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Jun 18 2013
Chest In Time Comments (0)
There's no such thing as too much Joe Manganiello.
Need To Know: A-Sexy & They Know It, Miss Utah Puts The Moron In Mormon, Werkin' It With Madonna + MORE Comments (1)

Arthur-SalesArthur, he does as he pleases...

*widget boy cultureLots of proof that Arthur Sales (above) is attractive. ASEXUAL

*widget boy cultureBefore You Know It screening is part of "Art of the Real."

*widget boy cultureNaked Joe Manganiello animated gif. (Work Unfriendly)

*widget boy cultureAsexuals seek to build a global community.

*widget boy cultureRicky Martin sings speaks his single, "Come With Me."

*widget boy cultureInsanely creepy interview with a pornstar and her mentor.

*widget boy cultureThe gay hook-up site for priests.

*widget boy cultureMiss Utah is as dumb as a post.

*widget boy cultureRita Ora channels (and thanks) Madonna.

*widget boy cultureHow to train with Madonna...in person.

*widget boy cultureGreg Louganis gets engaged to his "soulmate."

*widget boy cultureWingnut Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) tries to sink the immigration bill.

*widget boy cultureAlexander Skarsgard is mmm-mmm-M Magazine good.


Jun 17 2013
What A Way To Joe Comments (2)
Swoony fan photos of Joe Manganiello at the "Coffee Talk" Q&A at the Los Angeles Film Fest.
2 Cups Of Joe Comments (0)

Joe Manganiello, plugging a new season of True Blood, pops up in Us (June 24, 2013) and OK! (June 24, 2013):

In OK!, Joe says of his relationship requirements:

"Generosity is big. I'm a giver. I'd hope to be with someone who'd reciprocate."

So...he wants to flip, is what I'm reading. Done!

May 31 2013
Extraordinary Joe Comments (1)

Joe Manganiello looks to be in even better shape than that he already was in the July 2013 issue of Men's Health UK.

May 17 2013
Need To Know: Anatomical Gifs, Jinkx's Junk, Bea's C-Cups + MORE Comments (2)

Tumblr_metrjgovJJ1qgpotro1_250A gif I can get behind.

*widget boy cultureSee above. You're welcome.

*widget boy cultureIs it okay to shoot into someone's apartment if their window's open?

*widget boy cultureHow Jinkx Monsoon keeps her junk in place.

*widget boy cultureThe conservative case for marriage equality.

*widget boy cultureTopless Bea Arthur painting sells for $1.9 million.

*widget boy cultureGeorge Lopez to Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas): "You are fucking crazy."

*widget boy cultureThe ACLU wants "Mitchell" and "Cameron" to marry.

*widget boy cultureTwo-year-old Mariska Hargitay on The Merv Griffin Show.

*widget boy cultureA Joe Manganiello animated gif you won't soon forget:

ManganielloNot-so-average Joe. 

May 12 2013
Joe, Yeah! Comments (0)
Via Entertainment Weekly (May 17, 2013): Joe Manganiello is still pretty darn perfect.
Apr 17 2013
Need To Know: Jon Hamm (Minus Bulge) Does SESAME STREET, Ford Escorts, Amanda Bynes Death Watch + MORE Comments (0)

*widget boy cultureSomeone told Jon Hamm how to get, how to get to Sesame Street.

*widget boy cultureGET OUT!: E.J. Johnson always dreamed of being in the spotlight.

*widget boy cultureBig Daddy Kane remembers posing nude for Madonna's Sex.

*widget boy cultureJoe Manganiello is As Good as Gold.

*widget boy cultureGIFT HORSE, MEET MOUTH: Helping Africa is hurting Africa.

*widget boy culturePorn stars get goofy in a car.

*widget boy cultureGlee covers Gay Men's Chorus of L.A.

*widget boy cultureFace 2 Face: A documentary about reconnecting.

*widget boy cultureThe immigration bills sucks for gays.

*widget boy culture"Amanda Bynes is going to die soon."

AMANDA-BYNESLeave her alone? That's the opposite of what we should do.

Dec 03 2012
History's 50 Hottest TV Actors: My List Comments (91)
Guy Madison in shower
VAN WILLIAMS shirtless

What follows is my personal list of History's 50 Hottest TV Actors. Feel free to chime in with the guys you think I left out, the ones I love who you hate and with any corrections. Before freaking out, read Part 2 (#51—#100). And check out list of History's 100 Hottest Movie Actors, too. As a bonus, in the gallery above are 15 extra shirtless shots of some of the hottest of the hot.

Jon-Erik-Hexum-shirt-openAnd Joan Collins tried to act like she barely remembered him when I asked her!

Jon-Erik-Hexum-eyes#1 Jon-Erik Hexum (1957—1984) An easy pick for favorite is Hexum, who smoldered so deeply in the '80s it hardly mattered whether or not he was straight; his sexuality was superseded by his overall sexual energy. He died tragically, a sort of masculine counterpart to Marilyn Monroe, albeit one who died before he could reach true stardom rather than after having conquered it in every way imaginable. Voyagers! (1982—1983), Making of a Male Model (1983), Cover Up (1984)

Van-WilliamsWilliams, bulging with raw talent

VanWIlliams2#2 Van Williams (1934—) TV's Green Hornet looks like he walked out of 2012 in beefcake shots he posed for 50 years ago. A classically handsome man with a bit of a Thomas Roberts air about him. And still handsome today as a geezer. Bourbon Street Beat (1959—1960), Surfside 6 (1963), The Tycoon (1964—1965), Batman/The Green Hornet (1966—1967), Westwind (1975)

HarrisonGregorySmallThis Trapper was a keeper

Gregory-Harrison#3 Gregory Harrison (1950—) He always looked like he'd just spent the previous night and early morning romping around with a couple of sex partners on Trapper John, M.D. Also, his self-produced For Ladies Only absolutely, positively wasn't. What I loved about him was a suggestive look he always managed to give the camera. That, and the fact that when I met him and we were about to pose for a photo, he suggested his best side was his backside. Logan's Run (1977—1978), Centennial (1978—1979), Trapper John, M.D. (1979—1986), For Ladies Only (1981), The Fighter (1983), Falcon Crest (1989—1990), The Family Man (1990—1991), Safe Harbor (1999)

Robert-conrad-90190614654I've wrestled with a lifelong Robert Conrad addiction

Hot-Robert-Conrad#4 Robert Conrad (1929—) The incredibly handsome lead of The Wild Wild West had a sardonic delivery as well as an ass that just would not quit, at least not in those allegedly period Western pants. He was still fuckable as all hell in Black Sheep Squadron, which gave him an excuse to parade about in a Speedo and struggle for male supremacy with guys half his age (he was only 47 or so himself) like Scott Baio on Battle of the Network Stars. Hawaiian Eye (1959—1963), The Wild Wild West (1965—1969), The D.A. (1971—1972), Black Sheep Squadron (1976—1978), Battle of the Network Stars (1976), A Man Called Sloane (1979)

Brian-BloomSo Bloomin' hot!

#5 Brian Bloom (1970—) I first fell for him when we were teenagers—he was so smokin' hot on his soap I was surprised he could be broadcast in the daytime. Back then, I never could have imagined that in 20 or 25 years he'd be buck-naked in a prison shower on television. Makes me wonder what we'll be watching during the "family hour" 20 years from now. As the World Turns (1983—1987), 2000 Malibu Road (2000), Oz (2001)

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Nov 01 2012
"Do I make you corny?" Comments (1)
Joe Manganiello corn rows
Joe Manganiello in corn rows for his next movie, Ten. Which we all hope is graphically autobiographical.