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Nov 16 2015
Need To Know: Murphy's Law + Go-Go'ing To Lunch + Betta Have Bitch's Money + YouTube Doesn't Kill Cops, Cops Doing Misdeeds On YouTube Kills Cops + MORE! Comments (0)

Ahs-finn-wintrockAll-American horror story

*widget boy cultureRyan Murphy definitely has a type. Images

*widget boy cultureHanging out with a (banished) Go-Go!

*widget boy culturePlease follow Boy Culture on Facebook.

*widget boy cultureAmber Rose: Proud slut, proud gold-digger?

*widget boy cultureKim Kardashian's baby bump is monumental.

*widget boy cultureFBI director believes in the Ferguson effect.

*widget boy cultureRob Lowe, a Dem when videotaping girls in the '80s, sounds pretty Republican.

*widget boy cultureThe Game continues to spotlight his member on Instagram. Images


#FineNiggaFriday & @Anureet_K_Dhaliwal got me feeling myself after the gym earlier today....... so let's just assume, I'm at your house waiting for you to get home from work, 1st..... #StopAndGetSomeWetWipesCauseImGoneBeAssNakedSoonAsYouOpenTheDoorSoThatVajayjayGoneDrip #ThenImPullinYoPantiesDressSkirtOrPantsTheFuckOff #AndSlidinUnderThatPussyLikeAMechanicSlideUnderCars #NImEatinItWhileYouSquatOnMyFace #WhyYouAsk #CauseImHungryAndYouBeenGoneAllDay #WhyTheFuckYouStillHoldinTheKeys #DropThemMothafuckas #ImLickinYou #YeaLickinThatPearlTongueLikePecansNPrailinesIceCreamCuzThatsMyFavorite #RealSlow #2ScoopsOfThatPussy #AfterYouBustYa1stNut #ImPickinYouUp #CarryingYouToTheKitchenCounterToSitYouDown #BeforeYoAssHitTheColdCounter #WarmDickAlreadyInsideYou #GrazingYourWallsLikeAPaintBrush #InAndOut #SlowlyWhileITongueKissYouWitBothYoAssCheeksInMyHands #ThenImRammingThatPussTilYouBustAgainNToniteImNotPullingOut #LetsGoHalf #DropsMic .. #MEATPRINTPAPI has spoken !

A photo posted by The Game (@losangelesconfidential) on

Oct 30 2015
Need To Know: Altar Boy Lovers + Taking Swift Action + Hillary On Houston + Bernie Evolved, Too + HOT & Short + Balls Of The Ball + MORE! Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 4.38.13 PMForgive me, father, for I have sinned.

*widget boy cultureNew doc exposes (literally) gay priests who are anti-gay in public. Images

*widget boy cultureFormer H.S. football jock wants to help other LGBT people with depression. Unnamed

*widget boy cultureKygo's U.S. TV debut. Images

*widget boy cultureTaylor Swift counter-sues radio dude for groping her ass.

*widget boy cultureMore sex charges for Jerry Sandusky?

*widget boy cultureHillary Clinton tweets for gay rights in Houston.

*widget boy cultureChina won't make you have just 1 kid anymore! (Try 2.)

*widget boy cultureCheck out this hot, evocative short—In a Minor Lustrum. Images

Minor Lustrum still 2015Don't watch the short film if you're squeamish about watching this boy play with himself.

*widget boy cultureSexxxy new Nathan Sykes music video.

*widget boy cultureCruz, Huckabee, Jindal A-okay with U.S. kill-the-gays loony.

*widget boy cultureBernie Sanders was not always pro-marriage equality. Mw yum1

*widget boy cultureEM20 on Gaydar & Divine.

*widget boy cultureNewFest LGBT film fest winners announced!

*widget boy culture100s of sexy dudes, many bearded, all horny-making. Images

*widget boy cultureEU ♥ Edward Snowden.

*widget boy cultureInside a big Belgian fetish ball. Images

MG_2611-1-446x670Balls to the wall at the ball

Oct 27 2015
Here's The Party!: Inside My Book(s) Party! Comments (0)

DSC_1499Raises two good points: Photographer Greg Pace (who has 20 images in EM20), the inimitable Bear Donna (Rob Donadio), & me! All images in this post by HeyMrJason Photography.

Many of my readers know that I've been a busy boy over the past year or so, compiling Encyclopedia Madonnica 20 (Boy Culture LLC), the 20th-anniversary update of my original book, and also my memoir, Starf*cker (Lethe Press).

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 8.19.11 PM

Last night was my time to bask in the achievement of being well and truly finished with both books, which I did with some friends at my book(s) party—and it was exhaustively documented by HeyMrJason Photography!

