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Aug 27 2015
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  Modusvivendi_ABSTRACT_LACE_line(2) Modusvivendi_ABSTRACT_LACE_line(1) Modusvivendi_ABSTRACT_LACE_line(3) Modusvivendi_ABSTRACT_LACE_line(4) Modusvivendi_ABSTRACT_LACE_line(5)

Modus Vivendi's Abstract Lace line as modeled by Alexandros Kaltsidis and shot by Panos Misailidis.

Aug 24 2015
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Via Homotrophy.

Aug 20 2015
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Via Guyz + Underwear. (Work Unfriendly, because you see the bare ass at the link.)

Aug 08 2015
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I owe my dad an apology ... if this is what sports was all about, I should've given it the old college try!

Aug 07 2015
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Armando Adajar sure can pick 'em!

Aug 06 2015
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  Clever1.opt Clever6.opt Clever7.opt Clever10.opt Clever11 Clever12.opt

This is the latest in a series of posts by The Underwear Expert.

Clever underwear continues their streak of fun and innovative underwear in this new 2-in-1 Armando Adajar photoshoot. Models Nelson Marin and Tomas Evans are double trouble and have an unspoken contest to see who’s the hottest—all while sporting sexy Clever underwear. Boxers, briefs, jocks and thongs all included.

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Jul 24 2015
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  _DSC3356 _DSC3338 _DSC3372 _DSC3376 _DSC3422 _DSC3426

Photographer Armando Adajar shoots Chris Wells in Ergowear Underwear.

Jul 14 2015
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Via Kruel Kid.


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