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Jan 25 2013
Get Out! Comments (8)

Five reasons for people to come out of the closet.

And after the jump, five people it would be cool to see coming out—not saying they are gay, but...

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Feb 15 2012
She Will Always Love Her Comments (7)

Article-2101430-11BF34F5000005DC-546_634x420Houston, Bobby Brown, Cissy Houston & Crawford


Robyn Crawford—Whitney Houston's former assistant and beyond a doubt her former lover for many years—has contributed a truly touching and honest piece about Houson to Esquire via Tom Junod. (Ironically, the man behind the infamous "Kevin Spacey Has a Secret" cover in which he openly talked about the actor's glass-closeted existence in popular culture.)

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Jan 08 2011
It's No Secret Comments (0)

Globe (January 17, 2011) recycles rumors of the past dozen years that Kevin Spacey might have a gay secret. What shocked me most about this very unshocking piece—spurred on by Spacey's recent Kevin Sessums interview—was the realization that those photos of Spacey with a male model are 10 years old already!

Dec 15 2010
Spacey: The Final Frontier Comments (17)

Kevin Spacey says he will "never" come out. His belief is that discussing his sexual orientation—or any aspect of his private life—is an invasion and a distraction from his work. Furthermore, he sounds almost relieved that this whole anti-gay bullying thing is happening because it gives him the excuse to parallel questions about his sexual identity with kids tormenting and beating up other kids over theirs. Yeah, we've got another Vivica A. Fox here.

He does manage to clarify, in codified terms, that he's not closeted in his personal life.

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Jun 09 2010
Almost As Funny As "Kevin Spacey's Got A Secret" Comments (1)
Jan 21 2010
Truthy Tile Comments (1)

Jake-gyllenhaal-2-1 Gawker attempts to help us figure out "How to Know When Gay Rumors are True." In the process, they seem to out Gerard Butler, Kenny Chesney, Bradley Cooper, Kevin Spacey, Zachary Quinto, Hugh Jackman, Tom Cruise, Will Smith and John Travolta.

Their logic is pretty off, but their results seem pretty on! (Except keep in mind they say gay rumors about the following are not true: Jake Gyllenhaal, Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Vin Diesel and Jeremy Piven...and a couple of those...c'mon!)

Dec 30 2009
Enquiring Minds Want To Blow Comments (9)

National Enquirer (January 11, 2010) tackles the age-old, oft-asked question: "Who's Gay & Who's Not?" this week. Here's the low-down on who's on the down-low:

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