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Oct 05 2012
Visibility Matters Comments (1)

Justin-bartha-image-2-450x600Justin Bartha of The New Normal

According to GLAAD, this year's TV shows feature the highest-ever percentage of LGBT characters. ABC has the highest percentage, at 5.2%. Anti-gay forces make it seem like TV is dripping with gay, gay, gay, but if the network with the highest percentage clocks in at 5.2%, that shows gay people are anything but wildly overrepresented.

Oct 02 2012
One Million Moms Can Be Wrong Comments (4)

The-new-normal1-400x2931,000,000 moms vs. two dads

NBC has picked up The New Normal (and Go On and Revolution) for the full season, a decision likely to infuriate One Million Moms. I don't like the show, but I loathe One Million Moms, so: Yay!


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