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Oct 21 2013
Are You A Peeta-Phile?: Josh Hutcherson For SEVENTEEN Comments (0)

Josh-Hutcherston-Hunger-Games-SeventeenCute Hunger Games star Josh "Peeta" Hutcherson poses and pauses to chat with Seventeen (November 2013). Before you open your mouth, this magazine is called what it's called and does have young readers, but it's also geared toward twentysomething women. And 44-year-old gay men.

Josh says, disregarding the A-list poontang he's scored (sorry, I know it's so vulgar, but I remember hearing the word from my dad, the coach's, football players in the late '70s and I have wanted to write it ever since):

"For me, it's so much more fulfilling to be with one person who I really care about than with the next hot girl."

Check the gallery for his take-it-home-to-meet-mama hotness. And after the jump, check out a sizzling bonus boner-inducer: Alan Ritchson, who will also appear in the next Hunger Games flick, Catching Fire...

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Oct 09 2013
The Kids Today Are All Right Comments (0)
Josh Hutcherson is "mostly straight" and wants a Hunger Games three-way. Kids today!
Sep 21 2012
Hungry For Equality Comments (2)
Josh Hutcherson gay marriage Hunger Games
So proud of Hunger Games star Josh Hutcherson, with whom I worked many times at my old gig, for his continuous support of marriage equality. He just tweeted the above sentiment.
Apr 26 2012
Caring Is Chering: The 23rd GLAAD Media Awards Take L.A. Comments (7)

Gilles MariniYes, we are gay—don't judge Gilles Marini and me

Last Saturday, I had a lot of fun covering the red carpet of the 23rd GLAAD Media Awards. Didn't I just do that? Yes, but that was the New York edition; as I was in L.A., I covered the West Coast gathering. See, GLAAD ain't dumb—they have two to make it so no celebrity can say, "Oh, I'm on the wrong coast! I can't go!"

I hired my sweet pal Brad as my videographer and met him at the Westin USBonaventure just in time to check in and take our places. I kind of hate how the carpet was set up—the guests were allowed to congregate behind us to stargaze, which was distracting. But it was nothing compared to the women two spots down from me whose entire goal was to flash a huge "FREE GAY HUGS!" sign and video themselves receiving said hugs from roughly two-thirds of the celebrities who walked. (And I thought I was lame with my aggressive pic-with requests!) They were so damn loud! Luckily, they didn't ruin any of my interviews, but only by sheer luck.

Brad's mic needed batteries (he's blond; sorry, Brad) so I wound up videoing my own first chat, with Jennifer Tyrrell. She's the lesbian mom recently booted as a den mother by the virulently homophobic Boy Scouts of America. Smart woman and immediately likable. Unreal that they're getting away with that crap. I was a cub scout (I bailed on Webelos mainly because...what the fuck is a Webelo???) and fondly remember my Pinewood Derby racing days as well as the hillbilly band we assembled for a talent night. Not to mention the father/son cook-off, in which my father and I had a well-appreciated coconut cream pie. But still, fuck the Scouts.

My first stars were Angela Featherstone (STUH-nning, but my campadre confessed she had been an ice queen on a recent shoot) and Michelle Paradise of Exes & Ohs. No Megan Cavanagh, but they were delightful.

Grant GustinNext, I snagged Grant Gustin of Glee. I don't really follow the show, but no one that cute is getting past me without a third degree. He's adorable and quite articulate, even if he refers to gay people as "homosexuals," which totally didn't offend me because he was totally doing it to sound smart, not homophobic. I had a homosexual crush on various parts of him.

Max AdlerMax Adler from the same show was equally adorable and charming. He's passionate about his role, even though it came as a total shocker that his bullying character would be written as a late-blooming man-lover.

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Apr 16 2012
The Hunger Gaymes Comments (0)

Josh Hutcherson gay AIDS
National Enquirer (April 16, 2012) has some positive "gossip," pointing out that actor Josh Hutcherson is pro-gay—and he owes it to two of his uncles, who were gay and, unfortunately, died of AIDS.

Feb 10 2012
Joshin' Around Comments (1)


Josh Hutcherson is set to become the new Robert Pattinson with the March 20 release of the movie version of The Hunger Games. Like him better or worse than R-Patz? Kenneth Cappello shoots him for Nylon Guys (March 2012)...

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Jun 05 2011
What Would Bret Easton Ellis Say? Comments (1)

Like Avan Jogia and Josh Hutcherson before him, Glee's Cory Monteith is "straight but not narrow."

Apr 25 2011
In Beautifull Agreement Comments (0)

Paper (April 2011) offers its 14th Annual "Beautiful People" issue, and does well in selecting True Blood's Joe Manganiello (above) and sports star Landry Fields (below):

Two more inspired choices after the jump...

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Mar 22 2011
This Kid Is Alllll Riiiiight Comments (6)

My adorable and talented friend Josh Hutcherson is a part of the Straight But Not Narrow movement, releasing this funny video that says secure straights don't let insecure straights be homophobic...

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Feb 21 2011
The Touch, The Feel Of Cotton Comments (5)

From GQ (March 2011), Josh Hutcherson, Mike Vogel and James Frecheville (with "dad" Ty Burrell) suit up in cotton for Peggy Sirota...

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