Thrown together in less than a week (sorry if I forgot you and you're local!) by everyone's favorite promoter, Chip Duckett of Spin Cycle, my party was held in The Ivy Room at the Gansevoort Park Avenue NYC. What a space! It was a dream to have the party in such a swanky environment, and to have it all to ourselves. (The party for my original Encyclopedia Madonnica was held at the historic—and now relegated-to-history—Palladium, but was kind of tacked on to the club's existing night. This time, it was a dedicated event in a private space.)

DSC_1392Queens that read are the best ...

Featuring champagne by Barefoot Wine & Bubbly and music by DJ Mike Borowski, the party was a blast, attracting contributors to the Madonna book including the book's sole designer, Anthony Coombs; Madonna's first stylist, Maripol; gossip god Michael Musto; and photographers Sharon Smith and Trel Brock; media movers and shakers (who literally moved and shook); and a host of the craziest famous Madonna fans, myself included.

DSC_1610And these were just the stragglers at the very end!

Some of my closest friends showed up, as did a host of wonderfully fun people who I knew would help make the party memorable.

This is one of those Only In New York stories. Fellow Madonnaholics, please take note:MARIPOL! MARIPOL! MARIPOL!The...

Posted by Michael Borowski on Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Madonna-tastic moments include DJ Mike Borowski's Maripol encounter and Peter Michael Marino gifting me with three of his very last stickers from his ill-fated (and hilariously documented) stage version of Desperately Seeking Susan.


Here is Kenneth in the (212)'s lovely wrap-up, plus check out all the other pictures I have so far after the jump, all by HeyMrJason Photography ...

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Aug 17 2015
STARF*CKER In The (212) Comments (0)


Now that blogger Kenneth has an advance copy of my forthcoming memoir Starf*cker, it's too late for me to take any of it back! It drops November 1, 2015.

Jun 07 2015
Post Sex Comments (0)

Surprise! Kenneth's hottest posts of all time were also, for the most part, his hottest posts of all time.

Jun 04 2015
Gag Me, But Not With A Spoon Comments (0)

Kenneth has put up his list of hottest '80s music boys. Can't really find many I'd kick out of bed.


Jun 02 2015
Chelsea, Not Lately Comments (0)

Img450I saw a guy get shot at that intersection before it was quaint.

My pal Kenneth at Kenneth in the (212) just pulled a Rettenmund (his words; though I've been succinct of late, I used to be known for mega-posts) and posted a ginormous visual history of Chelsea's Eighth Avenue which, as those of you New Yorkers know, has really lost so much of its charm (not to mention businesses) in the past 20 years.

Big cup sign gay coffee chelseaI wonder if all the many photos are Kenneth's? There are so many!

The image above is one from my own scrapbook, showing the view from my first NYC apartment at 20th Street and Ninth Avenue around 1994. The photo booth shots are me with my mom, who was wearing her dark hair slicked back because NYC was in the midst of a hair-unfriendly heatwave.

I was offered an opportunity to buy that apartment—two bedrooms, twelfth floor, views, doorman—for $120,000 ... but couldn't afford it. GULP. It did snatch up a one-bedroom in the same building, and I'm now possibly coming to the end of my 20 years as a homeowner. Time will tell.

Everything ends. Even Chelsea.

May 27 2015
Need To Know: Pop EMERGENCY + Irish Ayes Are Smiling + Southern Discomfort + Kelly's A Hill-Raiser + Duggar: Execute As I Say, Not As I Do + MORE! Comments (0)


*widget boy cultureThe new Icona Pop single “Emergency” is fire.

*widget boy cultureI got another Liz Smith mention!

*widget boy cultureLegendary photographer/documentarian Mary Ellen Mark dies @ 75.

*widget boy cultureIrish marriage-equality vote was 62.1% YES.

*widget boy cultureThis hot pic is quite a stretch.

*widget boy cultureSouthern Republicans don't like “that woman” Hillary Clinton.

*widget boy cultureRon Paul fan Kelly Clarkson endorses Hillary Clinton.

*widget boy cultureAnother GOPer vs. that STUPID anti-Obamacare lawsuit.

*widget boy cultureBette Midler taunts Josh Duggar on Twitter.

*widget boy cultureJim Bob Duggar once said people who commit incest should be executed.

*widget boy cultureYet Jim Bob didn't even report his son when he fondled Jim Bob's own kids.

*widget boy cultureThe latest Raymond & Lane video is here, is queer.


*widget boy cultureYou're not allowed not to like Janet Jackson.

*widget boy cultureKenneth in the (212) is a Wilcox-sucker.

*widget boy culturePamela Geller wants Muhammad cartoons on public transit.

*widget boy cultureLenny Kravitz nekkid. (Work Unfriendly)

*widget boy cultureHow Debi Mazar became Debi Mazar.

*widget boy cultureAnn Coulter is a documented A-hole.

*widget boy cultureKinky Boots becomes a classic Jeopardy wrong answer.

*widget boy cultureHot-assed guy here.

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