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Jan 15 2012
OMFGGs: Global Warring Comments (9)
825E05F74882257B48E9C5FFI'm better than you

The Golden Globes were, as usual, far more entertaining than the Oscars. I also had no idea they are a humanitarian org. I thought they were just starfuckers (with accents) like me!


It's hard to take the likes of Kelly Osbourne seriously in the realm of fashion of beauty, but Madonna looked amazing—loved the dress and the looser hair. Her shots with Ryan Seacrest were a bit puffier than lately but nonetheless, she remains relaxed and seems genuinely thrilled to be promoting her movie.

Article-2087192-0F79E98E00000578-322_634x924Green is the color of Elton's envy

Why did fucking Nicole Richie name-check her hairstylist? Can't we leave anything to the imagination?


When the show began, I had to gasp at seeing Madonna and Meryl Streep at the same table. It makes perfect (Weinstein) sense, yet seeing the two living legends (and former feuders) seated together was a big thrill.

Ricky Gervais—who I love—was very funny in his intro. Even funnier was watching the petrified audience cautiously waiting for the blade to drop. The joke about Jodie Foster's Beaver, which he'd never seen and which "a lot of others had never seen," was daring; they cut away rather than linger on Jodie's reaction. She was a great sport.

Poor Gerald Butler...shaking with nerves and as off with his timing as he was on with his beauty. Kudos for rewarding Christopher Plummer for supporting actor! Beginners is a terrific movie and he deserves it for his performance as well as for his career. 

388459_10150466393626012_48566051011_9060091_1969096110_nFucking exquisite always...it's not even fair to other humans 

Laura Dern is not funnier or better than Amy Poehler, let alone the others in the category of actress in a comedy. They, like the Emmys, always go with people known for their movies in TV categories. Cool seeing Laura brought her mommy Dianne Ladd, who looks the same after all these years.

Rob Lowe's hair is like Priscilla Presley's face: It was perfect for an unnaturally long time, then it just WENT. He and the always gorgeous Julianne Moore handed the trophy to Downton Abbey, which I promise to watch. Poor Elizabeth McGovern taking a spill.

Pia-zadora-globe-394a111708Whoops! Wrong year!

Kate Winslet certainly deserved to win for Mildred Pierce, which I feel was not appreciated as much as it should have been. It's hard remaking perfection, but I think they succeeded by  rethinking it from the ground up. She looked spectacular.

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Jul 14 2011
Nods & Nixes: Emmy Nomination Time Comments (0)


The Emmy noms are out, and it looks like Mildred PierceMad Men, Boardwalk Empire and Modern Family are the toast of the boob tube. (Remember when they had tubes?)

Noteworthy items:

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Mar 28 2011
"I Don't See How You Do It, Mildred. It's Beautiful, Just Beautiful." Comments (6)

I wasn't sure what to expect of the Todd Haynes take on Mildred Pierce—a five-hour mini-series that began airing last night on HBO and that stars Kate Winslet—but I was mostly pleasantly surprised. To quote from the novel, "It's beautiful, just beautiful." Though not exactly a thrill ride.

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Mar 10 2011
Mildred Fierce Comments (2)

215083071 The Telegraph thinks Kate Winslet looks "uncannily like Madonna" in her new Vogue shoot, apparently missing the fact that she only looks uncannily like Madonna when Madonna was attempting to look uncannily like Marilyn Monroe.

Can not wait to see Winslet's Mildred Pierce


Dec 13 2010
She Blows Comments (8)

Rose"Never let go..."

I remember when Titanic (you know, the original Twilight?) was about to be released and everyone thought it was a potential mega-bomb of all time—it had cost way too much and been delayed way too often. Then it became the biggest movie of all time and made household names of Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet. I even edited this magazine about Leo, using early-years photos:

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Sep 13 2010
The Eyebrows Have It Comments (4)

Looking forward to HBO's Mildred Pierce, directed by Todd Haynes and starring Kate Winslet even if it also stars Evan Rachel Wood.

Feb 24 2010
Tongues Are Wagging Comments (1)


Somehow, I missed last week's "Blind Items About Predatory Lesbians" by Michael Musto, but here they are, even though they're not all about lesbians. Highlights:

Married Oscar winner who gets serviced by a dominatrix in the Vill? Kate Winslet? Frances McDormand? Marcia Gay-Harden? (Catherine Zeta-Jones? Jennifer Connelly? Mercedes Ruehl?)

2250530911 Fiftysomething singer who threw a hissy fit? Sade (who's 51 and looks like she could kill you dead)

Reality-show personality who was molested by a superstar and broke up a relationship? Wade Robson (too easy)

R&B singer who's a lesbian? Alicia Keys (too easy)

Hip-hop lady came on to a married mom of three? Assuming Queen Latifah, though is she really a "hip-hop lady" still?

Feb 22 2009
Oscar Tourette's: Part 5 Comments (0)

PreviewScreenSnapz025 Queen Latifah looks great; she usually looks...like Queen Latifah. I'm surprised they're doing the memoriam AFTER a commercial instead of as a lead-in. Latifah was forced to since "gay, I'll always think of you that way." I do have to take back my constant comments that she is not a good singer...

