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Jul 10 2013
Your Nightly Briefing Comments (2)
Surprisingly, the people at RawHogs.com ("Mom, I got a job! It's at...") are not reliable audio technicians. (Work Unfriendly)
Jul 01 2013
Cher's Stud Service: The Boys Of Cher's Marquee Appearance Comments (0)
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Above, are you "Strong Enough" to handle the hotness from Cher's Marquee appearance?

Superhot Chase Hostler, pornstar Alessio Romero, Andrew Christian hottie Alex Sanchez and another scorching go-go boy (name, anyone?) helped prove that while Cher's is a "Woman's World," there's plenty of room for guys, too. At least, that's the message I took from their captivating gyrations Thursday night when Cher made a brief but memorable appearance at the club Marquee's new "Q" night (promoted by Brandon Voss) to plug her comeback single.

Above, an interview and hot shoot with Chase.

I was transfixed by Chase's ample assets (and by his and the other guys' abillity to dance tirelessly for six-plus hours), taking more and better photos of him and any other guy who crossed my path than Cher herself.

Very sexy gogo boyAlex Sanchez...so hot!

Check out the gallery above for some of the sexy shots, and visit my dirty (and therefore Work Unfriendly) tumblr for jockstraps with full tummies: Chase, more Chase, Alessio and the others.

Brandon VossVoss, left, examines his handiwork.

Jun 21 2013
Need To Know: Kim Kardashian Was North West's Passage, Underwear Pride, Madonna's Addiction + MORE Comments (3)

*widget boy cultureMILEY FACE: She's just being Molly. Mercy

*widget boy cultureAdorable Portuguese boyfriends.

*widget boy cultureKim & Kanye name their daughter North West. Srsly.

*widget boy cultureThe Andrew Christian boys take over L.A. Pride.

*widget boy cultureShould Alan Chambers be forgiven?

*widget boy cultureMadonna is addicted to sweat. (And to Instagram.)

*widget boy cultureDon't miss the launch of the new Web series He's With Me.

*widget boy cultureMercy's first Gay Pride can, with proceeds going to GLAAD.

*widget boy cultureHypnotic nude swimming video.

*widget boy cultureBranden's "Roc with You" video:

BrandenI wanna Roc with you...all night...

Apr 04 2013
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Lucas Barreto, 25, gets naked (Work Unfriendly) and puts a jockstrap to the test like Inspector 12 on a pair of Hanes. 

See Lucas's bare assets at Boy Culture's very, very inappropriate Tumblr.

Mar 31 2013
Boys & Girls Comments (1)

And we thought Dwight Twilley's "Girls" was racy back in the day! Check out Del (Del Marquis of Scissor Sisters) & Xavier's campy, sexy, disgusting, surprising music video for "Let Me Tickle Your Fancy," which is very much Work Unfriendly.

Dwight-Twilley-GirlsI recall desperately seeking the bare-butt scenes on Playboy Channel

Dec 14 2012
All You Want For Christmas Comments (0)

Courtesy of Aydin Arjomand, Gabriel Gastelum & Shawn Adeli

This is the fifth in a series of articles from The Underwear Expert

Colby Melvin took the blogosphere by storm this year with his charming personality, good looks and, well, because his ass looks real good in a pair of briefs. Because we seemingly have nothing else to do over here at The Underwear Expert, we decided to take the California-based southern boy's greatest shots and give them some holiday "spirit."Ever wanted to see Colby as a submissive elf? Naughty Santa? Holy relic? Now's your chance! And here you were thinking you were too naughty to get presents this year. Check out the pics in the gallery above, and click here for more Colby Melvin than you know what to do with.
Nov 30 2012
Heady Thoughts Comments (2)

The third in a series of articles from The Underwear Expert...

Chord Overstreet has been bringing all the boys to the yard with his milkshake since his very first episode on Glee, the show that's the best thing to happen to people who like to watch adults act like teenagers since, like ever.

We saw him plunge into skin-tight, package-enhancing booty shorts for the Rocky Horror episode.

He dropped trou on Ellen’s talk show to reveal orange underwear that said "Ellen’s Got My Tight End Covered." (Because she so does.)

He got us wet when he showered for the camera.

Okay—you get the point.

Now, though, in the December 22, 2012, episode of Glee, the twentysomething Nashville native has offered his creamiest milkshake ever. Mocking Bane from The Dark Knight Rises, Overstreet runs around the McKinley High locker room with a jockstrap on his head. We won’t put thoughts in your head, but damn. Rarely has a jockstrap looked this fashionable tasty.

For more Chord Overstreet underwear photos and more celebrity underwear sightings, head to The Underwear Expert.

Nov 22 2012
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The adult obsession with sexualizing not-quite-yet-adults continues in Andrew Christian's latest upload, "After School Special." The cast of nearly naked characters is made up of horny jocks who get hazed and remain unfazed. Click here—Work Unfriendly.


Oct 27 2012
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Skiviez underwear
The casual exhibitionist. Buy his undies here.
Oct 17 2012
Flight Risk Comments (0)
Hot model 1
Hot model 2
Hot model 3
Hot model 4
Hot model 5
Hot model 6
Hot model 7
Hot model 8
Hot model 9
Hot model 10
Hot model 11
Hot model 12

Twenty-two-year-old Carlos Magno, a flight attendant, in photos by Alexandre Peregrino.