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Apr 27 2015
Christ Returns To NYC: RETURN TO GAY GARDENS Comments (0)

IMG_3439Thomas Dekker, Peaches Christ, Jinkx Monsoon, Mink Stole & Bob the Drag Queen

Barely made it to the second sold-out show of Return to Gray Gardens, the one-night-only presentation by Peaches Christ (fresh, arguably, from San Francisco) that spoofed the classique Grey Gardens (1975).

Christ came through with a stellar case, including Thomas Dekker (Heroes, All About Evil), Mink Stole of John Waters infamy and NYC's own Bob the Drag Queen, attempting Onassis realness. Two hunks were on hand to play the Maysles Brothers, who directed the original. (One was doing double-duty as choreographer, werk.)

IMG_3426Lots of pussy on that stage.

Jinkx Monsoon, as Little Edie from the film, was the obvious highlight, but you know that if you saw her Snatch Game appearance on RuPaul's Drag Race, which the bitch won in a walk.

The next time you get a chance to see Jinkx in NYC is in The Vaudevillians: Bringing Up Baby May 21—24, 2015, at the Laurie Beechman. The first one was BRILLIANT.

May 07 2014
Need To Know: Fassbender On Top, Mary Jane Machine, The Cursing Nun, America Needs Porsha Control + MORE! Comments (0)

Fassbender-McAvoySomeone's in the kitchen with Fassbender...

Boy-CultureHugh Jackman helps Michael Fassbender & James McAvoy achieve fan friction.

Boy-CultureMan and transgender woman on trial in Uganda for homosexual acts.

Boy-CultureMarijuana vending machines, eh.

Boy-CultureOur Gang and Laurel & Hardy actress Jackie Lynn Taylor dies at 88.

Boy-CultureI've been remiss: Efrem Zimbalist Jr. died May 2 at 95.

Boy-CultureSally Field vs. Julia Roberts in filthy Celebrity Curse-Off.

Boy-CultureSupreme Court losing fans faster than an audited Twitter account.

Boy-CultureBabies with eyebrows is a good idea:

Babies-eyebrowsAny way I can get chocolate milk from those?

Boy-CultureClass assignment: Argue whether the Holocaust was or wasn't real.

Boy-CultureIdiotic Johnny Weir and his crook husband reconcile. Yay?

Boy-CultureRHOA's Porsha Williams apologizes for explicitly anti-gay sermon.

Boy-CultureMaybe she would've been a good match for a dictator's son.

Boy-CultureJinkx Monsoon's The Inevitable Album is out at Out.

Boy-CultureHGTV giving show to anti-gay zealots David & Jason Benham. UPDATE: It's off!

Boy-CultureMichael Musto's letter to Michael Alig is killer.

Boy-CultureHE BANGS: Ricky Martin papped in his undies.

Boy-CultureMet streaker was Madonna's hydrangea-bearing prankster, Vitalii Sediuk.

Met-streaker-Vitali-Sediuk-shirtlessMankini overboard! (Photo by @jimshi809)

Mar 18 2014
GREYs Gone By Comments (0)


Hot Ticket: Look, anything Jinkx Monsoon does is going to be brilliant, so if Thomas Dekker and Peaches Christ are involved, the more the merrier I always say...

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Feb 17 2014
Need To Know: Flippin' Burger, Jinkx: The Documentary, Republican Fat Cats + MORE! Comments (0)

Submissions-OnlySubmissions possible

*widget boy cultureThe trailer for Season 3 of Submissions Only is funnier than most entire Web series. Gabriel-Burger

*widget boy cultureMy interview with It's What You'd Like To Be.

*widget boy cultureGabriel Burger looking hot in the wild.

*widget boy cultureUltimate Kraft Dinner with Tuna Sauce recipe.

*widget boy cultureJinkx Monsoon's new documentary!

*widget boy cultureRepublicans are bought and paid for by billionaires.

*widget boy cultureOFF THE MONEY: "You pay $1,000,000 in taxes, you get a million votes. How's that?"

*widget boy cultureAbove: Straight guys in a "Sticky Situation."

*widget boy cultureRussian diva on anti-gay laws: "They're not really about gay people."

*widget boy cultureHelen Gurley Brown helped keep Rosie O'Donnell in the closet for 10 extra years.