Charlton_Heston_dead No applause for Charlton Heston.

I stand corrected...the memoriam was both before AND after a commercial.

Random thought...this is Dustin Lance Black:


Again, the best actresses are much better than those dead former supporting actors. So sweet to see Anne reacting to MacLaine. I'm gonna die if Winslet loses. Kinda weird to have Cotillard—nominated once, won once—speaking to her as a voice of wisdom. Halle looks like she has a headset on, but it's her hair. But she is a classsss act. Doesn't need a TelePrompTer. Loren HAD to do Streep...who else on the stage or in the auditorium could credibly talk to Streep in this way. Streep is so delightfully phony and theatrical. I really hope she loses, though.



Michael Douglas's facelift has settled in very nicely. Nice touch to have him do Langella—he himself did an evil baddie to win his Oscar. DeNiro doing Penn is funny and sweet. I really hope Sean wins, even if Mickey was great and will never, ever be nominated again. Hopkins sucks, very lightweight and slurry, he is thinking, "Brad Pitt? Really? Jeez. What am I gonna say?" Mickey doesn't get crazy applause like I'd expected...


Brilliant shot of Sean winning with his wife tearing up in the background. "I do know how hard I make it to appreciate me, often." Hilarious.

Most predictable Oscars EVER and yet, due to the show, the most fun in decades. Not since Snow White and Rob Lowe...

And finally, my fave movie of the year, SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE wins. 

P.S. The L.A. Times list of stars was only wrong on M.I.A., Kristen Stewart, Jennifer Lopez, Carrie Underwood and Madonna.

Will Sean Penn be allowed by his wife to attend Madonna's Oscar party? I can't wait for Madonna to be asked about Sean.
Jan 25 2009
Here's Listening To You, Kid Comments (2)

ThereaderpicFifteen is the old 18.

The Reader—a surprise Oscar nominee for Best Picture—is a challenging film that bounces between overheated melodrama, historical court drama and, at its best, compelling character piece that spends more energy pondering the mysteries of human behavior on the small scale than on the large scale. It's not the best of the five nominated films, but it's a fine production nonetheless.

In the late 1950s in West Berlin, when ailing 15-year-old Michael Berg (David Kross) has a _45400547_reader512 chance encounter with a brusquely helpful woman (Kate Winslet) more than twice his age, he can't imagine where it will lead him—into an instructive sexual affair, into love, into the center of a trial with historic implications. Each time they meet, she is instructing him on sexual pleasure and he is, at her request, reading her the classics. He reads, she listens, then she beckons him to make love to her.

Reader480"It was said that a new person had appeared on the seafront: a lady with a little dog."

After a torrid time together, Michael's secret lover, who had balked at giving him her name even after they'd been intimate three times, leaves him—a hard, dispassionate worker, she's given a promotion and moves away, leaving him to be a teenager.

Several years later, Michael is in law school and observes a trial taking place involving a group of women accused of being Nazi guards during the war. To his horror, he discovers that one—said to have had a special role of power—is the same Hanna Schmitz he fell in love with, and who broke his heart.

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Jan 22 2009
If Oscar Loves A Good Nazi Flick, How Much Must It Hate Tom Cruise? Comments (4)

WinsletThe Reader means Stepen Daldry's gotten nom'd for all 3 films he's made.

The full list of Oscar nominations is here, with expert opinion on them here. Talking points to make you look smart here.

My impressions:


I'm shocked that The Reader did so well! It raked in major nominations, including for Best Picture, Best Actress, Best Director and Best Adapted Screenplay, and yet it stands at a mere 60% on RottenTomatoes.com with 150 reviews counted. Could it be the least positively reviewed film to get a Best Picture nod since...Ghost?

Large_brolin-penn I would hazard a guess that its Nazi theme helped it with the Hollywood crowd. Anything about the Nazis—presuming it's good in the first place—gets an extra boost. Remember Adrien Brody's out-of-nowhere win for Best Actor? Not casting aspersions (I've been dying to see the movie), it's just an interesting trend to me. Hollywood also smiles upon movies with liberal social agendas, such as The Cider House Rules or Crash (realllly smiled upon it) or this year's Milk. It's not that they aren't good, it's that they're probably extra-favored for content as well as form.

425.Revolutionary.Road.DiCaprio.Winslet.082208 I'm a bit miffed that Revolutionary Road was overlooked. I loved it! But it's also quite interesting considering the film was directed for Oscar winner Sam Mendes and stars two beloved Hollywood actors. Maybe the Academy felt giving nods to Brangelina was enough red-carpet consideration.

The eight nominations for Milk show a genuine affection and respect for the film, even if I think it will only win for Best Original Screenplay. ("Only" he says—that would be an amazing award.)

The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button gets 13 nods, but I would guess it will lose most of those. It's such a BIG movie with so many potential nominees, but none jump out as sure-bet winners.

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