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Jul 19 2013
Pulp Friction Comments (0)
Shots of John Travolta cavorting with cabana boys as part of a TV commercial shoot have been everywhere, but I especially liked Globe (July 29, 2013)'s take, which ended with: "Bottoms up!"
Jun 22 2013
Margaret Cho: "Travolta Can Hold His Own On The Playground" Comments (2)
She's right: There is no reason not to discuss sexual orientation...

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Feb 24 2013
Need To Know: Bromance, Humor, DOMA, Bearding, Girls, Stallone, Idol + MORE! Comments (7)

Taylor-Lautner-Patrick-SchwarzeneggerSomeone looks guilty!

*widget boy cultureTaylor Lautner & Patrick Schwarzenegger take a drive. Barbara-Stanwyck-American-Idol

*widget boy cultureAlmost as importantly, Pres. Obama files DOMA brief.

*widget boy cultureParenting for dummies complete idiots.

*widget boy cultureGay Inc.'s "appalling silence" on Bradley manning.

*widget boy cultureLesbian millionaires are the "chupachupacabra!"

*widget boy cultureWelcome to vintage TV-movie paradise.

*widget boy cultureUpdate on marriage equality.

*widget boy cultureGay activist's family seeks answers in his sudden death.

*widget boy cultureDebating the merits of Girls.

*widget boy cultureDetailing the gay merits of Sylvester Stallone.

*widget boy cultureDanny Aiello still kinda douchey about Madonna.

*widget boy cultureMadonna busted by Instagram.

*widget boy cultureThe unkindest cut of all.

*widget boy cultureBlake Skjellerup's A+ butt. (Work Unfriendly—quit!)

*widget boy cultureAmerican Idol will cut a bitch.

*widget boy culture9TH COMMANDMENT ALERT: Vatican says no gay cabal exists...or at least objects to the insinuation.

*widget boy cultureMarilu Henner mentions her time as Travolta's ...um... girlfriend while Grease opened in Europe.

*widget boy cultureHelp The Trevor Project: Bid on this salacious-looking book that, in Spanish, would be about nekkid brothers:

Mark-Roeder-Nudo-TwinsWhich one pitches and which one catches?

Jan 21 2013
The Gay-Marrying Man Comments (0)
According to National Enquirer (January 28, 2013), John Travolta at one point wanted to flout Scientology and marry his lover in the '80s. Before scoffing, know this: This story in NE was picked up from a legit book on the topic of the cult.
Dec 05 2012
I Think You Might Hate It Comments (17)

The worst music video in history was released today: "I Think You Might Like It" by John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John. Horrid song and such an awkward execution of a video, right down to including Kelly Preston—his real wife—as he sings with his arm slung around Olivia about "making love all night." They don't look good, either. Considering the money they have between them, they should've just paid for a good video or not done one, whether it's for charity or not.

Hey, at least it has a happy ending—just like any decent massage...

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Dec 03 2012
Catfight! Comments (0)
Doug-GotterbaJohn Travolta is being sued by ex-lover Doug Gotterba because the actor's lawyer sent Gotterba a letter threatening to sue him for talking. Gotterba says he never signed anything promising to keep quiet about their personal relationship, while Team Travolta asserts that he signed a far-reaching confidentiality agreement of which he is in breach. Mee-ow!
Need To Know Comments (2)

President-Hillary-Clinton-SabanCan't she just be installed?

Widget boy cultureBig hint that Hillary Clinton may run for president.

Widget boy cultureMeryl Streep for veep?

Widget boy cultureSupremes put off marriage cases. Friday? Scientology-Travolta-massage-McFly-shirtless-Angelina-Jolie-cats-Django-Pandora-Boxx

Widget boy cultureSoccer coach watched sexual assaults?

Widget boy cultureBoy Culture's new Facebook page.

Widget boy cultureA shirtless McFly vacay.

Widget boy cultureBradley Manning's trial postponed.

Widget boy cultureAngelina Jolie won't spend Xmas with her bigot-in-law.

Widget boy cultureJohn Travolta has magic—as well as jazz—hands?

