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Nov 09 2015
John Barrowman Makes A Hot Ass Out Of Himself Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 10.19.28 AM

Over the weekend at a Wizard World event in Louisville, sexy John Barrowman—always cheeky in his photo ops—couldn't resist baring his booty in a group shot with his sci fi compatriots (including a rather amused Stephen Amell).

Thank you, John!

H/T Radio Times

Apr 16 2014
I'm Good At This: A Last-Minute Trip To The Hollywood Show Comments (0)
Cloris-Leachman John-Barrowman-then-now
Hugh-O-Brian-then-now Stefanie-Powers-then-now
Dee-Wallace-then-now Melody-Thomas-Scott-then-now

My "then and now" gallery is above...

I wasn't going to attend the latest Hollywood Show in L.A. at the Westin LAX this past Saturday. I'd made up my mind that while dropping in would make all the sense in the world if I were an Angeleno, dropping in from across the frickin' country made about as much sense as the fact that Joan Collins does these things out of an actual need for cash. (See my other trips to autograph shows at #5 on this list.)

“Even my worst orgasm was right on the money.”—Woody Allen

But then I figured out a bunch of other stuff to do in L.A. and splurged, booking Monday and arriving with some goodies for a variety of the over 100 (!) scheduled stars to sign. Unfortunately, it was one of my least exciting shows, but I was still reminded of that Woody Allen quote. You know the one.

BabyJaneHaunting detail from a covered table

The show was meh because, for one thing, quite a few stars canceled, including some whose advertised presence had helped me decide to go in the first place. For example, I'd spent part of one day sourcing a fabulous Rene Auberjonois portrait from The Eyes of Laura Mars on eBay, then tracking it down in person here in NYC, only to discover that he'd canceled the night before. Apparently, Rene told a fellow celebrity guest, “I don't have any pictures to bring so I'm not going.”

Rene-AuberjonoisI will get this signed by you, Rene!

I also missed seeing Dale Bozzio, the original Lady Gaga, whose lead vocals on the Missing Persons record Spring Session M are the perfect combo of pleasing and unnerving. No matter that she's since become a crazy cat lady—I love huh!

Elliott-GouldElliott Gould was a no-show...how would he have reacted if asked to sign this?

But it's a thin line between love and hate when it comes to fandom. I overheard one attendee fuming that the gossip columnist Rona Barrett had canceled (another one I'd been so curious to meet), saying, “She canceled? What a fucking bitch! I'm dying to meet her!”

Kelli-MaroneyKelli told me my friend, a former co-star of hers, would "clean up" if they did the show in tandem.

Not having as many stars to “get” made for a leisurely show. Unfortunately, it did not make for one of my favorite shows; kudos to the organizers for rounding up so many diverse celebs, but it just so happened that the ones I was most excited to meet didn't wow me. I had precious few fun encounters...well, if we're talking about the ones with celebrities.

Here they are. I calls 'em likes I sees 'em...

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Nov 05 2013
Fantasy Figure: An Interview With Artist Aedan Roberts Comments (0)

I saw Aedan Roberts long before I met him—he was one of the many dudes (it's not just for chicks anymore!) done up in sexy fantasy gear at last year's New York Comic Con, although he did do it better than just about anyone else. I didn't expect I'd lay eyes on him again this year, but I recognized him working a booth in his skimpy Mario Bros. outfit and got a second picture for my crazy-extensive guy galleries. (Galleries from both years are listed at the end of this post.)

Aedan-Roberts-John-Barrowman-Comic-Con-crotch-gropeJohn BarrowM4M

After the show, I started seeing images from Comic Con of Aedan being groped from behind by Torchwood star (and out celeb) John Barrowman popping up all over Instagram. It wasn't long before friends were forwarding me his name and urging me to talk to him. Turned out he was more than just sci fi candy—Aedan is actually an accomplished fine artist and illustrator with a growing following.

Aedan-Roberts-at-home-Matthew-RettenmundHe lives in a well-equipped artists' enclave in Brooklyn that, if I hadn't seen it myself, I'd think was a product of his imagination.

I contacted Aedan and secured an invite to his Brooklyn home studio, where I was able to view his coolly sensual, wildly imaginative "Inner Demons" series as well as his iconoclastic "Nüdtendo" series (naked Nintendo characters). His work is crisp, intense and rapidly disappearing—while some of it is priced to not sell, the trick isn't working very well. Though he sells high-quality prints, the demand for originals is catching up to his inventory...which is a good problem to have.

Aedan-RobertsAedan's fine-art work transcends fantasy illustration.

I spent the afternoon chatting with Aedan about what led him to become a professional artist, his roots in the fantasy world, his thoughts on just how gay that world is these days and his impressions of Comic Con.

And yes, when it comes to that scandalous John Barrowman snap, I definitely got to the bottom of things...