Sep 30 2013
Need To Know: Size XL In A Size S, Madonna's An Amazing Bitch, You Can't Rapey The Willing + MORE Comments (0)

Rafael-AlencarI'm sure Rafael Alencar has heard "it doesn't fit" before.

*widget boy cultureRafael Alencar shows off tiny swimsuit in tiny bathtub. Then brushes his teeth.

*widget boy cultureNew adaptation of The Seagull sounds like it's anything but for the birds.

*widget boy cultureCher never hated "amazing artist" Madonna, just thought "she was a bitch." Madonna-Cher

*widget boy cultureGOTTA BE PUTIN ME ON: Sochi gay scene thriving.

*widget boy cultureCameron tweets support of gay marrieds.

*widget boy cultureOhio gay marriage suit expands.

*widget boy cultureRepublicans HATE our government. Period. Forever.

*widget boy cultureSuit seeks to have gay marriage done in MA recognized in PA.

*widget boy cultureGreg Louganis's wedding registry is completely altruistic.

*widget boy cultureMelissa Gorga not into rape-rape. Just, you know, forcible sex.

*widget boy cultureJinkx Monsoon's The Vaudevillians is extended again. See this!

*widget boy cultureGov. Rick Perry (R-Texas) has a wife who thinks abortion is a "woman's right."

*widget boy cultureSNL's hilarious Girls parody starring Tina Fey.

Tina-Fey-Saturday-Night-Live"Don't speak. If they know you are simple, they will drown you in river."

Jul 12 2013
She's Got A Squeezebox And She's Gonna Use It: Judy Tenuta @ The Laurie Beechman Comments (1)

BOY CULTURE REVIEW: *** out of ****

Ten observations about Judy Tenuta, whose show Full Frontal Tenudity is playing at the Laurie Beechman in NYC tonight:

Judy-Tenuta-6One of my favorite one-offs was when she said, "Glory, glory hole-ellujah."

Judy-Tenuta-7(1) She looks the same 25 years after I first heard of her.

(2) Some of her jokes are the same 25 years after I first heard of her...but they're still funny.

(3) She's surprisingly topical, referencing Ke$ha (she even said it as "Ke$ha" and not "Kesha"), Beyoncé, Eliot Spitzer and Chris Christie. "The Love Goddess" was played on to the strains of Selena Gomez & The Scene's "Love You Like a Love Song."

(4) She takes audience participation to a new level; I think I was the only person in the house she didn't drag onstage.

(5) Her impression of Rita Rudner is more delicious than the Beechman's chocolate banana pudding.

(6) She implicitly rips her ex, Emo Phillips (they were married!), a new one with jokes about how it wouldn't take a very long jail sentence to get him to flip to guys.

(7) She marries a gay couple on stage.

(8) She has her hair done by a random gay audience member onstage.

(9) Yes, she recreates her Sarah Palin impersonation.

(10) Madonna's "Hung Up" is one of her jams.

Judy-Tenuta-4Pole, dancing: The queen of audience participation.

To sum it up, Tenuta is like a female Rip Taylor—her humor is obvious, but is like comfort food. And she is way more clever than her physical humor sometimes is. The woman is totally at ease improvising and nursed guffaws out of lines that might have passed for ordinary conversation without the right delivery.

Judy-Tenuta-1Judy, Judy, Judy!

Judy-TenutaAfter her show, which threatened to overlap with The Vaudevillians (I ran into Jinkx Monsoon, who was in a full-on blonde goddess summer look...just to walk to the theater and then change for her show!) it went on so long (the equivalent of a Big Gulp), Tenuta signed autographs and sold books upstairs. When we met, she embraced me like she knew me and called me adorable and wanted to know if I liked. I liked! I asked her her secret, telling her she looks ageless, and she said it's all about laughter. "Also, I have a wonderful mom. She's in heaven already, though." It was touching in the context of her out-there, anything-for-a-laugh personality, but that's probably why her fans love her—she's rarely mean (one Paris Jackson jibe aside) and clearly has heart.

Check out Judy's book Full Frontal Tenudity.

Jul 08 2013
WIN IT: Tickets To Jinkx Monsoon's THE VAUDEVILLIANS Comments (8)


Kevin-harrisI've got a pair of tickets for The Vaudevillians, a musical comedy co-starring composer Major Scales and RuPaul's Drag Race victor/victoria Jinkx Monsoon!

