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Oct 05 2014
Need To Know: Nick Magnet + Schock Report + T WORD Up + Ebola Trumps Friendliness + There IS A Godfre! + MORE! Comments (0)


*widget boy cultureNick Jonas breaks out his pits in his battle for gay dollars.

*widget boy cultureAnti-gay (gay?) Rep. Aaron Schock (R-IL) is glad it's raining men.

*widget boy cultureBoss-man Warren Buffett says he can't control his company's anti-gayness.

*widget boy cultureCheck out Laverne Cox's new show, The T Word.

*widget boy cultureWhat happens when ISIS/ISIL hits Baghdad?

*widget boy cultureMadonna helps open girls' school in Karachi.

*widget boy cultureSex and the City 3 coming?

*widget boy cultureDonald Trump sees a net positive...from Ebola.

*widget boy cultureOr focus on seeing a good movie, like Skeleton Twins.


*widget boy cultureThe above may or may not make you curious to see Sanctuary (1961).

*widget boy cultureBenjamin Godfre fronts the Frontiers “Naked Issue”!

*widget boy cultureBen Affleck and Bill Maher got heated over Islam.

*widget boy cultureLesbians are suing mad over biracial baby.

*widget boy cultureWELFARE QUEEN: Rich Republican politico committed welfare fraud.

*widget boy cultureSaw & enjoyed Eternity, a comedy about the 1985 music scene. Go see it!

EternityFrom here to Eternity

Feb 25 2013
Seth MacFarLAME: But Even So, The Oscars Can't Stop The Music Comments (26)

Michelle-Obama-OscarsThe winner of the week? FLOTUS!

Aside from Michelle Obama making a genuinely shocking and winning appearance—and even presenting the Best Picture award!—and spectacular performances by the Les Miz cast (fuck the haters) Jennifer Hudson, Adele (okay, she was slightly muted) and a gorgeous, adamantly "I'm-still-here" Streisand, The Oscars were, IMHO, pretty terrible.

Barbra-StreisandIf she had the chance, Barbra Streisand would do it all again

Seth-MacfarlaneI don't think Seth MacFarlane is at all suited for this kind of gig. He is not a stand-up performer. His jokes mostly landed with thuds or were delivered with uncertainty or with those cringe-making asides like, "That's why it's live, folks!" etc.

I hated the fact that William Shatner, not known for being a movie actor, was so much a part of the opening. I thought the taped bits were funny and MacFarlane and the others sang and danced well, but it went nowhere fast...

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Jan 03 2013
Need To Know: Music Notes Comments (1)

Ke$ha-bisexualGirl talk

*widget boy cultureBI YOUNG: Ke$ha to Seventeen: "I don't love just men." PPage1

*widget boy cultureJake Shears is a Queen.

*widget boy cultureSouth Korean popstar might face jail time over AWOL hook-up.

*widget boy cultureSexy Asher Monroe's "Why Worry" contest. You do wanna meet him.

*widget boy culturePatti Page dies at 85.

*widget boy cultureTrey Songz reacts to same-sex kiss pic.

*widget boy cultureJessica Simpson + Jennifer Hudson team up to lose lbs., make $.

*widget boy cultureStarbucks serves some steaming "Same Love".

*widget boy cultureMadonna's stalker breaks up with her.

Robert-LinhartLike a stalker

Mar 22 2011
A New Target? Comments (24)

JH AM_Black_0274_wk6
Jennifer Hudson will offer a Target-exclusive edition of her new album I Remember Me. Says J.Hud, via press release:

"Creating this album was an amazing, personal journey for me. It is especially meaningful to be able to share more of my music with my fans on the Target deluxe edition of I Remember Me."

Okay, so everyone who was so upset with Lady GaGa, do you grant Hudson a pass because she has not presented herself as a gay role model, in which case your gripes about GaGa are completely narrow and only about whether or not GaGa deserves praise as opposed to pushing LGBT rights forward, or do you criticize Hudson with the same vehemence previously unleasHed on GaGa?

