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Feb 25 2015
Need To Know: Balking DEAD Fans + Twink First + Flipping The BIRDMAN + Ass-Backwards + FASHION POLICE Brutality + MORE! Comments (0)


*widget boy cultureWalking Dead fans can't stomach...a gay kiss???

*widget boy cultureAs you know, I love a good word controversy. But is “twink” a slur???

*widget boy cultureThis Michael Keaton Vine makes me sad.

*widget boy cultureThe girl is on FIRE.

*widget boy cultureBoehner loses it over President Obama's Keystone veto. (Ha-ha.)

*widget boy cultureSaw Kingsman and found the final joke really tacky & weird.

*widget boy cultureIs your dog food brand killing your dog?

*widget boy cultureAmerican Sniper's murderer found guilty.

*widget boy cultureKelly Osbourne has some balls. I'm turning the corner on liking her.

*widget boy cultureGiuliana Rancic issues a legit apology for her racially insensitive comment.

*widget boy cultureGovernor of Arkansas is on Cher's Chit List.

*widget boy cultureSticky: A great place to find BUBBLES.

*widget boy culturePower bottom + Power Rangers + coke = must-see.

*widget boy cultureCongrats to Kevin Sessums on the publication of his latest memoir.


Nov 12 2013
A League Of Her Throne Comments (0)

Lady-Gaga-Madonna"I don't want your fucking throne!"

Sorry, anti-Gagas...it's a big Gaga news day, what with ARTPOP dropping.

Lady Gaga gave a nearly two-hour interview to Howard Stern about some controversial topics, including her sex life and her feuds with Kelly Osbourne, Perez Hilton and Madonna.

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Oct 28 2013
Need To Know: Let Kelly Eat Cake, Okla-homo, Katy Perry's New Release = Cognitive Dissonance + MORE Comments (0)

Lady-Gaga-X-FactorGaga is losing it...her clothing, anyway.

*widget boy cultureGaga hugs Sharon Osbourne, does G-A-Y nude, camel-toes the line on X Factor.

*widget boy cultureBut Kelly Osbourne is not impressed. Josh Groban, neither. And he's a card. Love Out Loud (Charity Cover)

*widget boy cultureHow to run a gay bar in Mississippi.

*widget boy cultureWarren Nomi's anti-bullying single "Love Out Loud."

*widget boy cultureMale couple same-sex married in...Oklahoma???

*widget boy cultureOlivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis are preggers.

Sexy-Instagram-menI have an "i" for beautiful men.

*widget boy cultureCome check out my sexy Instagram...unless you're allergic to male beauty. OctThierry Pepin1

*widget boy cultureHo-bag Katy Perry sniffs at ho-bags.

*widget boy cultureScorching-hot Thierry Pepin undies snaps.

*widget boy cultureRon Howard for Hillary Clinton.

*widget boy cultureMadonna loves nature, as well as art, freedom.

*widget boy cultureClive Barker announces Hellraiser reboot.

*widget boy cultureChris Brown is still an animal.

*widget boy cultureEpitome of cool/Downtown legend Lou Reed is dead at 71

Lou reedI saw him once with partner Laurie Anderson and was too gob-smacked to say so much as hello.

Jun 20 2013
I Seem To Be In Liz Smith... Comments (9)


...and no, this is not a "Who Am I?" guessing game whose answer is Diane Sawyer. I mean, I'm literally in Liz Smith's column.

And to clarify, before the Little Monsters descend upon me, I was expressing support vs. those Monsters who've wished cancer on Kelly; Kelly thought I was saying I was on her side regarding Lady Gaga herself, which is a separate war. Either way, Kelly was very sweet.

Jun 10 2013
Cancer, Sign Of The Crab Louse Comments (15)


I think Gaga is sincere in her espousing of political and social issues, but as is becoming more and more prevalent among young people, that same grasp on sincerity has proved to be rather weak when it comes to a large number of her fans.

Love this fan: This fan, "gagacunty," has a mantra, which is "Bullying is for losers!" When she decides she is unhappy with Kelly Osbourne (who is unhappy with Lady Gaga), "gagacunty" (who is not Lady Gaga) has no problem tweeting that she hopes that the "ugly fat bitch" Kelly gets cancer.

This is like when someone says, "No offense, but..." and ends with words that were invented to cause offense.

I am not a big Kelly O fan and I rather like Lady Gaga, but I'm Team Kelly rather than Team Little Monsters on this one. Who are these vermin? I hope they're children whose moral compasses just haven't fully developed. Lady Gaga should make some kind of a comment that none of her fans should be bullying or wishing death on people, which should really go without having to be said by her.

