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Jul 16 2014
Need To Know: RootPaul + Underwear'd It Go??? + Dems #Winning + Gender-Shaming Mrs. O + Selfie Control + Madonna's Cougar Ways Cheered + MORE! Comments (0)

RuPaulWhy the Shelley Long face?

*widget boy cultureJustin Root interviews RuPaul, addresses crow's feet issue.

*widget boy cultureJessica Simpson says she's now Jessica Johnson.

*widget boy cultureJOCKSTRAPPED FOR CASH: Universal Gear in Chelsea, NYC, closing.

*widget boy cultureDaniel Radcliffe's Horns gets a trailer. Have a look.

*widget boy cultureDems slightly ahead in CO & MI Senate races.

*widget boy cultureBritain's Got Talent winner Jamie Lambert comes out.

*widget boy cultureUTAH THIS COMING A MILE AWAY: 2 ex-Attorneys General arrested.

*widget boy cultureCameron Diaz pukey at the thought of tapping Drew Barrymore.

*widget boy cultureTeabaggers align with Joan Rivers in insulting Mrs. Obama.

Joan_rivers_at_mustos_25th_anniversary-680x365What's good for the goose is good for the gender.

*widget boy cultureLeAnn Rimes (of all people) wants you to Dance Like You Don't Give a...!

*widget boy cultureSoccer deep throater. (Work Unfriendly)

*widget boy cultureEx-gay Pastor Duane Youngblood (the name!) accused of molesting a boy.

*widget boy cultureThis kid's celebrity selfie destroys all of yours.

*widget boy cultureBrody Jenner in hot water over selective wedding attendance.

*widget boy cultureCRY ME A RIVER: Public hates Boehner's idea of suing President Obama.

*widget boy cultureNY Post writer defends (!) Madonna's “wild love life.”

*widget boy cultureWeird Al Yankovic transforms “Happy” into “Tacky”, enlists comic support.

Margaret-ChoCho mama!

May 31 2013
Give Her A Chance To Come Through Comments (6)

High-schooler Jessica Simpson belts one out from A Chorus Line. What's the verdict...is her decision to go the pop route Broadway's loss, or everyone else's, um, gain?

Video after the jump...

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May 14 2013
Need To Know: Feeling Minnesota, Pachydermatologists, Ben Cohen Beefcake + MORE Comments (1)

*widget boy cultureMinnesota now has marriage equality!

*widget boy cultureJames Franco off the market?

*widget boy cultureIdiot confronts wild elephant.

*widget boy cultureIdiot tries to poach wild elephant, gets trampled.

*widget boy culturePresident Obama heaps scorn on Benghazi witchhunt.

*widget boy cultureNick Lachey disappoints Jessica Simpson with gay jokes.

*widget boy cultureLesbian characters on TV: R.I.P.

*widget boy cultureThe most adoring, lengthiest post on Joel McCrea EVER.

*widget boy cultureGuys with guitars drive women crazy. (Guys, too, no?)

*widget boy cultureExcessive Ben Cohen beefcake.

*widget boy cultureMichael Douglas on the character he plays: "Liberace loved sex."

Michael-douglasSexually Lee-beration.

May 09 2013
Need To Know: Ru The Day, Quinto Dragged Through The Mud, Nintendo Is For Lovers, He Wrote The Book On Str8s + MORE Comments (0)

Jinkx-MonsoonIt's Monsoon season!

*widget boy cultureThe Drag Race queens do their best RuPaul impersonations.

*widget boy cultureJodi Arias = guilty. Duh. Zachary-quinto-muddy

*widget boy cultureZachary Quinto gets dirty.

*widget boy cultureCollege football star Kevin Grayson comes out.

*widget boy cultureWallflowers: Episode 4. (With a new "Bryce!")

*widget boy cultureStraight People: A Spotter's Guide to the Fascinating World of Heterosexuals. Looky!

*widget boy cultureNick Lachey doesn't miss Papa Joe Simpson.

*widget boy culturePsychic Sylvia Browne told Amanda Berry's mom she'd died.

*widget boy cultureTwo more states on the verge of marriage equality.

