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May 10 2015
Live! With Kelly & Anderson Comments (0)

Kelly Ripa spent a good chunk of her acceptance speech for a GLAAD Excellence in Media Award raving about Anderson Cooper and his partner Benjamin Maisani, who she referred to as wonderful friends and role models for her son.

Check it out here.

The event also saw Thomas Roberts receiving the Vito Russo Award from Lynda Carter. Unfortunately, he was not required to spin around, losing his clothes until he was left with a solid gold jockstrap.

Jul 18 2014
Need To Know: Getting To The Top Of Things + Kelly Ripa Bottoms For Botox + Justin Theroux Is Bulging With Talent + Photo Finish + 1 Gay NFLer To Another + MORE! Comments (0)

*widget boy cultureAnderson Cooper, closeted 2 years ago, now comfy telling us Andy Cohen's a top.

*widget boy cultureKelly Ripa is a bottom for Botox.

*widget boy cultureWentworth Miller on being closeted: “I think audiences knew, to a certain extent.”

*widget boy cultureJustin Theroux's piece is...distracting.

*widget boy cultureTHEY'RE BREATHLESS: Crazy-funny '80s wrestling montage.

*widget boy cultureHot tennis players on hot beach vacays.

*widget boy cultureMalaysian Flight MH17 passenger tweets darkly funny photo before death.

*widget boy cultureGuy Ritchie's fiancée pops out THIRD kid in just over TWO years.

*widget boy cultureFormer child actor Drake now acting like a child, dissing Macklemore on TV.

*widget boy cultureNYC's Long Island Railroad strike averted after lots of “agita.”

*widget boy cultureAward-winning short(-ish) film Dirty Magazines.

*widget boy cultureCourtney Stodden takes blindfolded challenge.

*widget boy cultureFrancesco Scavullo's longtime lover shut out in estate battle.

*widget boy cultureReporter recounts Israel's attack that killed four Palestinian children.

*widget boy cultureStockton bank robbery leads to tragic deaths of hostages.

*widget boy cultureBlues guitarist Johnny Winter dies @ 70 while on tour.

*widget boy cultureOne of Winter's final performances.

*widget boy cultureNFL's 1st out ex-player Dave Kopay was “unnerved” by Michael Sam's cake/kiss moment.

Dave-Kopay-George-DureauKopay supports Sam, but is old-school on kissing and cake-smearing. (Photo: George Dureau)

Sep 19 2012
Mitt Romney, Political Hackman Comments (1)
Mitt Ann Romney Kelly Ripa Michael Strahan
BirdcageWhen Mitt and Ann Romney went on Live with Kelly & Michael, they were asked who they would cast to play each other. Mitt opted for Gene Hackman, not understanding he was supposed to cast someone to play his wife. Then he referenced The Birdcage. This is like when Ann said Modern Family was her fave TV show. Bitches, you shouldn't get to enjoy the gay if you're against it. (And wasn't kissing a black man against the tenets of the Mormon faith until, like, a week ago?) Full video of the air-kissy interview...

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May 14 2011
The Boob Tube Comments (14)


I totally agree with AKA William—this segment on Live with Regis & Kelly is as out as Anderson Cooper's ever come on TV, and it seems to be a strong indication he could indeed be the "TV personality" about to come out all the way. Hilarious segment, but when he comes out it won't be a laughing matter—it'll be a great moment for living honestly and without shame. (Well, at least regarding one's sexual orientation!)

Those who say, "Oh, brother, it's not that surprising, he's practically out anyway!" miss the point that practically out is not out, and it does make a difference, if not to jaded types like us then for sure to young people who are just forming their impressions of grown-up society.


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