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Jun 12 2014
Need To Know: Hollywood's Gayest Marriage + Unshockers + Murky Waters + Hughball + Trips To Vegas & San Francisco + Don't Fear The Creeper + MORE! Comments (0)

Bill haines and CrawfordJimmie Shields & Billie Haines (L to R) with Joan Crawford & hubby Alfred Steele

*widget boy cultureHollywood's all-time happiest couple...were gay.

*widget boy cultureSHOCK: Oregon's school shooter was a right-wing gun nut.

*widget boy cultureSHOCK 2: Person named Crystal Metheney gets arrested for something.

*widget boy cultureMariah Carey's Butterfly beverage.

*widget boy cultureHot, muscled, bearded & shirtless. Mr. Right?

*widget boy cultureAmazing #MYWORLDPRIDE contest.

*widget boy cultureJohn Waters loves hitchhiking, doesn't trust the Pope.

*widget boy cultureHugh Jackman gets shaved.

*widget boy cultureWin a free trip to San Francisco Pride!

*widget boy cultureNominee for Webster's: “Cher-ness.”

*widget boy cultureVia VGL: Models Dominik Bauer & Mariano Ontanon go same-sex for MSGM:


*widget boy cultureEric Cantor's legacy: “Economic destruction.” (And it wasn't enough for Teabaggers!)

*widget boy cultureOklahoma Teabagger point-blank endorses stoning gays to death.

*widget boy cultureLea Michele's new BF a recently reformed hustler?

*widget boy cultureLaverne Cox on her documentary, Free Cece.

*widget boy culture35 LGBT-friendliest U.S. cities.

*widget boy cultureLocals rave about Madonna's Detroit visit.

*widget boy cultureGalliano delves into his anti-Semitic rant's roots.

*widget boy cultureCasey Kasem elder-abuse investigation centers on wife.

*widget boy cultureGo to Vegas free, if you win.

*widget boy cultureArtist Larry Clark called out as shallow creeper for latest show.

Larry Clark Jonathan (5) 2014Clark's 2014 work Jonathan (5)

Apr 04 2014
Need To Know: Bringing Becksy Back, Out-Firefoxed, Deen's Last Supper + MORE! Comments (0)

DAVID-BECKHAMHe almost looks annoyed to be so hot.

Boy-CultureStill more David Beckham skin revealed.

Boy-CultureAnti-gay Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich has resigned.

Boy-CultureConservagay Andrew Sullivan blames “left-Liberal intolerance.”

Boy-CultureNo, gays don't want Christians dead.

Boy-CultureJohn Waters gets animated.

Boy-CulturePaula Deen's racism-friendly restaurant closes.

Boy-CultureBruce Jenner closer than ever to fully transitioning.

Boy-CultureDavid Letterman is retiring in 2015.

Late NightLetterman's first guest was Bill Murray.

Dec 03 2013
Need To Know: Daley Giving Thanks, Throwing Money At AIDS, X Factor Contestant Abuse, No Movie Wants To Be On John Waters's List + MORE! Comments (0)

Tom-Daley-gayWe've got your back, Tom. We're actually in line to get it.

*widget boy cultureTom Daley is "overwhelmed" by support,  ignoring haters.

*widget boy cultureObama pledges $100 million to end the scourge of AIDS.

*widget boy cultureMy Instagram is still filled with hot guys.

*widget boy cultureHow can someone else be missing my boyfriend?

*widget boy cultureGay Ukrainian X Factor contestant attacked/humiliated by Russian thugs.

*widget boy cultureAlong with being gay, dissing Taylor Swift can get you fired.

*widget boy cultureJohn Waters's favorite films of 2013.

*widget boy cultureKate Moss's hot Playboy cover.

*widget boy cultureGaga gets naked. Again.

*widget boy cultureMadonna to direct one in a Ten Commandments-themed movie series?

*widget boy cultureElizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation joins forces with Madonna in Malawi.

*widget boy cultureModern letter to Santa.

*widget boy cultureRent out your terrace, get evicted at age 78.

*widget boy cultureIt's time to vote in The 3rd Annual Groovy Awards.

MenDo they have your vote?

Aug 23 2013
Big Loss: Oversized Model & Actress Jean Hill Passes Away Comments (0)

Tumblr_l8pj65VzeC1qd5bvoAs "Grizelda Brown" in Desperate Living 36 years ago.

380658_451794238177818_1185672254_nJean Hill, ubiquitous on gag, weight-themed greeting cards in the '70s and one of the stars of the John Waters...let's go with "classic"...Desperate Living (1977), has passed away. Her cards were characterized by a gleeful exploitation of her race and her weight, always in a harmless, disarming way.

This information was posted on her Facebook page:

Screen Shot 2013-08-23 at 12.39.17 PM

I'll post a link when a formal obit emerges.

Jean-HillHill this year with James D. Rieker after a meeting in Baltimore, during which she happily told stories and signed autographs.

