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Sep 30 2011
Galluping Away Comments (0)

A gentle reminder from Daily Kos that polls are almost meaningless this early on. (This is a lesson Trump, Cain,  Bachmann and Perry have already learned.)

Dec 07 2010
Until Death Comments (3)

Elizabeth Edwards has died. She seemed like a great lady. While I was critical of her decision to stay mum after knowing her husband had a major scandal incubating even though he was running for prez, I also found her to be the brains of that operation.

I loved that she ran up and reminded Dick Cheney—after his debate with her husband, in which he'd smugly observed that he'd never even met Edwards—that he had in fact met the senator on more than one occasion.

And I loved when she said that her husband knew better on gay marriage, chiding him publicly on it.


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