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Mar 11 2012
Last Night, I Could See Sarah Palin From My Couch Comments (8)



I thought Julianne Moore and Woody Harrelson were good and great in Game Change, but I resented how the film portrayed Palin and McCain. Palin came off as manic-depressive but frighteningly motivated, yet the film still conveyed a sense that she just wanted to do right by her God, her country and John McCain when I think in reality she has been exposed to be thoroughly insincere and morbidly ambitious. Plenty of people in Alaska can testify that she and her husband ran their lives like mob figures, not like humble middle-classers thrust into the public arena. I'm not sure Moore, as good as she was in parts, ever really shed her innate intelligence and sensitivity, two traits Palin lacks.

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Sep 09 2010
Oh, My G-d! Comments (2)

It's a shame he's such a religious fanatic, because Justin Gaston is so f-cking hot! More here.

Jun 15 2010
A Minor Quibble Comments (45)

If you despise Perez Hilton so much you're not open to reason on the subject, skip to another post.

FirefoxScreenSnapz001 Ball-sack instinct

This Perez Hilton/Miley Vagyrus "scandal" is suuuch bullshit, and the people piling on Perez are embarrassing themselves as they hope against hope that something bad will finally happen to him.

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Feb 19 2010
If I Can Wet Dream Comments (7)

Miley Cyrus's ex (yes, it's completely wrong that the still under-18er was openly, legally hitting this ages ago) Justin Gaston may be an annoying Jesus freak—he Tweets Scriptures constantly—but he sure is pretty to look at. Think of it as taking a tour of European churches strictly to appreciate the architecture.

More revealing photos of Gaston and his If I Can Dream (Hulu Web series) co-stars in Rio after the jump...

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Jan 20 2010
Only In Your Dreams Comments (0)


Simon Fuller, he of 19 Entertainment/American Idol (among other things) fame, is behind a Web series called If I Can Dream that follows five struggling wannabes in Hollywood. The production values look pretty sweet, as do guys like Ben (above) and Miley Cyrus's gorgeous but Christy as hell ex-boyfriend Justin Gaston (below).

Keep reading for a superhot shot of Ben shirtless...

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Jun 21 2009
Shirtless Is More Comments (0)


People (June 29, 2009) offers its picks (allegedly voted on by readers) for "Best Chests!" Late-breaking hunk John Legend (who set up a paparazzi shoot to show off his new tits) and waify Jared Leto were surprises, though the former sure earned it:


Mar 04 2009
Feel The Power, You See The Energy Comin' Up Comments (0)


Miley Cyrus's pure (more like pure bullshit) boyfriend Justin Gaston poses in a handful of material for the cover of EY! Magazine, which is described as nearly impossible to buy anywhere. The image looks old to me, but the interview is new, and hypes his MySpace.
Feb 20 2009
Beauty May Be Fleeting, But Please Just Take Off Your Clothes Comments (3)


I'll get a hard copy of the mag later today even though it's not out till next week, but it appears Vman—like W and others—has already given away the milk by posting the following on their site.

021909_covers1 In his new Vman (Spring/Summer 2009) spread by Doug Inglish, Miley Cyrus's boyfriend Justin Gaston looks about as beautiful as any man you'd ever wanna see. Unfortunately, he's also an annoying Christianist like his girlfriend—though of the Britney variety that is all Jesus-y and yet thinks there is nothing wrong with shaking what the good Lord gave you. I don't see how those things can be reconciled, but I don't need to since I only believe in the latter.


During his (brief) interview with Vman, he says, "In a girl, I want someone who's really genuine. Someone attractive, but more just really nice." Miley chimes in with a Biblical quote: "Charm is deceptive and beauty is fleeting, but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised." Gaston replies, "That's true, that's true." He also says he looks up to the minor he's currently hot-and-heavy cold-and-light with—both proclaim to be sexually pure.

Purity is the new monogamy.

Much more of Gaston's fleeting beauty after the jump...

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