Aug 19 2013
Whistling Past The Graveyard: CRY-BABY Cast Reunites @ Hollywood Forever Comments (0)

Greg-GormanPhoto by Greg Gorman.

Much of the original cast of the loony John Waters musical Cry-Baby (1990)—including last-minute surprise Johnny Depp—reunited at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery for a screening and panel Q&A.

The event doubled as a tribute to the late Johnny Ramone.

Depp had "the perfect hair for it," according to Waters.

DeppIncredible to me that this movie is 23 years old already. I remember getting invited to a free screening in Chicago. I was in college at the time so a free movie was an amazing gift, plus I was a huge Waters fan. It's not a great movie, but it's a really good one with some truly twisted moments that stand out even now—the iron-lung courtroom scene, Depp's fabulous fake tears, the French-kissing scene, "Hatchet Face."

Traci Lords was fab in it; I fully expected a full-on Hollywood career to follow. Not so much! But she did put out a killer album and was lovely in person when I met her at an autograph show.

Dec 31 2012
Need To Know Comments (0)

Ryan_dunn_201202_1Screech for it

*widget boy cultureSuperhot, superbuilt nerd of the day. (And many more!) Gay-Neil-Patrick-Harris

*widget boy cultureLAME: White House seems to fold on fiscal cliff.

*widget boy cultureMadonna to duet with Anne Hathaway?

*widget boy culturePICTURED: The gayest work of art EVER!

*widget boy cultureThe gayest songs of 2012.

*widget boy cultureModern Family star & Pres. Obama for Illinois marriage.

*widget boy culture"Mary Richards" slept here: Iconic home 4 sale.

*widget boy cultureJeremy Hooper's book sold like hotcakes in '12.

*widget boy cultureSkanky singer Fantasia Barrino is anti-gay & anti-weed.

*widget boy cultureHulk Hogan opening a "breastaurant?"

*widget boy cultureEx-gays open their mouths and purses fall out:

Jun 09 2010
Did They Ever Know That They're His Heroes? Comments (0)
Click here to listen to John Waters read from his new book Role Models from his visit to KQED in San Francisco. He admires everyone from Madalyn Murray O'Hair to Johnny Mathis.
Jun 04 2010
Two Dozen Huge Cocks, One Opening Comments (10)

Photo My friend Gordon reminded me of the David "Old Reliable" Hurles opening happening at Marianne Boesky tonight, but I was in a T-shirt and shorts so worried I'd be underdressed. Then I realized that since the 1970s drifter models of this famous porn shooter are all undressed (and completely aroused), I figured I'd be fine.


With provocative artist Slava Mogutin 

The show has a tight edit of some of Hurles's best work, for sale in limited editions of 5 @ $1,500. Seeing his street-trash angels in black-and-white and in a gallery setting is definitely an interesting experience; his work oozes eroticism because the photographer was not, shall we say, just some passive observer—these men turned him on.


With Dian—where she goes, big dicks follow! 

It was a fun night. I got to see my friend Dian Hanson, co-curator of the show with John Waters, as well as Waters. I had a clever remark to make before asking for a photo, but he cut me off to say, "Okay, let's do it quickly before it starts," meaning everyone would want one...but everyone had already gotten one. So that was a bummer.


Choppy Waters 

More excitingly, I got to meet Slava Mogutin, some of whose work I actually own, and to see Charles Hovland, who was an old reliable photographer for me himself.


My sidekick Charles 

Check out the Hurles show if you get a chance.

Dec 27 2009
Lypsinka Or Swim Comments (2)

I'm mortified that I got a star sighting wrong! I never do. But at least I had enough sense not to go up and ask the wrong person to confirm my wrongness, and at least the wrongly sighted celeb—John "Lypsinka" Epperson—had the grace to respond to my recent John Waters post to confirm my mistake in the kindest possible way. 

I saw Lypsinka perform at a Chicago club about 20 years ago, where she signed a dollar bill for me, so John's kind offer to accept a drink from me is quite exciting. Though in these trying times, I think it might be just as social to offer to pay someone's monthly cable bill.


Dec 23 2009
Waters Still Runs Comments (10)


Waters_christmas Two nights ago, I went alone to a screening of Guy Ritchie's Sherlock Holmes. I don't mind doing things alone, but two nights in a row? After the headache-inducing Holmes, and like a jealous, Watson-less Holmes, I had a date with myself for A John Waters Christmas at the B.B. Blues Club and Grill on West 42nd here in Manhattan, just a few blocks from where I live and an even fewer from where I work. This kind of thing would have been unimaginably posh-sounding to me back when I was a teen in Flushing, Michigan, discovering Waters's films on VHS and feeling like I was the only person in the state who "got" them.


Fun as it might have been, it was still going alone to an event three days before the end of my tenure as a 40-year-old. (Half empty v. half full.)

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