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May 16 2014
Free Madonna: The Pop Icon Is Still Spoiling For A Fight Comments (0)
  Madonna-Luomo-Vogue-2 Madonna-Luomo-Vogue-3 Madonna-Luomo-Vogue-4 Madonna-Luomo-Vogue-5 Madonna-Luomo-Vogue-05b Madonna-Luomo-Vogue-6 Madonna-Luomo-Vogue-7

Madonna's cover story on L'Uomo Vogue has been teased to death on her Instagram, and now it's finally here.

Madonna-HaringIt's a great, short interview in which she discusses how Baquiat and Haring have affected her outlook on art:

“Hanging out with Keith and Jean-Michel deeply influenced me. Their approach to art was aimed at making it accessible to people, in the subway, on the street. It wasn’t elitist, you didn’t have to pay for it, go to a museum or gallery or frequent rich people, you could be anyone.”

Interestingly, the pop icon most frequently praised for her business acumen and branding speaks out against commodification of art:

“By allowing ourselves to be consumed by corporate branding, worrying about having the approval of others and promoting only what is acceptable and popular, we destroy our art and everything about it that’s unique.”

She also comments on her use of self in her work, comparing it to Frida Kahlo; an apt comparison if ever there was one.


The images by Tom Munro surprised me in that I've never been a fan of his work with Madonna, though to be fair he most famously shot her during a period when her face was kinda in transition. This spread looks more Mert + Marcus to me, Madonna seems very engaged, and there are several memorable shots—I especially like her shouting with her cane and the slightly insane-looking shot of Madonna seated in a chair.

The shot that will get the most play will be the one in which her right breast is exposed, and probably because it's been so retouched it looks like the boob of a blow-up doll. Madonna has great tits...why go overboard trying to perfect them?

A good, solid, perhaps even classic Madonna cover story that effectively teases her next album, making it sound like it couldn't possibly be made up of disposable disco. But maybe it will be Daft Punk-like transcendant disco...if this snippet on Billboard is (praying...praying) Madonna.

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Apr 03 2014
Madonna's Idols Comments (0)

Buzzfeed Contributor (!) Madonna identifies the 11 "freedom fighters" who have most inspired her. For longtime fans, there won't be any surprises, for others, there won't be any odd men out.

Mar 29 2014
Need To Know: Underground Art, Bun In An Oven In A Genie In A Bottle, Extra-Wide Receiver + MORE! Comments (0)

Keith-Haring-1982-artArt attack.

*widget boy cultureKeith Haring was here, circa 1982.

*widget boy cultureGaga's sold-out Roseland shows are 12 songs, 1 hour long.

*widget boy cultureNovak Djokovic peen-pic scandal???

*widget boy cultureChristina Aguilera knocked up.

*widget boy cultureSwedish wide receiver comes out.

*widget boy cultureFall gal in Christie's pricy "exoneration" report fights back; ally resigns.

*widget boy cultureHOLEY MACKEREL: Ed Fury's fishnet "swimsuit."

*widget boy cultureAnother reason Trump is dumb: He thinks shots cause autism.

*widget boy cultureFirst gay wedding in London is a May-December romance.

*widget boy cultureJeff Timmons of 98 Degrees is still hot, still horny.

*widget boy cultureCharles Leslie has more gay-erotic art than you. By a lot.

Charles-LeslieNice piece!

Feb 09 2014
Madonna Auction Makes A Mint Comments (0)

Madonna-Martin-Burgoyne-MaripolAn amazing Burgoyne/Ciccone Polaroid by Maripol that went for well over $5000!

Now is not the time for Matthew to be haunting Madonna auctions, but I did my darnedest anyway at the Myers Fine Art auction of Martin Burgoyne's personal effects. Burgoyne, you will recall, was Madonna's gay BFF and one-time roommate who designed her early record sleeves, designed her first album cover (which was not used) using Edo Bertoglio photographs and who died in his twenties of AIDS. Madonna was generous with Martin, helping him out personally and financially. I've always been fascinated by him and would have loved to have owned something from what was repeatedly called a "treasure trove" in all the media surrounding this auction by his elderly parents.

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Jun 07 2013
Nights Of 100 Stars: The Days When Downtown NYC Sparkled Comments (0)

Drag fabulosa Linda Simpson is too young to remember when her alter ego, Les Simpson, took these wonderful photos that are a part of NYC, c. 1985, a show going up at ClampArt Gallery (521-531 W. 25th St., between 10th/11th Aves.), so she's probably just as amazed as we are by the early AIDS activism and '80s fashions he captured.

(The final three images in the above gallery are from the after-party of 1982's Night of 100 Stars, and include shots of Elizabeth Taylor, Linda Evans and Liza Minnelli.)

The show also features: Amy Arbus, Catherine McGann, Nan Goldin, Larry Clark, and other familiar names.

I'll be stopping by the show this Saturday to eyeball this work in the flesh. I expect it will be like stepping into a time machine. Thirty years really does fly by when you're having fun.