Jun 04 2013
You're Under Arrest Comments (14)

It's pretty weird when this, this and this:

...are in a position to criticize this:

It's one thing to have a critical discussion of the art of fashion, but Fashion Police is just potshots at people's physical looks half the time. Movie critics don't have to make good movies (or any movies) to be qualified to discuss the art of film. If they did make movies, and they were bad movies, I think those critics would lose their credibility. And yet these ladies are making (frequently bad) fashion choices while thu-rashing others for their (frequently better) fashion choices.

I know it's supposed to be funny, but it's also just painful for me to watch someone in a get-up like Kelly's discuss outfits she finds "ah-mazing" and ones she feels aren't appropriate or don't quite work. She's dressed up as Barney meets Lucille Ball meets Like a Virgin era Madonna! And while that is okay by me, if she gets a free pass to express herself, why shouldn't every chick in Hollywood get the same free pass?

How many fat Adele jokes can we hear? How many Tilda-Swinton-as-alien jokes?

I could not do that job. I can be a bitch, but it would be like me on a panel of judges on a show called Waistlines of the Rich and Fabulous, snittily pointing out which men were grotesquely above a 32.


Meanwhile, Liz Jones, pictured above, writes a catty piece (one in a long line of catty pieces with Madonna as the lynchpin) in the Daily Mail about several famous women going too far with their surgeries. Some are undeniable cases of surgical blunders—we all know that Priscilla Presley damaged her face when it was injected with the wrong kind of substance, so I doubt she needs to be reminded again that she looks bad—but most are women with definite plastic surgery of whom the WORST possible photos have been chosen in order to prove Jones's point.

Using Madonna as an example, the shot used is clearly an off moment. Madonna looks far better in more composed moments. But that would wreck Jones's story. (Sorry, but even if some of the broad-daylight, shot-from-below photos taken at Chime for Change are not good, Madonna looked flawless this past month at the Billboard Awards. Why not toss one of those photos in the mix? Oh.)

I have to say, I don't believe Jones on her best day ever looked a quarter as good as some of the women she is picking on, and that is a fair statement to make since her article is framed as "like me, you're past the point of doing this." She's likening herself to the women in order to paint herself in a better light, that of the women who knows better.

I'm as obsessed as anyone with plastic surgery and I've certainly said unkind things. (With Madonna, I was, as a student of her face over the years—which is in itself open to lampooning I'm aware—disappointed when she went the traditional surgery-and-fillers route and I caught hell for saying so.) But at some point, it just becomes holding people up and knocking them down like pinatas.

May 30 2013
Need To Know: Bachmann Fail, Kelly vs. Gaga (Again), Behind BEHIND THE CANDELABRA + MORE Comments (2)

*widget boy cultureAbove: Everything Michele Bachmann accomplished in Congress.

*widget boy cultureKelly Osbourne: Lady Gaga "a big hypocrite." Ht_michael_douglas_as_liberace_kb_130524_wmain

*widget boy cultureChurches abandoning Boy Scouts.

*widget boy cultureMiley Cyrus dumped by Liam Hemsworth.

*widget boy cultureAdrian Peterson's anti-gay remarks "corrosive."

*widget boy cultureFirst same-sex wedding in France is le B.F.D.

*widget boy cultureAre straight actors playing gay still a problem?

*widget boy culture1st out player in men's college b-ball:  6'7" of humility.

*widget boy cultureProof that Abe Lincoln was gay—honest!

*widget boy cultureMadonna sells her iconic (to me!) NYC condo.

*widget boy cultureA queer(er) version of Madonna's Truth or Dare hits Toronto.

Madonna-drag-Truth-DareTruth/Dare: A Satire (With Dance) is created by Salvatore Antonio & Degrassi's Adamo Ruggiero.

Jan 11 2013
Open Season Comments (12)

Lady Gaga's open letter to Kelly Osbourne is pretty sanctimonious; I don't think I can handle adults referring to bullying as it pertains to other adults anymore. Even if I accept that adults can bully adults, Gaga says she's against it but engages in it, and in fact is engaging in it by Kelly-osbourne-skinny-but-still-called-fat-fabulous-ukwriting an open letter to Kelly Osbourne, who is a paean compared to Gaga with her gigantic following.

I do not like Sharon Osbourne. I'm not exactly wild about Kelly, either. And I think it's fair to point out that all these fashion shows are just grown-up versions of bullying, which must be an odd message that kids receive when told it's always wrong to act that way, and then seeing stuff like this.

But Gaga's approach is all wrong, unnecessarily public and smacks of a Christ complex.

I haven't written her off or anything, I'm just turned off by this letter, as I was by her bizarre melt-down letter of a few months back.


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