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Apr 20 2011
Lots At Stake Comments (2)

Stake-Land-02McGillis plays a put-upon nun with sympathy for vampiric zombies in Stake Land

I recently saw (and actually enjoyed) the arty, apocalyptic horror flick Stake Land, starring adorable Connor Paolo of Gossip Girl fame and Kelly McGillis, noted for her stellar performances in films like Witness and The Accused and, of course, for being Tom Cruise's arm candy in Top Gun. More recently, McGillis came out as a lesbian after years of rumors about her sexuality.

Michael Musto has a terrific and fairly candid Q&A with McGillis in which she talks about her career and her personal life and says of her life's narrative:

"If people only knew. One of these days, I'm gonna be honest about my life, but until a lot of people are dead, I can't. It's bad karma. I can laugh at myself, but it's not fair for me to laugh at other people."

OMG, this just makes me wish whoever has to would die already so we can get the real story. McGillis strikes me as someone with so much to say, as well as someone who might actually say it and not care about who she pisses off given half a chance.

Jun 07 2010
Because Enquiring Minds Want To Know Who's Queer Comments (12)

National Enquirer (June 14, 2010) is back with its always entertaining proclamations on "Who's Gay & Who's Not." Here's the score: 

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May 27 2010
Infrequent Flyers Comments (2)
Life & Style (June 7, 1990) leads with this arresting image of the stars of Top Gun 24 years after that nationalistic piece of homoerotic garbage (yes, even homoerotic things can be garbage) was released. It's quite unfortunate because Kelly McGillis is "five years older than Tom!", has not been a major star since 20 years ago so has not been forced to keep up appearances and is caught in mid-sentence—so she looks like his mee-maw. But I like her more than him anyway, and I love how clearly uncomfy he is behind his terse smile—is he squirming because he's thinking being near her makes him look good for his age yet reminds us of his age? Or because she's an out lesbian and, well, he isn't an out lesbian? 
May 28 2009
Tough Enough Comments (1)

500x500_Actress Kelly McGillis Kelly McGillis expands on her coming-out with People.com, saying that when a reporter asked her if she were looking to date a man or a woman she knew she could say it was nobody's business or she could say the truth. That led to her going with the latter: "Definitely a woman."

"I tried really hard not to be who I am. I tried super hard. It was a difficult journey for me to come to terms and be whole and happy with who I am."

She then went on a cruise for a vacation and thought nobody noticed. When she returned, she got a phone call informing her, "Oh my God, Kelly, you can't believe it, it's everywhere."

At the root of her problems might have been the nearly universal fear of judgment. "The idea of being judged just totally freaks me out. Even though I try really hard not to care what people think of me—and that really is my little adage, what you think about me is none of my business—it does matter, and it is hard."

Hard, but as she has shown, not impossible.
Apr 30 2009
See, Jodie, It's Not That Hard Comments (0)

News_lg_34 I remember this being discussed when I was in college, and I would have preferred for her to confirm it way back when (while she was still in the "Danger Zone"), but it's nice to hear Kelly McGillis saying she is openly gay. In an interview with SheWired, she expressed that her sexuality has been "a freaking journey."

It's always odd to think that a Hollywood actor would struggle with her sexuality; McGillis says, "I had a lot of things happen that convinced me that God was punishing me for being gay."

KellyMcGillis (L) in 2007 with Siesta (and Madonna video director) Mary Lambert.

I bet she'd be fun to talk to, privately, on the topic of her old Top Gun co-star Tom Cruise.

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