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Sep 19 2012
Mitt Romney, Political Hackman Comments (1)
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BirdcageWhen Mitt and Ann Romney went on Live with Kelly & Michael, they were asked who they would cast to play each other. Mitt opted for Gene Hackman, not understanding he was supposed to cast someone to play his wife. Then he referenced The Birdcage. This is like when Ann said Modern Family was her fave TV show. Bitches, you shouldn't get to enjoy the gay if you're against it. (And wasn't kissing a black man against the tenets of the Mormon faith until, like, a week ago?) Full video of the air-kissy interview...

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May 14 2011
The Boob Tube Comments (14)


I totally agree with AKA William—this segment on Live with Regis & Kelly is as out as Anderson Cooper's ever come on TV, and it seems to be a strong indication he could indeed be the "TV personality" about to come out all the way. Hilarious segment, but when he comes out it won't be a laughing matter—it'll be a great moment for living honestly and without shame. (Well, at least regarding one's sexual orientation!)

Those who say, "Oh, brother, it's not that surprising, he's practically out anyway!" miss the point that practically out is not out, and it does make a difference, if not to jaded types like us then for sure to young people who are just forming their impressions of grown-up society.