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May 21 2015
Dick Move! Comments (0)


Joe Jonas sticks it to Adam Levine.

Dec 03 2014
Billy Reilich Makes A Big Splash @ NewNowNext Comments (0)
  Billy-Reilich-Joe-Jonas Billy-Reilich-back Billy-Lance-Bass Billy-Reilich-Speedo Billy-Reilich-Speedo-2 Billy-Reilich-Joe-Jonas-2 Billy-Reilich-Looking

Images courtesy of Lydia Brock

Darren Criss is the straight host of LOGO's gay NewNowNext Awards, airing December 7. Taped at Kimpton's Surfcomber in South Beath, the show will feature a performance by Kristin Chenoweth, Cyndi Lauper and Joe Jonas as DJ.


In the above gallery, check out some exclusive, behind-the-scenes photos of the show's sexy trophy presenter, Ellen's Nick the Gardener, aka Magic Mike XXL star Billy Reilich.

Lance-Bass-Michael-Turchin-Billy-ReilichJust 'cuz he was handing stuff out, boys, that don't mean he's giving away everything.

By the looks of the above snap, Lance and his fiancé Michael Turchin seemed on the verge of asking Billy into their relationship!

Billy-Reilich-Bianca-2Bumping into Bianca at rehearsals

After the jump, check out Billy in his red Speedo from the forthcoming show...

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Oct 09 2014
He's A Gambler: Joe Jonas Hits The HIGHWAY Comments (0)

Nick! Nick! Nick!

Hey, Joe Jonas is a person, too! He's hot, too! And now he has his own opportunity to get your attention, as a cast member of the indie thriller The Highway Is for Gamblers, written and directed by Alexandra McGuinness.

Highway-Joe-JonasStarring Bonnie Wright of the Harry Potter movies, Nikki Reed from Twilight and Vikings actor Gustaf Skarsgard, The Highway Is for Gamblers takes place in the desert, where a girl can disappear as fast as a tumbleweed on the move.

From the film's finishing-funds Kickstarter:

“Heidi and Jane are best friends living in a sprawling desert community. After a series of relationship problems mars their friendship, Jane goes missing at a rodeo. Heidi begins a search Joe-jonasacross the desert for her friend, digging up secrets and encountering the violence of life on the road, crossing paths along the way with a series of unusual men in her hope for an honest connection in a dishonest world. Heidi is constantly searching for people who don't want to be found. She is open and trusting, and in the universe the film is set, these things karmically add up and play against her.”

No word on if Joe will be naked in this as Nick will be in Kingdom!

Sep 03 2014
Tying One On Comments (0)


Joe Jonas for GQ Taiwan by Chiun-Kai Shih. More here.

Aug 06 2014
Need To Know: Hepburn Notice + Filth & Wisdom + Madge's Vadge + Target Hits Bull's-Eye With Marriage Stance + Give Her Tonight + MORE! Comments (0)

HipnBThe film will focus on early-years androgynous and late-years cranky Kate.

*widget boy cultureIndie Katharine Hepburn biopic is being readied.

*widget boy cultureCity Councilwoman heckled as “filth” because she's a lesbian.

*widget boy cultureAmerican general shot to death in Afghanistan.

*widget boy cultureHappy early Madonna's birthday: A hint of P!

*widget boy cultureIs there a Dr. Madonna in the house?

*widget boy cultureON TARGET: Target is now pro-marriage equality.

*widget boy culture“New Snowden” leaks U.S. spying secrets.

*widget boy cultureHe did not have sex with that woman.

*widget boy cultureAll '70s kids should be dead by now.

*widget boy cultureAYER's “Fight Your Fire” is new and free.

*widget boy cultureLaverne Cox applauds 1st trans talk-show host...Conan O'Brien.

*widget boy cultureAlmost nekkid in the locker room.

*widget boy cultureTour busses collide in Times Square.

*widget boy cultureAdore Delano bloopers. Plus, she covers one of my fave songs ever: 

Dec 02 2013
Joe Jonas's Teen-Idol Exit Interview Comments (0)

Joe-Jonas-BrothersDisney was not his cup of tea.

Having worked with the Jonas Brothers for years (we're not besties, but they know me and I would Jonas-Brothershope think positively of me, as I do of them), perhaps I am more interested in Joe Jonas's extremely candid mini-memoir he narrated to Jennifer Vineyard at New York's Vulture.

Among his revelations: He's "not religious in any way" (which stands in stark contrast to the boys' very public religious image from those years) following disenchantment with the strict church he grew up in, he did engage in sexual activity as a teenager but says he lost his virginity at 20 and is glad he didn't "go there" with any "bathshit crazy" girls from his past, and yes, the whole Disney machine really did do a number on his head.

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Aug 08 2013
Gimme Some Skin Comments (1)

Joe-JonasP.S. Who's the dude behind him?

Nick Jonas is Grindr. Joe is Scruff.

What is Kevin? I guess AshleyMadison.

Apr 11 2013
Joe Jonas Gets Buff, Broods, Trims His Eye-Bush & Has Sax With Another Man Comments (0)

This is the Joe Jonas I know and love...he's legitimately hilarious. In response to a fan's request that he accompany her to a formal (which he can not attend), he created this video response, in which he Joe-Jonas-bicepstrims his famous brow (singular), works out, hawks Wonder Bread by a roaring "fire" and vamps to an impassioned rendition of "Careless Whisper" by George Michael (hint-hint).

Seriously, I doubt he had to have anyone script this for him. He's truly funny (as are the other 'Brothers) and quite capable of improv when need be. I remember him once doing a shout-out for a win-a-date contest in which he ad-libbed just as hysterically.

Best of all, he takes off his shirt and also dons a skintight work-out look that shows off how biceptual he really is...

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