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Oct 11 2012
Girls For Obama Comments (0)
Lena Dunham
Lena Dunham is for Barack Obama, and marriage equality is one reason why.
Feb 09 2012
Ballsy Comments (19)


Lady Gaga's tour—The Born This Way Ball—will kick off April 27 in Seoul, South Korea, and will have about 150 dates worldwide. Looks cool, very rock-operatic like Rocky Horror Picture Show meets Frankenstein. Oh, wait, RHPS already met Frankenstein. But anyway, you get the gist. (The guys around her look like Color Me Badd or something!)

If I get some funds, I'll go.

EyeslauramarsdvdcThis is what the poster reminds me of.
Jan 11 2012
Flipping For Him Comments (0)

Check out who's wearing rainbow flip-flops. (It's totally worth looking if only because he's adorable anyway.)

Jun 22 2011
Mystery Date Comments (0)

True Blood's Stephen Moyer tells Men's Health (July/August 2011) of his physique:

"I am lazy. I am lazy. I am lazy. I find that I don't go at it if I don't have someone making me. You'd be amazed at how quickly I let it all go."

On maintaining a mystique, he says:

"[The actors] who go into the room and don't do anything are the ones who turn people's heads. Might not be able to act for shit, but they're the ones people are interested in. They want enigmatic."

The lazy, enigmatic bastard looks pretty good, no? Shirtless here.

May 12 2011
Able To Leap Tall Buildings In A Lead-Single Bound! Comments (2)

My pal Simon Curtis's new single "Superhero" is premiering exclusively at Just Jared—and I love it! I'd heard it a couple of weeks ago without realizing it was meant to be the lead single, and I'm so glad it is.

You likey?

Apr 04 2011
A Fine Showmance Comments (2)

Sexy-ass (literally!) Josh Hopkins almost lost his swimsuit while frolicking with co-star Courteney Cox in what is shaping up to be a fine showmance to benefit Cougar Town. But who needs that show when this show is far more revealing—and you don't even have to crack a TV Guide for it.

Sep 23 2010
Just Wow Comments (0)

Ryan McPartlin shows off his assets over at Just Jared, and he's Just Stunning.

Jan 10 2010
Thinking Of You Comments (0)

Henry-cavill-glamour-uk-february-2010 Via Just Jared: Henry Cavill tells Glamour UK (February 2010) that mentally cheating is more devastating to men than actual cheating, because men are compartmentalized about the sex act:

"Sending dirty texts and emails is a true betrayal. Men can have an emotional detachment from sex."

Ladies: The loophole is, just tell him, "Women can have an emotional detachment from sexts." Meanwhile, if thinking about cheating is as bad as cheating, Henry and I are caught dead to rights here and now.