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Mar 20 2013
Need To Know: Declaring War On Bush/Cheney, Marriage Equality For NM?, He Said I'm Not The One + MORE Comments (2)

No Homophobes
*widget boy cultureThe Web site that tracks casual homophobia in social media.

*widget boy cultureDying Iraq War vet gunning for Bush/Cheney.

*widget boy cultureTopless Katie Holmes open to giving Suri a sib. Tumblr_mjwyithi7f1rf29u9o5_500

*widget boy cultureJames Franco for Bullett Magazine.

*widget boy cultureAnti-gay douche Roland Martin out at CNN.

*widget boy cultureAre black male celebs really more anti-gay?

*widget boy cultureAdonis Mag returning.

*widget boy cultureDid marriage equality come to New Mexico in the 1800s?

*widget boy culture150 events in 50 states for marriage equality.

*widget boy cultureWhat is gay culture in 2013?

*widget boy cultureAfter hinting he probably is, Dr. Arnold Klein says the kid is not his son.

0117-arnie-klein-facebook-5.pngMaury wouldn't even need a test for this one

Jan 02 2013
Need To Know Comments (3)

Andrew-SulivanAndrew Sullivan to charge $19.99/month for his Dish

*widget boy cultureWHAT A CONCEPT! Writers to be paid for work.

*widget boy cultureBrave LGBTI Ugandans pose for awareness-raising portraits.

*widget boy cultureI'm officially worried about Hillary Rodham Clinton.

*widget boy cultureLog Cabin being "used by the neocons" in Hagel attacks. Tom-of-Finland-Kake

*widget boy cultureKAKE: Katie (the new Liza) & Jake a new...cough...romantic item?

*widget boy culture1st elected out PA legislator sworn in.

*widget boy cultureNeighbor Bob vs. the Pope—Bob wins.

*widget boy cultureMatt Schiermeier is the hunk of the day year.

*widget boy cultureMadonna's best mag covers of 2012.

*widget boy cultureParents completely verklempt over Les Misérables:

Nov 30 2012
Need To Know Comments (0)

Mormon-Kama-SutraWhen every position is the missionary position

Widget boy cultureThe Kama Sutra re-enacted by Mormon missionaries.

Widget boy cultureObama/Romney lunch meeting was hand-shaky. Pool-shirtless

Widget boy cultureHere are the polls that made Romney believe he'd win.

Widget boy culture"Greg" by Lionel Andre is hot and wet.

Widget boy cultureBrowns player Tank Carder goes unpunished for "fag" rant.

Widget boy cultureBritish man fighting 50-year-old criminal record for being gay.

Widget boy cultureKatie Holmes hits Broadway again.

Widget boy culture$pend the day with Lady Gaga.

Widget boy culturePerfect 10: Hot, free Madonna remixes.

Widget boy cultureTwilight's 18-year-old gym buff strips in a parking lot.

Widget boy cultureNJ Dems want Hillary in '16, prefer Christie as guv to two of their own kind.

Widget boy culture"The Middle Class Cats of Instagram." Purrrfect.

Cat-instagram-kitty-enhanced-buzz-3533-1353990844-0These pussies are a riot

Jun 29 2012
Whose Suri Now?: TomKat Exhausts Ninth Life Comments (15)

DivorceThe divorce? Piece of cake. Now as for Suri's custody, Tom's up Dawson's Creek without a paddling

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are divorcing. Why? Anyone's guess:

(1) The contract expired

(2) She got sick of being called "Kate" all the damn time

(3) She saw Rock of Ages

(4) He found out Travolta would give him free massages any time he wanted

(5) It keeps them both relevant in the media

(6)...they fell out of love?

May 16 2012
Rock Of Ageless Comments (4)

6a00d83451b46869e200e54f8ac6628834-640wiP.S. Nose jobs apparently don't count

Promoting his (excruciating-looking—at least to the likes of me) new movie Rock of Ages, Tom Cruise says of plastic surgery: "I haven't and I never will," joining the ranks of the magically preserved. Joan Collins is another who's said she hasn't had it. The only real question is: Which of them is the bigger liar?

P.S. IMHO, both look fantastic, even if I really can't stand one of them in the least.

Cess-tom-cruise-rock-of-ages-cover-story-07-lTom, a few months shy of 50

May 03 2012
Outrageous Fortune Comments (2)

If Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are outraged by an upcoming tell-all book about Tom written by his former Scientology auditor, that's enough to make me want to purchase it. As seen in National Enquirer (May 14, 2012):

"Marty Rathbun, who mentored Tom as a high-ranking Scientologist, claims the 49-year-old actor bared his soul to him while he was divorcing second wife Nicole Kidman and was waging a nasty legal battle against a gay porn actor who falsely claimed Cruise had a sexual affair with him...

"'In auditing, you tell the auditor everything about yourself,' Margery Wakefield, who's written the book Testimony about her Scientology experience, told The Enquirer."

Sounds like a great read for my subway commutes.

Aug 10 2011
And You Thought Bedbugs Were A Concern...! Comments (3)

PreviewScreenSnapz002I felt guilty having this close encounter instead of a Dawson's Creek fan

I had a lot of fun at Monday's New York premiere of Troy Nixey's remake of the classic '73 horror flick Don't Be Afraid of the Dark—the update stars Katie Holmes, Guy Pearce and Bailee Madison (my little pal in real life and a fabulous actress) and is produced/written by genius filmmaker Guillermo del Toro (Pan's Labyrinth, The Devil's Backbone).

Katie Holmes looked spectacular on the carpet (I always thought she was a dead ringer for Britney Spears) and returned after the actual screening to participate in the Q&A with the Nixey, del Toro and Madison. (During the screening, she and hubby Tom Cruise apparently took Madison to dinner, judging from paparazzi pictures. Cruise stood at the back of the theater during the Q&A, but we never saw him.)

The original Kim Darby version

The movie is a pure, unapologetic genre piece that will probably delight horror buffs. It's not without some humor, too, though listening to del Toro curse a blue streak in front of tender-eared Madison (she's 11!) was at least as entertaining as watching the ravenous creatures who are the film's co-stars.

Don't Be Afraid of the Dark releases August 26 from Film District.

After the jump, I have video from the Q&A with many spoilers...

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May 05 2010
Aim Low And You'll Always Get What You Aim For Comments (1)

Can't sing, can't dance, no chemistry. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes would have to brainwash you to make you think this mess was anything but a hot one.


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