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Mar 09 2014
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7 For All Mankind.

Jun 10 2011
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Feb 23 2011
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Oct 26 2010
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Jon Kortajarena is the essence of effortless style in "Strike a New Cord" from GQ (November 2010):

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Jun 17 2010
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New Digitals of Jon Kortajarena 06
Jon Kortajarena has posted some new images on his official site, and I simultaneously love and hate this skinny bitch. 
Feb 02 2010
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Dec 17 2009
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An ubersexy new clip from A Single Man is just out (see after the jump), just in time for the Screen Actors' Guild nominations (yay, Colin! aw, no Julianne...), which are also after the jump, the only gasp-inducing shocker being the absence of Up in the Air from the ensemble acting category (the equivalent of Best Picture) despite honors for Clooney, Farmiga (who was really great) and Kendrick...

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Nov 27 2009
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Will Davidson shoots model Jon Kortajarena (Tom Ford's muse) for Vman (Winter 2009). Regarding his turn as a rentboy in Ford's A Single Man

"I knew the movie was going to be something special from the moment I read the script. I had tears...I realized that while playing this role I felt very strong and very secure, maybe more than in real life. If you feel that way doing something, it means you're supposed to do it."

I hope that means more acting, though it could also mean he felt good being a rentboy. In which case, who wants to chip in?

Nov 24 2009
Every Single, Solitary Thing: A Review Of A Single Man Comments (12)


I dreamt of terrorism last night. In my dream, I was in the elevator where I work, but there was no light in the elevator. This has happened to me once before, when an after-hours conductor beckoned me to get on before I realized there was no illumination. The sensation of being in pitch blackness as you're descending is completely disorienting; it was like my breathless descent on the similarly lightless stairs from the same building the day of a big black-out a few years back—it felt like being a sentient creature with no body, no sense of where I began or ended.

The rest of the dream was more literal, about a giant building across the street from where I work being demolished by a car bomb. I could see police in cars screaming for everyone to evacuate the sidewalks. I walked home and yet another bomb went off in the Hudson, leading to surprisingly speedy "tourrorism," masses of people taking souvenir pictures of the destruction.

2009asinglemanmain What caused this paranoid dream was a sliver of the film A Single Man, directed, co-written and co-produced by designing man Tom Ford, which I saw at a screening last night. In it, gay college professor George Falconer (Colin Firth), who is nearly enveloped in grief after the unexpected death of his partner Jim (Matthew Goode) in a car crash far from their Los Angeles home, lectures his class on the ways in which fear is used by corporations and governments to control our lives. This shockingly modern theme was not out of place in the film despite its early '60s setting, and it had caused me to dream up a fear that most Americans have been encouraged to have, and that most New Yorkers have based on the likelihood that something like this will happen again.

Single-man-trailer My brain had taken the opposite message of the character's speech and of the film itself; maybe the fear that's harder to overcome than the propaganda fed to us by potential oppressors is the fear we dream up ourselves. We can be our own worst enemies. Certainly George Falconer must overcome himself more so than any other dreadful barrier as he sets out to determine where a sentient being like he begins and ends in a world recently clouded by darkness.

George lives in a cozy L.A. suburb, sticking out like a sore thumb among paired-off heterosexuals and their inquisitive children. His sexuality is an open secret, yet still a secret. Curiously, he lives in a modern glass house designed by his late partner, an architect, making his external life more transparent than his internal one.

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Oct 13 2009
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The men of Vogue Paris Hommes International (Fall/Winter 2009/2010)...starting with this model by Hedi Slimane, illustrating a men's fragrances article:


Mary Russell opens her portfolio of men from the '60s and '70s for the mag, including unbelievably intimate and sexy shots of anyone you'd care to name from that era. My fave is this contemporary Ryan Taca shot—she now shoots boys sent over by Bruce Weber and says "I'm more intimidated by the sight of these boys who do nothing but stand there than by all the famous people I've met in my life":


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