More of Les Simpson'80s shots here.

Apr 27 2013
Pop-Up Pop Tart Comments (1)

Phillip of West Hollywood Nights got (contrary to what he thinks) good shots of Darren Criss at Madonna's pop-up fashion retrospective at Macy's in L.A. this past week. Check out some of his shots of the duds in the above gallery, and visit his site (Work Unfriendly) for Madonna, men and more.

Here's his haiku-like report:

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Apr 26 2013
Need To Know: Best Bette, Zac Makes Me Feel Funny Down There, The Beginning of ENDA + MORE Comments (1)

Daniel for west phillips (14)He shoots, he scores!

*widget boy cultureWest Phillips knows how to shoot a model. (Work Unfriendly)

*widget boy cultureTeens' sexualities relatively unaffected by porn?

*widget boy cultureDoes Zac Efron in a tight T-shirt affect adult sexuality?

*widget boy cultureBette Midler's I'll Eat You Last is a "delectable soufflé."

*widget boy cultureKey Delaware senator will be voting for marriage equality.

*widget boy cultureENDA introduced in Congress.

*widget boy cultureRyan Lochte fans turn out to support What Would Ryan Lochte Do?:

Image004 Image014 Image016I love him, jeah, jeah, jeah! What Would Ryan Lochte Do? airs Sundays @ 10PM on E!

*widget boy cultureSteven Soderbergh raised on The 5,000 Fingers of Dr. T.

*widget boy cultureJoin the Concrete Hero Urban Obstacle Challenge to fight AIDS.

*widget boy cultureHow marriage was won in Rhode Island.

*widget boy culture"Have Your (Cup)Cake & Read It, Too! -- The Great Gatsby edition.

*widget boy cultureChanning Tatum & Joseph Gordon-Levitt remaking Guys & Dolls?

*widget boy cultureMadonna was "impressive" recording "Like a Prayer."

*widget boy cultureMore of Madonna's so-called "secret project."

*widget boy cultureFrom here: Madonna's not-so-secret past wardrobe hits Macy's. All 8 looks.

MadonnaHaven't collected many items worn by Madonna, but I'd kill for a Keith Haring dress.

Apr 23 2013
Need To Know: Making A Federal Case Of It, VJ Day, 2 Broke Girls, Barbra's Biggest Misses, Madonna's Duds + MORE Comments (1)


*widget boy cultureDan Savage's hunk husband speaks. Tumblr_lq6n9uZa7K1qgxytto1_500

*widget boy cultureWedding bells for Dawn French!

*widget boy cultureAn al-Qaeda terror attack is thwarted in Canada.

*widget boy cultureParaguay's new prez has troglodytic views on gays.

*widget boy cultureAmazing Keith Haring video.

*widget boy cultureSATELLITE DISH: Gossip from MTV's earliest days. Roberto-Boll-e-Phyllis-Diller-guys-shirtless

*widget boy cultureDzhokhar Tsarnaev charged for using WMD by feds.

*widget boy cultureWhite House sticking to Constitution.

*widget boy cultureGun Owners of America honcho: Liberals "pleased" with bombing.

*widget boy cultureBette Midler "adored" the "terrifying" Sue Mengers.

*widget boy cultureAngelyne has a not-so-nice trip.

*widget boy cultureWho would Jesus abort?

*widget boy cultureOnly 3 known SF earthquake (1906!) survivors.

*widget boy cultureBarbra regrets not doing Cabaret, Klute and Julia.

*widget boy cultureMichael Michaud dishes on the late Sal Mineo.

*widget boy cultureSofia Vergara's "great time" as a transsexual.

*widget boy cultureMeet the Imam into gays and marriage equality.

*widget boy cultureJanice Dickinson broke

*widget boy cultureBrenda Dickson broke and homeless?

*widget boy cultureRoberto Bolle coming to NYC.

*widget boy cultureHow to find sex...offline? Folsom Street East

*widget boy cultureFolsom Street East is off.

*widget boy culturePhyllis Diller's final TV gig: Dukes of Melrose.

*widget boy cultureTeamsters vs. Westboro: Guess who won?

*widget boy culturePop Tarts: Portraits of Women up for grabs.

*widget boy cultureCRAZY FOR IT: 'Mazing Madonna megamix.

*widget boy cultureMadonna's homeless brother injured during arrest.

*widget boy cultureHow Mack Sennett created Studio City.

*widget boy culturePop-up exhibit of Madonna's iconic wardrobe at Macy's in L.A.

130402_MG_Madonna_Evite_v9Dress her up

Oct 17 2012
A Sketchy Deal Comments (2)
Keith Haring
An original, authenticated Keith Haring sketch book from 1980 is for sale on eBay for a mere $55,000. Opening bid.
Oct 11 2011
National Came Out Day Comments (0)

With thanks to Michael: A fresh perspective on National Coming Out Day, which was today. If everyone came out at once, homophobia would become as uncommon as the mumps.