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Jan 23 2015
Jockstraps For Less Comments (0)
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HisJock.com is pushing the jockstrap look hard, which is what I call fighting the good fight.

P.S. If you decide to join Jock of the Month Club, you'll get $5 off for a limited time if you use the code GET5.

Jan 22 2015
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Via Zachmuscle.

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Via Men in jeans. (Work Unfriendly)

Jan 21 2015
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Jan 19 2015
Line Of Scrimmage: Robert Tamanaco By Rick Day For C-IN2 Comments (0)
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Roberto Tamanaco by Rick Day for C-IN2's new Scrimmage line.

Check out a video with work by Day and Steve Benisty...

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Jan 18 2015
What A Body Of Work: The Sudden, Sad Death Of Physique Legend Greg Plitt Comments (0)
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Huge shocker from the world of fitness—Greg Plitt, a fitness expert, model and bodybuilder, who had been one of the most famous of his kind, died yesterday after being struck by a train. He was just 37.

Greg-Plitt-bicepsEarly and more recent poses by Plitt reveal his near-perfect symmetry.

Police have initially ruled out suicide; it appears to have been some kind of tragic accident. Plitt was apparently walking with friends in an area forbidden to pedestrians, capturing photos of passing trains.

Greg-Plitt-WatchmenBody in evidence: He was the inspiration behind this form in Watchmen.

Plitt starred on the Bravo series Work Out (2006—2008), appeared on countless magazine covers, in print ads and in TV spots, and was the body inspiration for “Dr. Manhattan” in Watchmen (2009).

Greg-Plitt-magazine-coversJust a few of Plitt's many cover appearances

It also saddens me to know so many people all over the Internet will likely be clucking their tongues about how he died, failing to realize that we all in our lives do silly things that aren't safe, and yet we usually survive. No judgment, just sadness for the death of someone so young, healthy and motivated to keep living his best life.

Plitt was quite the show-off; he delighted in being ogled from all angles, and would often playfully show off his famous bulge. More after the jump of this striking specimen...

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Jan 17 2015
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By Scott Teitler, via Homotography.

Dec 24 2014
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Via Shameless Productions and Promotions.