To enter, comment this blog with your favorite show (TV, theater, movie) featuring drag of all time. I'll pick 1 of you to win at random! (You must get yourself to the show. Do not enter unless you'll be available during the show's run of July 9—August 22 at NYC's Laurie Beachman Theatre.)


Throughout the 1920's Kitty Witless and Dr.Dan Von Dandy toured speakeasies and burlesque theaters through the United States as THE VAUDEVILLIANS, wowing audiences with their edgy, original music. Unfortunately, one day, tragedy struck. While touring through Antarctica, they were victims of a devastating avalanche and were buried under two tons of sleet and snow - instantly freezing them alive. But thanks to global warming, they recently thawed out only to discover, that pop artists of various decades had stolen their music and passed it off as their own. Much to their shock and chagrin, songs including "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" (which was originally about the woman's Suffragette movement), and "Drop it Like it's Hot" (which was originally about the invention of the electric iron) had become hits for lesser artists. Now, at long last, they are taking to the stage to reclaim their original music, performing it as originally composed.

Jinkx Monsoon is the alter ego of Jerick Hoffer, who graduated with a degree in theatrical performance from Cornish College in Seattle. With ten years experience on stage, Hoffer is a seasoned Portland-born entertainer who has captured the attention of his native northwest region. As early as 2006, Hoffer appeared as the lead dancer in the world's largest drag queen chorus line, which made the Guinness Book of World Records. By 2012, he had advanced to roles in Seattle theaters, playing Moritz in "Spring Awakening" (produced by Balagan Theatre) and Angel in "Rent" (produced by The 5th Avenue Theatre). Earlier this year, Hoffer played Hedwig in "Hedwig and the Angry Inch" (produced by Balagan Theatre and Seattle Theatre Group).

According to Hoffer, the creation of Jinkx was complicated. "From the movie Death Becomes Her, I was inspired by the crazy extent vain women will go for eternal youth, beauty, and power. Through Lucille Ball I saw how a woman can bring you to tears with laughter with nothing more than a look. Through the Disney villains I was raised with, I saw how powerful a woman can be, and yet so deliciously evil. And through my mom, I saw not only the trials and tribulations a single mother faces every day, but also the strength and determination a woman can possess when she is trying to provide a bright future for her children."

May 20 2013
Need To Know: Together We're Strong, Another Porn Star's Last Money Shot, SPRING Has Awoken, TWILIGHT Couple's Last Gleaming + MORE Comments (0)

Farid-MammadovHe can power-lift...but can he carry a tune?

*widget boy cultureFarid Mammadov, most recent Eurovision's hottest hunk of man. Gay-KOH-Masaki

*widget boy cultureJapan's #1 gay pornstar, Koh Masaki, passes away.

*widget boy cultureHarvey Milk as bogeyman.

*widget boy cultureSpring Awakening as a high school musical.

*widget boy cultureIvy & Jinkx do Death Becomes Her.

*widget boy cultureKanye West burns it down "just like the theater Hitler was trapped in."

*widget boy cultureJAILBAIT: He thinks Hillary Clinton needs to "be shot in the vagina."

*widget boy cultureSAY HIS NAME: Joe.My.God. attends vigil for hate-crime murder victim Mark Carson:::

MARK-CARSON-GAY-HATE-CRIMEI missed the rally for the man blown away for being gay...in the West Village.

*widget boy cultureVia Sticky (Work Unfriendly): Model Sergio Carvajal & 2 other beauties. Gene-Anthony-Ray-as-Leroy-fame-16822239-1200-793

*widget boy cultureDo you have sympathy for "The PayPal 14"?

*widget boy cultureRob Pattinson & Kristen Stewart break up.

*widget boy cultureSoon: A "Yahoo-Tumblr mega-deal."

*widget boy cultureREMEMBER: Black masculinity & Fame.

*widget boy cultureDaft Punk "One More Time" singer Romanthony dies.

*widget boy culturePresident Obama's approval rating enjoys a BOUNCE.

*widget boy cultureNew (demo of) Britney song "Ooh La La" = Aqua meets Madonna's "Superstar."

*widget boy cultureDavid Chaloub by Cristiano Madureira for Made in Brazil.

David-ChaloubThis David shoulda been a statue.