*widget boy cultureBoy Scouts of America officials to "vote their conscience" on gays.

*widget boy cultureNintendo game allows same-sex marriage.

*widget boy cultureMacklemore: The str8 white rapper who wrote hip-hop's 1st gay anthem.

*widget boy culture50-year gay love story.

GayLove in bloom.

Jan 03 2013
Need To Know: Music Notes Comments (1)

Ke$ha-bisexualGirl talk

*widget boy cultureBI YOUNG: Ke$ha to Seventeen: "I don't love just men." PPage1

*widget boy cultureJake Shears is a Queen.

*widget boy cultureSouth Korean popstar might face jail time over AWOL hook-up.

*widget boy cultureSexy Asher Monroe's "Why Worry" contest. You do wanna meet him.

*widget boy culturePatti Page dies at 85.

*widget boy cultureTrey Songz reacts to same-sex kiss pic.

*widget boy cultureJessica Simpson + Jennifer Hudson team up to lose lbs., make $.

*widget boy cultureStarbucks serves some steaming "Same Love".

*widget boy cultureMadonna's stalker breaks up with her.

Robert-LinhartLike a stalker

Dec 26 2012
Need To Know Comments (0)

Video-beasts-anatomy-articleLargeBeasts of the Southern Wild, one of 2012's best

Widget boy cultureThe year 2012 in black cinema + in memoriam. News-gossip-hot-sexy-model-underarms-Mark-Consuelos-Newsweek-last-printed-issue-David-Cameron-gay-marriage-equality

Widget boy cultureGO WITH THE FLOW: Mexico OK with gay blood?

Widget boy cultureThom Bierdz is a sexy show-off (Work Unfriendly).

Widget boy cultureNew faces, young bodies = camerabait.

Widget boy cultureRighties pushing gun control—on David Gregory.

Widget boy cultureConsuelos & Stamos to The New Normal.

Widget boy cultureJET's 1st gay married couple hits TV.

Widget boy cultureNew Jersey: The state of marriage equality.

Widget boy cultureNewsweek's #lastprintissue.

Widget boy cultureKenya's 1st gay candidate quits, explains.

Widget boy cultureUK gays defecting to Tories over marriage.

Widget boy cultureCatholic overlords still very anti-gay.

Widget boy cultureAddressing "the gay tax." 

Widget boy cultureBandsies vs. anti-gay bullying.

Widget boy cultureAll Mariah wants for Christmas is taste.

Widget boy cultureJessica Simpson is knocked up—the sequel.

Widget boy cultureMadonna's very Gaga Christmas:

Dec 20 2012
Need To Know Comments (0)

Scott-Herman-gay-RepublicanOne of these Scott Hermans just change political parties

Widget boy cultureGay Republican loses BIG, becomes gay Democrat. Hot-model

Widget boy cultureAustralian politician marries partner in Spain.

Widget boy culture7 countries that execute atheists.

Widget boy cultureMadonna gives fans a "Spanish Lesson".

Widget boy cultureMTA chief resigning to run for NYC mayor.

Widget boy cultureZillionairess Jessica Simpson loses 50 pounds.

Widget boy cultureMiss USA wins Trump's Miss Universe.

Widget boy cultureLeAnn Rimes's voice breaks up with her.

Widget boy cultureMarriage-equality pioneer Richard Adams dies.

Widget boy culturePencils, paper...bulletproof backpacks.

Widget boy cultureBrazilian male models are always in fashion.

Widget boy cultureThe Times of Harvey Milk in Nat'l Film Registry.

Widget boy cultureBlake Griffin strikes a pose.

Widget boy cultureSanity vs. Westboro's Newtown picket threat.

Widget boy cultureRecently married gay man in scandal-tainted suicide bid.

Widget boy cultureFranco recreates Cruising's lost SM sex scenes:

James-Franco-Interior-Leather-BarTurning a thematically anti-gay, commercial movie into...art?

Oct 29 2012
Need To Know Comments (2)

President Obama Hurricane SandyWe've got his back, he's got ours

Widget boy cultureWhile Obama deals with Sandy, Romney capitalizes.

