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Jul 03 2013
Need To Know: Zac's Stacked, Cardinals Behaving Badly, Inside Jennifer Aniston + MORE Comments (0)

*widget boy cultureWORLD-CLASS HEELS: Above, Kazaky urges you to "Touch Me." Kazaky-Touch-Me

*widget boy cultureD.R. cardinal calls gay U.S. ambassador nominee "maricon."

*widget boy culturePEDO LAUNDERER: Cardinal Dolan moved $ to protect it from abuse victims. (Wait, who's the maricon?)

*widget boy cultureAniston's body is "purified." Even post-Vince Vaughn? Givenchy

*widget boy culture2 Boston patients HIV-free after bone-marrow transplants.

*widget boy cultureCNN has come a long way! (In the wrong direction.)

*widget boy cultureJohnny Depp kisses Jimmy Kimmel three times.

*widget boy cultureObama gives employers an extra year on Obamacare.

*widget boy cultureRodiney Santiago coming to the big screen.

*widget boy cultureThe Fabulous Beekman Boys got married.

*widget boy cultureBidding a fond farewell to Pam's House Blend.

*widget boy cultureGivenchy pushes the limits of what an amazingly hot guy can wear and still be amazingly hot.

*widget boy cultureZac Efron is bulging with raw talent.

Zac-Efron-bulge-sweatpants-Dave-FrancoGonna make you sweats.

Feb 20 2013
Mild To Wild: An Interview With Chelsea Handler's Straight Man Comments (5)

Jiffy-ChelseaIf you're a fan of the acid Chelsea Lately, you're probably already watching the on-acid After Lately, a comedy series "loosely based on the real world of Chelsea Handler and her staff." I interviewed two of its funniest denizens, Jiffy and Fortune, in advance of the show's third-season premiere on February 25 at 10:30PM ET/PT on E! First up is Jiffy, who for a straight boy was pretty game for any questions I threw at him.

Come back February 25 to see what Fortune had to say. After the jump, read all about Jiffy's "naked" truth...

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Sep 18 2012
I Am My Hair Comments (1)
Jennifer Aniston security
Smartwater's clever new spot, featuring Jennifer Aniston's home security tapes, hits and misses, but the hair and the triplets are worth the watch...

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Aug 12 2012
Jennifer Aniston Is Engaged! (And So Is Justin Theroux) Comments (0)

Jennifer Aniston Justin Theroux engaged not broken up Star Magazine gossip
Star Magazine (August 20, 2012) has the week's most unfortunately-timed cover story, claiming that Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux are "OVER!" Far from over, they're completely under: Jennifer and Justin are officially engaged.

Oct 19 2011
Get Your Story Straight Comments (5)

Us (October 31, 2011) claims Jennifer Lopez and Bradley Cooper are hot and heavy, while a rival tabloid says it's Jennifer Aniston who's stolen his heart. Give me a fucking break. Who HASN'T Cooper "dated" at this point?

Sep 14 2011
The Unlikeness Is Uncanny Comments (1)

The world's worst celebrity wax likenesses. Yes, Madonna is included but don't you DARE say it.

Feb 09 2011
I Just Went To It Comments (14)

I was invited to the world premiere of the Adam Sandler/Jennifer Aniston flick Just Go With It (loosely based on Cactus Flower) last night, held at the Ziegfeld here in NYC. I'm not a big Sandler fan—I don't get why so many people howl at his every gesture, nor do I get Will Ferrell while we're at it—but I thought the previews had potential and hey, premieres are always interesting.

IMG_9420Bad angle for me but I was swallowing a joke about "service"

I showed up 20 minutes before showtime in the 20-degree weather only to discover my ticket wasn't there. But one of the will call PRs overheard and knew I was a part of a publicist's group so asked me if I was picking up one or two tickets. So...I went with it. "Two, I think...?"

(Some minor spoilers below)

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Feb 22 2009
Oscar Tourette's: Part 2 Comments (2)

Laughing out loud at Tina Fey and Steve Martin's entire sketch. She looks great as they trash Scientology by proxy.

The presentation of the screenplays with snippets read aloud is BRILL.


So great that Dustin Lance Black won for Milk! I hope this is not the last award for this movie and its "life-saving story." Sob-inducing speech. Classic moment. He's the one who should have been saying, "DON'T fall in love with me." Too late!

SafariScreenSnapz004 Jennifer Aniston looks beautiful. Love the dress. OF COURSE there was the required pan to Angelina Jolie, though after a tasteful pause. Twice.

Too bad that all these movies are being honored the same weekend Tyler Perry's joint Tyler Perry's Madea Goes To Jail goes to #1 at the b.o. Loathe him.