Widget boy cultureThree Cups of Tea co-author commits suicide.

Widget boy cultureMaking sure your cat is "classy."

Widget boy cultureSCREWED: Sued for Grey porn.

Widget boy cultureDjango Unchained covers Vibe.

Widget boy culturePandora Boxx: Only the final 4 Drag Racers are talented.

Widget boy cultureNV judge rules marriage equality = death of human race.


Widget boy cultureCurl Up & Dye: Below the Belt offers painless pubic coloring.

Below-the-belt-pubic-hair-dyeMy old boss's reaction would be: "There's no such word as 'grey'—it's 'gray'."

History's 50 Hottest TV Actors: My List Comments (91)
Guy Madison in shower
VAN WILLIAMS shirtless

What follows is my personal list of History's 50 Hottest TV Actors. Feel free to chime in with the guys you think I left out, the ones I love who you hate and with any corrections. Before freaking out, read Part 2 (#51—#100). And check out list of History's 100 Hottest Movie Actors, too. As a bonus, in the gallery above are 15 extra shirtless shots of some of the hottest of the hot.

Jon-Erik-Hexum-shirt-openAnd Joan Collins tried to act like she barely remembered him when I asked her!

Jon-Erik-Hexum-eyes#1 Jon-Erik Hexum (1957—1984) An easy pick for favorite is Hexum, who smoldered so deeply in the '80s it hardly mattered whether or not he was straight; his sexuality was superseded by his overall sexual energy. He died tragically, a sort of masculine counterpart to Marilyn Monroe, albeit one who died before he could reach true stardom rather than after having conquered it in every way imaginable. Voyagers! (1982—1983), Making of a Male Model (1983), Cover Up (1984)

Van-WilliamsWilliams, bulging with raw talent

VanWIlliams2#2 Van Williams (1934—) TV's Green Hornet looks like he walked out of 2012 in beefcake shots he posed for 50 years ago. A classically handsome man with a bit of a Thomas Roberts air about him. And still handsome today as a geezer. Bourbon Street Beat (1959—1960), Surfside 6 (1963), The Tycoon (1964—1965), Batman/The Green Hornet (1966—1967), Westwind (1975)

HarrisonGregorySmallThis Trapper was a keeper

Gregory-Harrison#3 Gregory Harrison (1950—) He always looked like he'd just spent the previous night and early morning romping around with a couple of sex partners on Trapper John, M.D. Also, his self-produced For Ladies Only absolutely, positively wasn't. What I loved about him was a suggestive look he always managed to give the camera. That, and the fact that when I met him and we were about to pose for a photo, he suggested his best side was his backside. Logan's Run (1977—1978), Centennial (1978—1979), Trapper John, M.D. (1979—1986), For Ladies Only (1981), The Fighter (1983), Falcon Crest (1989—1990), The Family Man (1990—1991), Safe Harbor (1999)

Robert-conrad-90190614654I've wrestled with a lifelong Robert Conrad addiction

Hot-Robert-Conrad#4 Robert Conrad (1929—) The incredibly handsome lead of The Wild Wild West had a sardonic delivery as well as an ass that just would not quit, at least not in those allegedly period Western pants. He was still fuckable as all hell in Black Sheep Squadron, which gave him an excuse to parade about in a Speedo and struggle for male supremacy with guys half his age (he was only 47 or so himself) like Scott Baio on Battle of the Network Stars. Hawaiian Eye (1959—1963), The Wild Wild West (1965—1969), The D.A. (1971—1972), Black Sheep Squadron (1976—1978), Battle of the Network Stars (1976), A Man Called Sloane (1979)

Brian-BloomSo Bloomin' hot!

#5 Brian Bloom (1970—) I first fell for him when we were teenagers—he was so smokin' hot on his soap I was surprised he could be broadcast in the daytime. Back then, I never could have imagined that in 20 or 25 years he'd be buck-naked in a prison shower on television. Makes me wonder what we'll be watching during the "family hour" 20 years from now. As the World Turns (1983—1987), 2000 Malibu Road (2000), Oz (2001)

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