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Dec 14 2016
Kanye Believe It? Trump's New Bestie Comments (0)
Dec 13 2016
Kanye West Should Become Persona Non Grata In Entertainment: Glibly Meets With Trump Comments (0)

Kanye West made headlines for his anti-Hillary, pro-Trump diatribes while he was having a mental breakdown just weeks ago (but after the election).

Following a weeklong stay in UCLA Medical Center and another week or more of outpatient treatment, which literally just ended, he and his people thought it would be a good idea to request a meeting with Trump.

Trump, being an insane egomaniac and attention whore himself granted Kanye a 15-minute sit-down at Trump Tower. Co-President-elect Ivanka was, of course, close by. Da.

Trump, who has made almost no time for intel briefings about national security, made time to meet a mentally unstable rapper.

Guaranteed, Kanye will be the A-list entertainer Trump's been seeking for his gotta-be-gaudy inauguration. I don't see how any liberal let alone any black person could respect Kanye after the past month, but it looks like any still left in his camp will find fewer excuses going forward.

Kanye West is not talented. He is a blithering, self-absorbed idiot, and his mental disorder has been mistaken, aggressively, by music critics as inspiration. I am so ready for him to be over.

P.S. Advice to Kim: Delete your marriage.

Nov 22 2016
6-PACK — You Knew Kanye Was Nuts When He Praised Trump + GQ Always Gets Its Man Of The Decade + Cristiano Ronaldo's Rich Response To Slur + I Hate Gwyneth Paltrow Forever + Is Trump's Safety Worth $1M Daily? Comments (0)

*widget boy cultureKanye West cancels tour, goes to hospital for observation. Snoop (above) speaks for us all.

Cx0wHlsXcAAy-3Q.jpg-large(Image via Twitter)

*widget boy cultureFor some reason, gay people hating on Pence take pleasure from pretending he's gay.

*widget boy cultureGuess who GQ chose as its Man of the Decade? (Hint: Not Clooney.)

*widget boy cultureCristiano Ronaldo's response to being called a “faggot” is priceless.

*widget boy cultureAnother reason to despise that out-of-touch bitch Gwyneth Paltrow.

*widget boy cultureProtecting Trump in NYC is costing the city a million bucks a day. Why are we helping a Nazi sympathizer?

Nov 21 2016
6-PACK — Fitness Marshall + Flynn-Flam Man + Kanye Continues Meltdown + Racist Rah-Rah In D.C. + Stache Or No Stache? + BLOND AMBITION 2! Comments (0)

The-fitness-marshall(Image via The Fitness Marshall)

*widget boy cultureMeet the Fitness Marshall (see above) — you'll be glad you did!

*widget boy cultureFormer NSA Director thinks Flynn is not up to the job.

*widget boy cultureInsane Kanye West attacks Hillary Clinton at concert, ends show after 30 minutes, cries racism.

*widget boy cultureAlt-right white nationalists gather to openly celebrate Trump's victory. If you support him, you are them. 

*widget boy cultureQB Marcus Mariota is catching hell for his stache, but I think it suits him!

*widget boy cultureMajor Blond Ambition World Tour reunion, complete with Donna & Niki:

Nov 18 2016
Shaun King Calls Out Bubble-Headed Kanye West On Trump Support Comments (0)

It's sick that Kanye West has come out and stated he (1) did not vote, but (2) would have voted for Trump. For him to then state supporting Trump doesn't mean he doesn't think Black Lives Matter and isn't on board with gay marriage is just absolutely, fundamentally wrong. For him to chide everyday black Americans for giving racism a second thought is dangerously disconnected.

That's what happens sometimes when you're so filthy rich — nothing matters to you because you have all the cards.

What an absurd man.

Charmingly, he also rapped:

I hope they build the wall/I hope they get rid of them all

Wish we could send Kanye back, but he — sadly — was born here. I'll take my chances with a Syrian immigrant over this house rapper any day.

Meanwhile, longtime racist Paris Hilton also came out — after the fact — to admit she voted for family friend Trump. I can't believe people are still interviewing her, but here ya go:


Jul 04 2016
Harping On The Red, White & Blue: Davis Mallory Covers AMERICAN BOY Comments (0)

Unnamed(Image via Davis Mallory)

In honor of the 4th of July, Davis Mallory—teaming up with Beyond Pluck and Trez—covers “American Boy” ...

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Jun 25 2016
Armenia Girls: A Review Of KATDASHIANS: BREAK THE MUSICAL Comments (0)

IMG_7267*Three sisters: Kim Kat (Carmen Mendoza), Kourtney Kat (Bridget Kennedy), Khloé Kat (Elliott Brooks)

Okay, like, I got invited to this super exclusive new Off-Broadway show called Katdashians: Break the Musical, and it was seriously the funniest thing everrr or, like, at least, it was a funny thing, you know? Bible.

