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May 31 2014
Ad Men: Josh Henderson For OP Comments (0)


Via OP: One more after the jump, if you can handle it...

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Mar 12 2014
Hangin' 10 With Josh Henderson Comments (0)
  Josh-Henderson Josh-Henderson-B-T-S-model Josh-Henderson-bike Josh-Henderson-board-head Josh-Henderson-shirtless Josh-Henderson-walking Josh-Henderson-swimsuit Josh-Henderson-running Josh-Henderson-pastel Josh-Henderson-jungle Josh-Henderson-dash Josh-Henderson-BTS

Josh-Henderson-DallasJosh Henderson (seen at right in a Dallas promo) and some girl (okay, Nina Agdal) burn up their O.P. shoot. Tons of images in the gallery above.

He's a handsome sucker. I knew him a bit when he was in Scene 23, that music music group created by the short-lived WB series Popstars. Nice guys, and always smiled with a tiny bit of his tongue trapped between his teeth.

May 16 2013
Need To Know: Don't Let Them Eat Cake, Heads Roll, Embraceable Hugh + MORE! Comments (3)

*widget boy cultureFleur Cakes doesn't do dyke wedding cakes, probably can't define "ironic." Dbe-new-and-repeat-special-743

*widget boy cultureMANY UNHAPPY RETURNS: Obama sacks IRS head.

*widget boy cultureHolder IDs Deputy Attorney General in AP "scandal."

*widget boy cultureJohn Boehner: "Who's going to jail?" (How about Cheney?)

*widget boy cultureRepublicans waste $55 million against Obamacare.

*widget boy cultureHot men like Josh Henderson at the TBS/TNT Upfronts.

*widget boy cultureHALF-BAKED: Amy's Bakery nutjobs talk to the media.

*widget boy cultureFresh, shirtless Hugh Jackman shot from The Wolverine.

*widget boy cultureSteven Klein uses Matt Woodhouse's ass to sell undies.

*widget boy cultureCharlie Hides tries on Madonna's Met look for size.

*widget boy cultureThe connections between Madonna, Prince & Jacko.

*widget boy cultureSave 20% on  undies using code BOYCULTURE20.

*widget boy cultureFour-fifths of The Wanted comes out of the closet.

*widget boy cultureWatching Behind the Candelabra...from behind bars.

*widget boy cultureThe dog with a seeing-eye cat:

Jul 20 2012
Deep In The Heart Comments (5)

DallasJoshHendersonClick me to enlarge me

With thanks to Thom: Check out Josh Henderson's crotch area in the new Entertainment Weekly (July 27, 2012). Is it supposed to be where a revolver would be?

The sexier pic is after the jump...

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May 21 2012
When You're Hot Comments (0)

Out (June/July 2012) is foisting its "Hot List" on us, including a slew of hot faces, bodies and (see above) packages. Amongst my faves are Matthew Terry, Hudson Joshhenderson4Taylor, Harry Lloyd, Ian Harding and Josh Henderson. Henderson (who used to treat his MySpace followers with half-naked photos, see left) is heating up thanks to his Dallas reboot. I know him from his days as a teen popstar, when his cool mom ("Mama Hendu") used to be in regular touch about coverage for her strikingly handsome son. He was a member of Scene 23, a boy/girl group that was formed on a WB (remember them?) series called Popstars that predated American Idol. Another grad of Popstars? Nicole Scherzinger, who was a member of short-lived, short-tempered (trust me!) girl group Eden's Crush.

Hotness from Out to follow...

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Apr 30 2012
The Homosexual Gourmand Comments (0)

Hot Aaron Diaz TV Notas swimsuit
Above, Aaron Diaz looks like the Loch YES! Monster in TV y Novelas (Mayo 2012). Below, the same mag flaunts David Zepeda's work-out:

David Zepeda workout TV y Novelas
The ads for the new Dallas is simultaneously turning me on (Josh Henderson—and he's so nice in real life, too!) and turning me off (the "greed" thing feels very played out):

Josh Henderson
More after the jump...

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Mar 28 2012
Dreaming Is Free Comments (2)

Shirtless TNT_Dallas_TeaseArt-Horizontal-Mark-Seliger__120328164102
The Dallas reboot gets a little sassy with this teaser, a clear homage to this.


Jun 07 2010
There Will Be Shirtlessness Comments (0)
I have a picture with Josh Henderson somewhere, back when he was in Scene 23 (The WB's Popstars missed the American Idol pie by like two years). But he wasn't as cute as he is now, as captured by Tyler Shields and as presented by Henderson's Twitter. Just don't get any ideas—on his Facebook page, his only fave book listed is the Bible. Which means he probably won't eat shellfish. 

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