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Dec 03 2012
History's 50 Hottest TV Actors: My List Comments (91)
Guy Madison in shower
VAN WILLIAMS shirtless

What follows is my personal list of History's 50 Hottest TV Actors. Feel free to chime in with the guys you think I left out, the ones I love who you hate and with any corrections. Before freaking out, read Part 2 (#51—#100). And check out list of History's 100 Hottest Movie Actors, too. As a bonus, in the gallery above are 15 extra shirtless shots of some of the hottest of the hot.

Jon-Erik-Hexum-shirt-openAnd Joan Collins tried to act like she barely remembered him when I asked her!

Jon-Erik-Hexum-eyes#1 Jon-Erik Hexum (1957—1984) An easy pick for favorite is Hexum, who smoldered so deeply in the '80s it hardly mattered whether or not he was straight; his sexuality was superseded by his overall sexual energy. He died tragically, a sort of masculine counterpart to Marilyn Monroe, albeit one who died before he could reach true stardom rather than after having conquered it in every way imaginable. Voyagers! (1982—1983), Making of a Male Model (1983), Cover Up (1984)

Van-WilliamsWilliams, bulging with raw talent

VanWIlliams2#2 Van Williams (1934—) TV's Green Hornet looks like he walked out of 2012 in beefcake shots he posed for 50 years ago. A classically handsome man with a bit of a Thomas Roberts air about him. And still handsome today as a geezer. Bourbon Street Beat (1959—1960), Surfside 6 (1963), The Tycoon (1964—1965), Batman/The Green Hornet (1966—1967), Westwind (1975)

HarrisonGregorySmallThis Trapper was a keeper

Gregory-Harrison#3 Gregory Harrison (1950—) He always looked like he'd just spent the previous night and early morning romping around with a couple of sex partners on Trapper John, M.D. Also, his self-produced For Ladies Only absolutely, positively wasn't. What I loved about him was a suggestive look he always managed to give the camera. That, and the fact that when I met him and we were about to pose for a photo, he suggested his best side was his backside. Logan's Run (1977—1978), Centennial (1978—1979), Trapper John, M.D. (1979—1986), For Ladies Only (1981), The Fighter (1983), Falcon Crest (1989—1990), The Family Man (1990—1991), Safe Harbor (1999)

Robert-conrad-90190614654I've wrestled with a lifelong Robert Conrad addiction

Hot-Robert-Conrad#4 Robert Conrad (1929—) The incredibly handsome lead of The Wild Wild West had a sardonic delivery as well as an ass that just would not quit, at least not in those allegedly period Western pants. He was still fuckable as all hell in Black Sheep Squadron, which gave him an excuse to parade about in a Speedo and struggle for male supremacy with guys half his age (he was only 47 or so himself) like Scott Baio on Battle of the Network Stars. Hawaiian Eye (1959—1963), The Wild Wild West (1965—1969), The D.A. (1971—1972), Black Sheep Squadron (1976—1978), Battle of the Network Stars (1976), A Man Called Sloane (1979)

Brian-BloomSo Bloomin' hot!

#5 Brian Bloom (1970—) I first fell for him when we were teenagers—he was so smokin' hot on his soap I was surprised he could be broadcast in the daytime. Back then, I never could have imagined that in 20 or 25 years he'd be buck-naked in a prison shower on television. Makes me wonder what we'll be watching during the "family hour" 20 years from now. As the World Turns (1983—1987), 2000 Malibu Road (2000), Oz (2001)

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Nov 03 2012
Need To Know Comments (2)

Cher Kathy Griffin against Mitt Romney for Barack ObamaWhich one will Hillary choose as her running mate?

Widget boy cultureCher & Kathy are balls-deep against Romney/Ryan/Mourdock/Akin.

Widget boy cultureRomney booster Jack Welch is a dirty liar.

Widget boy cultureObama jokes about a "revenge"-vote, Republicans react like this.

Widget boy culture538: For Romney to win, state polls would have to be biased.

Widget boy cultureGirl with two dads to Obama: How do I handle bullying? Tracy Nelson

Widget boy cultureMUST-WATCH: Tracy Nelson is an "unfortunate acceptable loss."

Widget boy cultureA $3 million judgment for stealing gay porn. Sucks 'n' fucks to be you!

Widget boy cultureBillionaire Boys Will Be Boys Club: $1 million for Trump to go bald.

Widget boy cultureDaniel Radcliffe & Jon Hamm bathe together.

