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Aug 16 2010
He Still Gives Me A Chubby Comments (1)

I think Globe (August 23, 2010) is trying to fuck with my brain. Either that, or it's trying to kill Josh Hopkins of Cougar Town. He's already got this freakishly perfect body that's left him looking a bit desiccated, and yet they're calling him fat! They claim he's gone from hunk to "embarrassed chunk and allegedly weighs 233 pounds. Granted, he's 6'2". But I doubt he weighs that much. And he's not fat by any stretch. I feel like a teenage girl reading Teen Vogue.

Dec 07 2009
Calendar Boys Comments (0)
Josh Hopkins of Cougar Town fame shows off his bod in 12 Men of Christmas, which is apparently a Lifetime Movie for cougars and other strangers. More here.

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