Aug 29 2008
All Time High Comments (1)

The. Speech.

20080828__dncobamatwo~3_Gallery First, I spent all evening watching the proceedings on C-SPAN, having divorced myself from CNN finally and for good. I can't tell you what a difference it makes seeing the event unfold without idiotic Anderson Cooper yammering. Sorry, I used to like him, too—he's probably a cool guy. But I don't need his vapid commentary drowning out things like John Kerry's once-in-a-lifetime attack speech.

Gold-medal gymnast Shawn Johnson was a surprise for the "Pledge" (hopefully, McCain won't snag Michael Phelps) and Jennifer Hudson kicked things off memorably...I can forgive her in Sex And The City for this:

The speeches yesterday were okay until Bill Richardson spoke; he definitely showed, as several others have shown, that Barack had many excellent VP choices he had to pass over. Richardson had some terrific lines and said them like he meant them:

The best were the short speeches by non-politicians, chosen because their stories help to flesh out the Democratic vision. Two former Republicans had the best personal stories and best personalities. Watch both all the way through—they're great:

I liked Al Gore's speech, as always, but to be honest, I felt he was outshone by many others. I had expected him to be more of a pitbull. But it's okay, because I think he made an excellent point by reminding us of what all those douchebags said in 2000, how it would make no difference if George W. Bush or Al Gore were president because they were the same:

And I love that the Dems are confident enough to use that music with Gore and not fear any anti-hippie backlash!

Finally, Barack Obama's speech was, to me, the best political speech I've ever heard:

Criticisms of the "temple" melted away in the perfectly Washingtonian setting, worries about the weather or about unpredictable crowd reactions or sound gaffes all drifted away into the Denver night as he took the stage and delivered a clear-headed, passionate vision of the way the country has been for eight years, and where he believes it needs to go beginning in January of 2009. He had some wonderful rhetorical flourishes, but anyone carping about him being all talk looks like an idiot today—his speech promised specifics and took into account how he'll pay for them. 


I loved that he directly confronted the "celebrity" meme that McCain has been hammering him with—I feel he has put that one to bed and McCain with it. I was surprised and touched that he gave LGBT issues a mention—he could easily have avoided that. When was the last time you heard a progressive politician arguing for progressive principles without getting all mealy-mouthed and pandering to the middle?

His speech contained some "post-partisan" touches, but never did I get the sense that he was moving to the center awkwardly, as all Democrats for the past several years have felt they had to do. It was more a case of showing how our vision will help all people, join us and let's leave the old ways behind.


The speech might be called "inspirational" by some, but to me, an inspirational speech is more feel-good and airy. This speech was, instead, stirring—especially his firm rejection of all the bullshit out there questioning his patriotism (McCain wisely denies questioning Obama's patriotism, saying he's just questioning his judgment; that's like those of Obama's detractors who object to him in racist terms, but who say it's not racism, it's just that he's too egotistical or that he's not ready. There are plenty of reasons to disagree with Obama—but have the courage to stand by the real reasons.)

When it was all over, I felt thoroughly satisfied that he had persuasively linked George W. Bush and John McCain, that he had dispelled the notion of John McCain the "maverick," that he'd bucked the celebrity tag and that he'd come across as confident yet humble...and very much in charge.

After spending all day yesterday threatening to hit us with his VP pick early to squelch Obama's big moment, McCain wimped out—knowing, as he does, that announcing Mitt Romney (wah-WAHHHHH) is just not going to cut through the excitement created by Obama's acceptance. I don't even think a surprise pick of Sarah Palin from Alaska (I have long argued McCain may pick a woman just to lure the Hill-Raisers—but Palin is 20 years younger, seems like 100 times less capable than Obama and could easily wind up president if McCain croaks) can compete. 

See, it's not just that Obama is the first black man to accept a major party's nomination, it's that Obama himself is an exciting man with exciting ideas.

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