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Nov 27 2012
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Lindsay-Lohan-Liz-and-Dick-vodkaLa Lindz as La Liz swills Vodka-brand vodka

Widget boy cultureCharlie Sheen gave Lindsay Lohan $100K for taxes.

Widget boy cultureAngus T. Jones's mom: Religious rant shows he's being exploited.

Widget boy cultureFacebook policy-change hysteria. Rob-Johnson

Widget boy cultureRob Johnson looks ah-mazing shirtless.

Widget boy cultureThe Shining: The Musical exists.

Widget boy cultureHipsters pre-date Christ?

Widget boy cultureJenny Johnson wins Twitter feud with Chris Brown.

Widget boy cultureRachel Maddow to Doonesbury.

Widget boy cultureMeet David Guetta in Ibiza, girl!

Widget boy cultureGay dad makes electoral history.

Widget boy cultureMug shot extortion could lead to more mug shots.

Widget boy cultureRicky Martin: Adios to Evita.

Widget boy cultureVarious bloggers (him & him) were wrong about "Elmo."

Widget boy cultureFOX News guest calls network "wing of the Republican Party."

Widget boy cultureUganda to condemn its LGBT and LGBT-friendly citizens?

Ugandan_gay_rights_012711-thumb-640xauto-2101-thumb-640xauto-3091-624x390From the producers of Idi Amin...

Nov 20 2012
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Obama-Clinton-barefoot-MyanmarMyanmar my gal

Widget boy culturePresident Obama and Secretary of State Clinton go barefootin'. Jaime_Parada_Hoyl_insert_courtesy_Jaime_Parada_Hoyl

Widget boy cultureChile elects first (HOT) out politican.

Widget boy cultureRachel Maddow: Sen. John McCain (R-Arizona) is "incompetent."

Widget boy cultureLongest English word is not antidisestablishmentarianism.

Widget boy cultureSyracuse, New York, adapts gender non-discrimination.

Widget boy cultureBlacks support marriage equality more and more.

Widget boy cultureTexas may not swing for a while. If ever.

Widget boy cultureGay families in Florida tell their stories.

Widget boy cultureCan you say "Detox Icunt" on TV?

Detox-Icunt-RuPaul-dragYou will Ru the day... 

Nov 16 2012
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Frederick-W-HumphriesBlowing his cover

Widget boy cultureShirtless photo of agent in Petraeus scandal not so inappropriate.

Widget boy cultureJohn McCain is still an ornery old coot.

Widget boy cultureEquality that's music to your ears: "Same Love".

Widget boy cultureJapanese fat-blocking soda pop???

Widget boy cultureNo offense to One Direction, but Twinkies might be scarce soon.

Widget boy cultureAndrew Christian boys get "Wet". Shirtless

Widget boy cultureGlow Magazine's latest is sexy "To the Max."

Widget boy cultureJames Franco is Oz: The Great and Powerful.

Widget boy cultureHey, Rihanna: If it's "Nobody's Business", don't call the cops.

Widget boy cultureKeira Knightly's Anna Karenina inspiration: The Whore of Babylon.

Widget boy cultureAnderson Cooper, Andy Cohen share double-headed...gummy snake???

Widget boy cultureAnti-equality Tea Partier turns out to be a serial adulterer.

Widget boy cultureDid gays push Obama to victory in Ohio and Florida?

Widget boy cultureGeorgia GOPers concerned Obama practicing mind control.

Widget boy cultureObama nominates out black judge for fed bench.

Widget boy cultureOut's Out100 cover stars revealed.

Out-100Out now!

Nov 04 2012
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Mitt-Romney-douchebag-lauughingMitt Romney is a joke. Unfortch, he has no sense of humor.

Widget boy cultureWhat Republicans REALLY think of Mitt Romney.

Widget boy cultureFor those in the market for a castle.

Widget boy cultureMadonna introduces "Give It 2 Me"/"Celebration" mash-up.

Widget boy cultureThe Heiress on Broadway is "handsome" and "starchy." Obama-mixed-race-child

Widget boy cultureA mom's powerful letter to a mixed-race president.

Widget boy cultureChris Rock's (hilarious) message to white voters.

Widget boy cultureGOP already blaming Sandy for Romney's loss. Before he loses.

Widget boy cultureKaty Perry is NOT an undecided voter.

Widget boy cultureThe Real Housewives have really...changed...over time.

LuAnn de LessepsThis "nurse" has visited a few doctors since '86

Oct 31 2012
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Obama Sarah Palin Mitt Romney
Oct 28 2012
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SandyFrom the Sandy shores...

Widget boy cultureHuge Sandy is a BFD for many states—NYC closes subways, orders evacs.

Widget boy cultureEarthquake off the coast of Canada.

Widget boy cultureNobody cares about climate change.

Widget boy cultureGilles Marini strips to underwear, gets soaked. Gilles Marini shirtless underwear Ellen DeGeneres

Widget boy cultureMinnesota divided over anti-equality Amendment 1.

Widget boy cultureObama believes Supreme Court will kill DOMA.

Widget boy cultureAP: Obama poised to win.

Widget boy cultureNate Silver: Obama poised to win.

Widget boy cultureThe New York Times endorses Obama.

Widget boy cultureDes Moines Register—at center of Obama pissing matchendorses Romney.

Widget boy cultureDes Moines Register owned by Gannett...which is in biz with Bain.

Widget boy cultureAnn Romney on U.S. education: "Throw out the system."

Widget boy cultureRight-wing pollster declares FL "nailed down" by Romney. (In '08, they called it for...McCain.)

Widget boy cultureMadonna booed by some but also cheered in New Orleans for plugging Obama.

Widget boy cultureMany Madonna/New Orleans booing uploads to YouTube are fake.

Widget boy cultureWas Kenneth's uncle gay?

Widget boy cultureVia Sticky (Work Unfriendly): Trick or trick! Cute boys in revealing Halloween outfits.

Bulging superheroHalloweiner

Oct 25 2012
McCain Goes Rogue Comments (0)

John McCain hates Barack Obama, but I still bet he hates Mitt Romney more deep down. Today, he had a chance to vent some of that. Just when the horrendous Mourdock scandal couldn't get any worse for Mitt—Mourdock said productive rape (my new phrase) was "God's intent," Romney chastised him but didn't pull an ad he'd cut for the U.S. Senate candidate from Indiana—McCain went on CNN and withdrew his own endorsement of the guy.

Now, McCain has created the impression that Mitt Romney is to the right of him on abortion.

Swing states are already swinging Obama's way...this kind of shit less than two weeks out won't help swing them back.

Oct 23 2012
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Obama defeats Romney and McCain
Obama defeats Romney
Obama Romney battleship
Oct 03 2012
Mask Of The Orange Death Comments (0)

Turns out that since 1996, whichever candidate's face sold more Halloween masks has been an accurate reflection of which candidate has won the presidency. So far, President Obama is ahead of Mitt Romney with 64%, or 4% better than his ultimate lead over John McCain in this department. That's good news...for John McCain!

Here's Romney's toothsome mask, above. Or if you're trick-or-treating in Latino neighborhoods, try this version:

Orange romney

Jul 11 2012
Love For Mitt—On The Downlow Comments (3)

After Mitt Romney got booed at his NAACP talk (which will doubtless WIN him votes from his base), he claimed he has secret black supporters who are too scared to admit it. This reminds me of when John McCain, another loser, claimed to know how to fix the world's problems but wouldn't tell anyone.

P.S. For all the flak President Obama gets for reading from TelePrompTers (like everyone giving long speeches), what about Romney? At the NAACP, the dumbass read "end of quote" when a quote ended.