Widget boy cultureRomney offers single campaign bus for Sandy aid. 47%? On their own.Romney

Widget boy cultureJersey Shore takes a pounding. (Not Snooki.)

Widget boy cultureAtlantic City knows when to fold 'em.

Widget boy cultureJoe Simpson cancels on a cutie.

Widget boy cultureLady Gaga snaps at Calvin Harris, (he dissed her) repurposes stage in Mexico.

Widget boy culture"Strict" mom Madonna buys her 16-year-old an apartment.

Widget boy cultureMadonna attends Skrillex concert in NOLA. Kylie-Minogue-Abbey-Road-Sessions-Bundle

Widget boy cultureKylie offers an Abbey Road Sessions Bundle.

Widget boy cultureObama: "War" within GOP if he wins.

Widget boy cultureRomney lies his ass off in Ohio Jeep ad.

Widget boy cultureLevi Johnston marries (another) baby mama.

Widget boy cultureAmy Winehouse: The play!

Widget boy cultureCrazy teabagger Bachmann might hold her seat.

Widget boy cultureCrazy teabagger West might lose his seat.

Widget boy cultureCrazy teabagger Walsh is gonna lose his seat.

Joe Walsh tea party
The Tea Party's (almost) overrrr...

Jul 23 2010
Homosexual Napalm Comments (4)


Remember all those rumors that Jeremy Renner is gay? Well, Us (August 2, 2010) is sticking by a largely discredited rumor that he was banging Jessica Simpson, painting him as a bit of a cad for ending things but simply not calling her anymore.
Feb 20 2009
Offense Intended Comments (6)

6a00e54fb7301c883400e54ffa90eb8833-800wiSo many gay men, such a good time.

I saw D-list darling Kathy Griffin for the first time a year ago, then I saw her at Madison Square Garden's WaMu Theater last night. As she pointed out, the WaMu has to be renamed in a few months thanks to its namesake bank's disastrous collapse and since nobody wants to pay for the privilege it'll just be called "The Theater" again. Even when she plays MSG she's D-list, forced to appear in the wing with the undesirable sponsor.

Reality check: It was the opening night of a sold-out run of shows.


Griffin's increasingly popular comedy is fascinating to me because it's anti-cerebral and yet still incredibly smart. She's a consummate pop-culture connoisseur and observer and owes a huge part of her following to how much her audience probably agrees with every word out of her mouth, whether she's joking or being serious or both.

At one point, she made a side reference to Jessica Simpson's weight gain, which got a big hoot. This led to a coquettish, "Shall we?" This is her secret—she knows her fans' limits (non-existent) and revels in seeking our approval for her obscene and obscenely funny remarks.

Her gay following is not surprising considering her surgical take on pop culture—I think gay people are particularly good at observation, deconstruction and destruction—and due to her explicitly identifying as one of us. She ended her set with a funny report on how she spent her birthday with Cher, during which she admitted "as a gay man" it was an amazing thrill meeting Cher. Remember when Madonna started the "I'm a SafariScreenSnapz001 gay man trapped in the body of a woman" trend 18 years or so ago? Kathy has dropped the body of a woman part.

(Oh, and she's rooting for The Woz on Dancing With The Stars.)

It was a hilarious evening, a real pleasure and was almost 100% new material. She's funny, fearless, desperate for attention and an unflinching liberal big-mouth—if I believed in organized religion, I might nominate Kathy for Jesus.

IMG_1539MSG as gay mega-church.

Some of her highlights (or lowlights, depending on your last name):

Miley Cyrus is a whore: "I'm just gonna come out and say it—Miley Cyrus is a whore. I don't care anymore! She's a whooore...whooore...oh, God...whooore! That's not, that's not nice to say about a 16-year-old. But don't you think she would fuck a cucumber at this point...if it was attached to her dad?...Believe me, she is sore right now from some shit...Granted, this girl is 16 and I'm definitely being too hard on her, but she's a little advanced. Can we at least agree that she's a little what we could call forward? When I was 16, I was such a nerd I was looking at my mom and saying, 'When will I get menstruation?' I wasn't sending pictures of myself in panties on the Internet...which they didn't have. Nor did I use the postal system or a mule team. She's a whore."

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