Widget boy cultureLook whose gaydar blows: Kirstie Alley was in love with John Travolta.

Widget boy cultureMadonna's "I'm a Sinner" goes charmingly awry.

Widget boy cultureMadonna's cute male dancers.

Widget boy cultureSara Rue: High-rated Malibu Country is very, very gay.

Reba McEntire Lily TomlinI don't want Lily Tomlin to even know Reba McEntire, let alone be doing a sitcom with her.

Oct 01 2012
Olivia Newton-John Travolta Comments (15)

Olivia Newton-John Travolta This CHristmas
Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta are reuniting for a Christmas album, called This Christmas. The album will have an original duet written by the "You're the One That I Want" writer and guest spots by Barbra Streisand (really?), Kenny G, Cliff Richard, Tony Bennett, James Taylor and Chick Corea.

This has to be the most unexpected product I've read about since ever.

Aug 30 2012
John Boy Comments (5)

John Travolta gay National Enquirer
John Travolta's lover Doug Gotterba spills his Speedos (or at least John's) in National Enquirer (September 10, 2012). He gives intimate details of their time together and coughs up a couple of sexy shots of Travolta that include a nude.

At this point, Kelly is watching old Welcome Back Kotters and hyperventilating.

John Travolta gay lover Doug Gotterba

Aug 12 2012
Me And Mrs. Jones Comments (1)

Rashida Jones Jesse Eisenberg
While promoting her new movie Celeste and Jesse Forever, Rashida Jones calls on iconic movie stars like John Travolta—actually, specifically John Travolta!—to come out:

"Like, John Travolta? Come out! Come on. How many masseurs have to come forward? Let's do this."

Pretty ballsy. She was probably carried away in the moment, chatting about Frank Ocean (of whom she's a big fan). But yes, I'm on board.

Jun 27 2012
Man With New Rug Passes Dirty Sanchez To Old Beard Comments (6)

Via Chexy.

Jun 25 2012
Tricks Of The Trade Comments (0)

Scotty Bowers 037
Alan Mercer turns in a long interview with Scotty Bowers (and his wife Lois, who knew nothing of his trick-turning past when they wed) in which he gets the controversial kiss-and-teller to talk about his childhood prostitution, selling used rubbers and his advice for John Travolta.

When asked if he thinks we've gone backwards in our sexual attitudes, Bowers asserts:

"You bet we have. I can't believe the attitude some people have today. They think everything is awful. I can't believe so many people pretend to be so square about these things."

Jun 21 2012
John's Boy Comments (5)

John Travolta Gotterba
National Enquirer (July 2, 2012) is first with a photo showing John Travolta with his alleged '80s lover, pilot Doug Gotterba. Travolta certainly had a type back then; remember it was also the Enquirer that outed him over 20 years ago with a story by XXX star Paul Barresi, shown at right below in Travolta's 1985 movie Perfect:

Perfect - Barressi 04

Jun 11 2012
Absolutely Fabulous Comments (8)

OutClick to maximize

Visiting NYC in 1988 and being the good gay tourist I was, I had this picture snapped of me with those infamous ACT UP outing posters on C Street (there is a chance this was taken in 1992 instead, but...seems like it would be late for that?). At any rate, let's see how accurate they were:

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Jun 07 2012
Pulp Friction Comments (11)

John Travolta Douglas Gotterba gay boyfriend gossipMarch of 1984, prepping for Perfect

JohntravoltaairpilotJoan Edwards, a former longtime assistant to John Travolta, has come forward to confirm that he's gay and had a long relationship in the '80s with a pilot named Doug Gotterba. It's interesting that "Douglas Gotterba" is a fake name Travolta used at least one time while traveling (a trip on which he was reported to have enjoyed the hotel's massage services by Leo Legris and chatted with or up Legris's son Stefane). Something very Single White Female about using your lover's name to go incognito.

And before I hear bitchin' and moanin' about privacy and such, keep in mind that Travolta's sexuality has been forced further out of the closet than ever by many allegations he not only had sex with masseurs but in some cases sexually assaulted them. Furthermore, he's a public figure lying through his teeth about having sex with men, and if we're gonna bitch and moan about invading his privacy, we need to be just as offended when straight stars' sex lives are plumbed for gossip value, and should be repulsed when gay and straight stars feed us a steady diet of personal info to begin with. The horses are out of those gates.

Doug-Gotterba-Facebook-pictureIs this the dude who pierced Travolta's bubble in the '80s?