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Sep 19 2014
Kathy & Larry On Joanie Comments (0)

Very interesting piece on Joan Rivers that views her work's cruelty (come on, you know it's true) through a feminist lens. I responded to it. I don't really have a lot of intellectual respect for any responses that go, Fuck her! She doesn't get Joan! Joan was fierce!-level replies. I do think there is a lot to unpack in Rivers's work, even if Rivers herself didn't enjoy delving into it on that level—CNN, much? But I also think that beyond looking at what humor means, which is fair, once you start acting as if humor is identical to serious debate, you run into trouble, as does the author of this thoughtful it not exactly rah-rah piece on Rivers. But it's a compelling read.


On a related note: Kathy Griffin says she wasn't considered for Craig Ferguson's late-night gig because they told me they weren't considering women, and she recalls Joan Rivers in this clip of her new interview with Larry King...

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Sep 18 2014
Need To Know: Vocal Critic + Music Television + Wild Roses Re-Grow + 9/11 Camp + Facebook: Say Your Name + MORE! Comments (0)

*widget boy cultureABOVE: Joan Rivers's notorious throat specialist shows off Celine Dion's vocal cords.

*widget boy cultureDavid Fincher to do TV series based in the world of 1980s music video-making.

*widget boy cultureThe About a Boy boy now looks like C. Thomas Howell/Matt Dillon.

*widget boy cultureKylie joins Nick Cave @ Koko for “Where the Wild Roses Grow”.

*widget boy cultureIs The Mysteries of Laura the fall's worst new show?

*widget boy cultureCazwell's “Dance Like You Got Good Credit” is a smart investment.

*widget boy cultureSlant hates on Lady Gaga. Fans react in the comments.

Muscles-underwearFar, far and away the hottest back I've seen in ages

*widget boy cultureCheck out his  (above) underwear here.

*widget boy culturePhilly drag queen lampoons 9/11 and Muslims on 9/11.

*widget boy cultureI am 50% funded one week in...have you met my Kickstarter yet?

*widget boy cultureFacebook doubles down: Meets with, shades drag queens.

*widget boy cultureTaylor Swift airs out her pussy.

*widget boy cultureLunatic Mayor Rob Ford is now battling deadly cancer.

*widget boy cultureDieux du Stade video after the jump...

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Sep 17 2014
Doctor/Feelgood Comments (0)

Ariana-GrandeKorovin's patients include teen queen Ariana Grande, who was taking a B12 shot to the butt here.

Dr. Gwen Korovin has been IDed as the throat specialist who was in the room when Joan Rivers was undergoing her endoscopy. A report says Korovin took a selfie with Joan in the background during the procedure, and began a biopsy that led to Rivers vocal cords seizing, causing cardiac arrest. Rivers died a week later.

TMZ—so hated, yet so useful, no?—also brings to light photos that seem to contradict the story of Django Unchained actress Daniele Watts, who claims she was detained by police based on her race after making out with her boyfriend in his car. Photos seem to back up reports that she was having sex with him in the front seat of his car with the door wide open. The pictures show they were much heavier into their sesh than her story let on, though they do not definitively show the act. 

But come on, if you're doing this and are surprised the cops would ask for your ID, you're on drugs or extremely entitled. Bringing race into it diminishes the very real problem that too many black people have with being targeted by cops for no good reason other than suspicion of being black. She plays right into the doubters who think race is a non-issue in this country, and who routinely say black people are the ones hung up on it.

You Should Be Ashamed Of Your Selfie Comments (0)

According to a new report, a female doctor took a selfie while Joan Rivers was unconscious during her endoscopy. This story just gets more and more shocking.

Sep 15 2014
Getting Some PIECE OF WORK Done Comments (0)


A special tribute screening of Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work has been organized for this Thursday. This is the only place you'll find Joan's longtime assistants Jocelyn Pickett and Graham Reed. Ricki Stern will conduct the talk back. Great opportunity for those not invited to the funeral to wallow in their grief and probably walk away smiling, perversely.

Sep 10 2014
At This Point, The Death Of Joan Rivers Seems Like The Biggest Since Michael Jackson's Comments (0)


At the risk of turning this into the all-Joan Rivers site, I just have to link to this amazing Hollywood Reporter oral history of the late comedian's life and career. Featuring reminiscences by everyone who was anyone to her (and famous fans), it's a great read. My favorite? The time she was asked to whisper encouraging words into the ear of a woman in a coma and she chose to say:

“Wake up, you stupid bitch!”

Sep 09 2014
Dimmed Wit: Broadway Does Right By Joan Rivers Comments (0)


Caught some footage of Broadway's lights going out at 6:45PM tonight for a minute in honor of the life of Joan Rivers. Quite a few people were gathered; many cheered.

After the jump, check out the video.

The New York Daily News is reporting that Rivers may have died as the result of an imprudent action taken not by those at Yorkville Endoscopy, but by her own physician; a source says her one of her own doctors was with her at the time of the procedure that she signed off on and when he saw something worth taking a closer look at, he asked if he could do a biopsy on the spot. The clinic's staff agreed, and a very dangerous biopsy—something Rivers had no idea would be happening—was undertaken, causing her throat to close.

If that's really what happened, she probably never really had a chance...

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Lights Out For Joan Rivers Comments (0)

Joan-RiversRivers celebrates her birthday 20 years ago during the run of Sally Marr and Her Escorts.

The Broadway League has backed down—Joan Rivers will receive the honor of having the lights on Broadway dimmed for 60 seconds at 6:45 tonight.