Katdashians: Break the Musical is the very funny creation of Bob and Tobly McSmith, the warped minds behind past romps like Bayside! The Musical!, Full House: The Musical! and Showgirls!: The Musical. With the McSmiths' perverse combo of legitimately complex songs and gross-out humor, tight direction by tight John Duff (who we would all like to see attempt to break the Internet with his own fame-ready caboose), and Broadway-level choreography by Viva Soudan, the show has more to offer than just cheap laughs at the world's most famous Armenian-Americans.

IMG_7219*There goes Times Square (again). (All images in this post by Matthew Rettenmund)

Though there are plenty of cheap laughs, too.

The show follows—wallows in?—the regrettable ascension of the Kardashians, ending somewhere just beyond Caitlyn Jenner's transition. The songs are, as the title suggests, frequently parodies of famous numbers from Cats (which is returning to Broadway in the near future—that legendary musical is as bad as Keeping Up with the Kardashians and apparently just as hard to euthanize permanently), but there are also clever re-workings of tunes by Beyoncé, Madonna and other suitably fabulous fame whores.

And yes, it was “better than Cats.”

IMG_7269*A Chorus Feline

Speaking of which, if there is anything limiting about doing a parody of the most famous, most polarizing people alive, it may be that the show works best if you know everything about the Kardashians and also have the Cats original cast recording memorized. Thing is, very few people probably check both boxes. Luckily, the show does work if you're only into one or the other, and even seems to work if you're a novice regarding both. I surveyed some patrons and was surprised how few were well-versed in Kardashian lore, though a girl behind me who claimed she knew nothing knew all the terms in the “How to Speak Kardashian” insert from our program. The guy next to me, who knew zero about the Kardashians, laughed loudly throughout. I mean, jokes about pubic hair and anal sex are pretty universal.

IMG_7257*Finding North: Vogue cover subject Kim vogues.

The cast/cats are purrfect, led by Carmen Mendoza as busty, bratty, dusky-Baby Doll Kim Kat. She has her look down pat and has the star quality necessary to function as the epicenter of an attention-logged sect.

Bridget Kennedy as Kourtney Kat is a riot, offering a deadpan, personality-free take that reminded me of the fun femme performances in the late, great American Psycho. She channels a Selma Blair monotone and has the requisite bombshell looks, the exact recipe for Kourtney.

Standing out from an already stellar group is Elliott Brooks as Khloé Kat, whose character gets the Cher-in-Moonstruck treatment as we follow her from Khloé's birth status as a softer, potty-on-me-mouthed version of The Thing to the voluptuous blonde work-out fanatic that she is today. With manic, verbal-diarrhetic glee, she spits out shocking one-liners about anal sex, anal beds, “Shit on a dick!” and projectile vaginal discharge—singing hysterically at one point about the seemingly drug-resistant strain of pubic hair she hosts—and yet still makes the audience root for her. Definitely pick of the litter.

IMG_7287*When Mama Jenner introduces her new boyfriend, Corey Gamble.

Bailey Nolan is Kris Kat/Kris Jenner's doppelgänger thanks to the perfect wig and a great vocal imitation; it felt like Kris was appearing in the show herself, which is not something I would put past her. Her counterpart, Peter Smith as Bruce/Catlyn/Caitlyn, nailed the transgender trailblazer's guyish speech and was able to make us cheer for her transition all over again, even though in real life, Caitlyn turned out to be kind of a dud in the inspiration arena. Smith's take on a parody of “Memory” was a show-stopper.

IMG_7284*They call me Bruce: Smith's Catlyn was the cat's meow.

Knee-slapping, mutinous scenes featuring choreographer Soudan as Kylie Kat and Ariel Ash as Kendall Kat (in a mask and peek-a-boo unitard, she was the spitting image) had some audience members howling. Alexis Kelley and Jenyvette Vega serve as ass-tastic Dash Dolls.

IMG_7295*Let's hope the litter-box office is strong!

Best thing about the show, though, might be the innovation of encouraging (non-flash) photography, and especially selfie-taking, throughout. So if your mind wanders, take a great selfie and let your followers on social media know that you're doing looking good.

In the end, this sometimes almost admiring, more often catty, hoot has its claws out mostly for you, the audience that pretends to revile a family famous only for being famous ... all the while watching their every move like a cat watches a bowl-bound goldfish.

Katdashians: Break the Musical is at the Elektra Theatre at 300 W. 43rd St., NYC, through July 16. Tickets are $25-$45. Visit the site here.

Keep reading for video and pictures from the opening-night champagne toast ...

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Thank Ya, Yeezus: Kanye's Latest Music Video Is Actually Good Stuff Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2016-06-25 at 12.54.28 PM(Image via Tidal)

Ever wanted to see Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, Taylor Swift, George W. Bush, Bill Cosby, Donald Trump, Ray J, Amber Rose, Chris Brown, Rihanna, Anna Wintour and Caitlyn Jenner nude in bed together?

Thanks to Kanye, you can see just that, in his cheeky “Famous” music video, which uses trickery and, presumably, stand-ins to create the illusion that all of those famous/infamous figures are sharing a spent morning after together.

Check it out on Tidal.

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