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May 07 2010
Through Madonna's Eyes Comments (0)
The view from Madonna's Central Park West apartment (which she still has), as Tweeted by Jesus Luz
Apr 19 2010
Working Things Out Comments (1)

Jesus Luz works it out in German GQ. More here.


Feb 23 2010
Brazilian Label Finds Jesus Comments (2)
Via Made In BrazilJesus Luz has signed his first record deal. His debut album will be called Ray of From the Light. Hopefully, rumors that he has no talent are unfounded. He looks pretty proud in this picture of him signing his deal. Good luck!
Feb 15 2010
Celebration Comments (10)

Madonna, Jesus & family (does Lourdes have a cute boyfriend now? or is this Madonna's new, very young assistant?) attend Carnival in Rio.

Feb 11 2010
Jesus Answers Madonna's Prayers Comments (11)

The above video (via MadonnaTribe) shows Majesus hanging out together in Brazil. Guess those rumors of a break-up of this romance (or showmance) were premature. The couple reunited and kissed like teenagers:

For those of you (((of us?))) who suspect the relationship isn't all it's promoted to be, Liz Smith—who should know—assures us that Majesus are REAL. 

Feb 03 2010
What An End She Has With Jesus? Comments (10)

Madonna's year-long love affair (if you believe Madonna) or showmance (if you believe some of her suspicious fans) with Jesus Luz is reportedly—accent on reportedly—ovah (if you believe the Chicago Sun-Times). He didn't like it, so he didn't put a ring on it, but that's okay—Madonna's more fun as a single lady with various suitors.

Jan 14 2010
Not Since Swept Away Comments (13)

A new movie is being promised for August 2010 called Material.Boy about the secret son Madonna had at age 15. He apparently was destined to recreate some of her most controversial images, possibly for some prophetic cause, and shares Mom's drive for fitness.

Trailer after the jump...


Meanwhile, the guy named for the son of the original Madonna—Jesus Luz—takes most of it off for Interview, explaining the deep thought that went into his naming:

"My father [gave me] my name because he always admired Jesus Christ as the most philosophical mind of all time."

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Nov 15 2009
May/December Of The Following Year Comments (3)
Seventy-two-year-old Vanessa Redgrave with 33-year-old Gilles Marini from an episode of Nip/Tuck, as seen in Entertainment Weekly (November 20, 2009). Might be a good episode for Madonna and Jesus to TiVo.

(Say what you will about the age spread, she's still hot.)


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