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Oct 13 2013
The Hottest, Cutest Boys & Men Of New York Comic Con: Part 1 Comments (0)
  Shirtless-gay-Comic-Con Underwear
Comic con biceps
Hot comic com
Hot comic con attendee
Captain america
Red comic con
Comic con volunteers
Purple back comic con
Sexy guys comic con
Sexy-guys comic con
Shirtless comic con
Hot muscles comic con
Shirtless comic con
Red eyes comic con
Cute nerds comic con
Kissing new york comic con
Purple shirt ny comic con
Hot guy ny comic con
Ny comic con
Yellow comic con costume
Shirtless daddy ny comic con

Above, Part 1 of the Hottest, Cutest Boys & Men of New York Comic Con...Part 2 is here. The third part is here. The fourth part is here. The fifth part is here.

My trip to New York Comic Con this year was as fun as last year: I attended the Teen Wolf panel (Dylan O'Brien is adorkable, creator Jeff Davis is sexy even if he spoke so much that one audience member specified that she wanted to hear from the actors "before Jeff answers"), but the rest of the time I just wandered around photographing people in costumes.

Comic ConCrossroads of technology.

Seeing all these cute boys and hot men in bizarre outfits had the same effect on me this year as last...schwing! I don't get why the whole "let's dress as superheroes and fuck our brains out" thing never appealed to me until now, but I get it, even if I know so little about sci fi and/or horror that if I were to dress up it would probably be as Underdog.

William-ShatnerJohn Barrowman & William Shatner signing, Norman Reedus mingling.

Amazing what access you get from having a big camera. None of the guys thrilled to pose for me asked what the photos were for, but if any had, I'd planned to say, "Future masturbatory reference."

One guy in a skintight Superman tee posed, then his buddy, joking about my intentions, murmured, "And now, remove your pants..." So at least one person there understood me.

John-Barrowman-gay-gropeBarrowman nearly shoots on the tasty Comic Con cutie who I shot in the gallery above.

Along with being wowed by the nerdy beauty, I was also blown away by the ingenuity. Also, the people attracted to Comic Con seem to be so nice. Nobody is in a bad mood, freaking out, shoving, or overreacting to being nudge in the packed Javits. There is a sunny, communal feeling of, "We're indulging in our favorite thing int he world!" and the feeling is infectious.

I'll definitely be back.

Check out Part 2 of my gallery here. And don't miss Part 3 here, Part 4 here and Part 5 here.

Jul 02 2013
Barrowman & Wife Comments (3)
John Barrowman has wed his partner Scott Gill in California. One can hope it's an open marriage.
Oct 22 2012
Need To Know Comments (0)

John Barrowman ArrowJohn be Arrow man

Widget boy cultureJohn Barrowman isn't straight, is in Arrow.

Widget boy cultureRussia's war on gays intensifies.

Widget boy cultureChris Brown's war on gays intensifies.

Harry McFly shirtlessWidget boy cultureMcFly's Harry Judd is fit/to be tied.

Widget boy culturePeople are interested in Paul Ryan's stats.

Widget boy cultureAdele gives birth to a boy.

Widget boy cultureMitt Romney continues plagiarizing Friday Night Lights.

Widget boy cultureOut singer Jonny unleashes a "Gay [sic] Canon".

Widget boy cultureBest blind, lesbian opera singer story  you'll read today!

Widget boy cultureAthletes are often hawt.

Widget boy cultureSuffolk thinks Ohio is tied, but previously ceded Florida, Virginia and North Carolina to Romney outright.

SUFFOLKPoll cats: Suffolk sounds like it's in the tank for Romney/Ryan

Jul 15 2010
London's New York Strip Comments (2)
Broadway Bares is such a great idea that London is co-opting it—West End Bares: Strip Britannia is happening Sunday, September 5. Best of all, it's hosted by John Barrowman, who can probably be counted on to show everything he's got.


May 17 2010
White Hot Comments (4)

John Barrowman makes the cut, as do the gay power couple below

NPH-David-Burtka-neil-patrick-harris-936657_361_500AfterElton has published its Hot 100 (lawyers for Billboard, are you listening?) and—surprisingly!—the top seven are all out. Also surprisingly, there are only six men of color on the entire list. Yes, this counts Hispanics! This blows my mind. The site charitably decides it's probably due to a lack of diversity in the entertainment world (really?). Maybe the list needs to be vetted closely to be sure some of the guys aren't secretly men of color—you know, like how Mark-Paul Gosselaar—who didn't make the list—is Asian. Yup, he's an American dewd with a Dutch dad and an Indonesian mom.

P.S. Can anyone please prove to me that the picture used to illustrate #47 (really??? that low???) Bradley Cooper is him? I've challenged this shot before. I don't think it's him:



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