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