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Nov 21 2012
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Gale-sondergaard-wicked-witch-of-the-east-1252415Blacklisted actress Gale Sondergaard's career was ruined by that witch hunt

Widget boy cultureHollywood Reporter's mea culpa re the '40s/'50s blacklist era.

Widget boy cultureStone Fox: Emma Stone has a sex tape, and "that's a fact."

Widget boy cultureFOX News shits on Transgender Day of Remembrance.

Widget boy cultureGood As You does far better. Dean-Geyer

Widget boy cultureDean Geyer continues to be cute.

Widget boy cultureChick Flick: Emily's List video thanks supporters.

Widget boy cultureScarborough semi-apologizes to Nate Silver.

Widget boy cultureTeen students routinely sodomized during hazing.

Widget boy cultureJared Leto is a poor man's Lucy Punch as a girl.

Jared-Leto-drag-Lucy PunchPretty enough to be a girl?

Widget boy cultureKylie does "The Loco-Motion" on Strictly Come Dancing.

Widget boy cultureThe Naked Truth: SF bans nudity.

Widget boy cultureNormalizing sex talk.

Widget boy cultureChristine Quinn well-positioned to be NYC's first out mayor.

Christine-quinn-paid-sick-daysVoting her out

Oct 03 2009
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Story MSNBC host Joe Scarborough—a Republican—has penned a touchy-feely essay for HuffingtonPost in support of President Obama's failed effort to bring the Olympics to Chicago. In it, he seems to strike a conciliatory note about the dogging Obama's gotten. In so doing, however, he equates the ridiculous lengths "we Republicans" went to to discredit President Clinton with the valid, values-based criticism we Democrats heaped on Bush during his eight years of Constitution-thumping. FAIL.

And yet, I've read a lot of smart liberals fawning over this transparent essay, surely written as another step toward running against Obama in 2012 as a uniter.

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