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Apr 07 2014
Need To Know: Obama Girl Power, Day Sera Sera, Mustache Ride On Time, Mariah Not Keeping Up With The Kardashians + MORE! Comments (0)

Dongs-All-Over-the-WorldThere's a kind of bush/Al over the world...tonight...

*widget boy cultureObama to sign executive orders on equal pay for women. Doris-Day-Jackie-Joseph-Lawrence

*widget boy cultureVideo from inside Doris's big Day!

*widget boy cultureClick here if you like studs with mustaches.

*widget boy cultureWoman freezes to death in morgue?

*widget boy cultureStay AWAY from Shakira.

*widget boy cultureMissy Elliott readies comeback album.

*widget boy cultureMariah Carey, great in bed, doesn't know who Kim Kardashian is.

*widget boy cultureLeee Black Childers, NYC Underground shooter, dies.

*widget boy cultureFrank Bruni also thinks we should be tolerant of intolerance.

*widget boy cultureSeinfeld actor dies at 50.

*widget boy cultureLadies of SNL seek "Dongs All Over the World" (after the jump)...

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Mar 25 2014
Deep In Vogue Comments (0)


"The Original Supermodel" Naomi Campbell sniffs at Kimye's Vogue cover...

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Jan 21 2014
Need To Know: Some Ugly Baby, The Icing On The Cake, You Must Be Putin Me On, What Child Is This? + MORE! Comments (0)

Michael-Sporn-Doctor Desoto 2Sporn graphic

*widget boy cultureOscar-nominated animator and film blogger Michael Sporn passes away.

*widget boy cultureDOWN UNDERWEAR: Aussie undies.

*widget boy cultureJoan Rivers insults North West, an infant.

*widget boy cultureTAKE A SEAT, RACISTS: Does that chair come in "Asian woman?" Mark-Ruffalo

*widget boy cultureAmazing daguerreotype-style images of Sundancers.

*widget boy cultureLET US EAT CAKE: Anti-gay bakery violated civil rights.

*widget boy culture"Leslie Knope" is back as Parks & Rec gets a 7th season.

*widget boy cultureObama evolves on pot.

*widget boy cultureIf you're a gay friend of Mary Matalin's, go to hell.

*widget boy cultureIf you're a gay friend of Putin's, hell's too good for you.

*widget boy cultureBAD HABITS: Nun bears a child, was unaware she was preggers.

*widget boy cultureChris Christie claims he'll learn from his scandal.

Chris-ChristieBut will he learn nothing?

Nov 25 2013
Unbound: James Franco & Seth Rogen vs. Kimye Comments (0)


Seth Rogen and James Franco turn in a shot-for-shot remake of Kanye West's career-suicidal worst-ever song/worst-ever video, "Bound 2," this is required viewing...

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Sep 06 2013
Need To Know: Andy & Sarah Jessica Are The Next Best Thing, Those Were The Hayes, Dirty Harry + MORE Comments (0)

FourTwoNineBravo, friendship!

*widget boy cultureAbove: Andy Cohen & SJP are inaugural cover subjects of FourTwoNine Magazine.

*widget boy cultureJUST JACK'S BACK: Will & Grace comes out...of mothballs, for Logo TV.

*widget boy cultureListen to EDM artist Jack Gelman's "Free Me."

*widget boy cultureAmazing Hacienda auction.

*widget boy cultureCountry's oldest gay bookstore, Giovanni's Room, for sale.

*widget boy cultureLIZA-APPROVED: Michelle Williams as "Sally Bowles" in Broadway Cabaret revival.

*widget boy cultureBruce Weber goes pansexual. Bruce-Weber

*widget boy cultureEven Kim Kardashian beat Madonna to grills.

*widget boy cultureSOUNDING OFF: One woman's homage is another's theft.

*widget boy cultureDaniel Radcliffe is shirtless and horny.

*widget boy cultureToy helicopter decapitates its 19-year-old operator.

*widget boy cultureThe mortgage isn't underwater, but the house is underground.

*widget boy cultureCutie Zac strips to become university's "anatomical man."

Zac-O-Brien-shirtlessAnatomy lesson.

Jun 21 2013
Need To Know: Kim Kardashian Was North West's Passage, Underwear Pride, Madonna's Addiction + MORE Comments (3)

*widget boy cultureMILEY FACE: She's just being Molly. Mercy

*widget boy cultureAdorable Portuguese boyfriends.

*widget boy cultureKim & Kanye name their daughter North West. Srsly.

*widget boy cultureThe Andrew Christian boys take over L.A. Pride.

*widget boy cultureShould Alan Chambers be forgiven?

*widget boy cultureMadonna is addicted to sweat. (And to Instagram.)

*widget boy cultureDon't miss the launch of the new Web series He's With Me.

*widget boy cultureMercy's first Gay Pride can, with proceeds going to GLAAD.

*widget boy cultureHypnotic nude swimming video.

*widget boy cultureBranden's "Roc with You" video:

BrandenI wanna Roc with you...all night...

May 19 2013
Kan-gay West? Comments (0)
In Touch (May 27, 2013) is only reporting on rumors that Kanye West might be gay, but the cover sure seems declarative.
Apr 12 2013
Need To Know: Who Told Madonna To Stick Her Butt Out?, Who Told Rebel Wilson To Eff Off?, Who's Embarrassed To Be A Republican? + MORE Comments (0)

ShirtlessCoincidentally, he has blue balls now, too!

*widget boy cultureCool—and hot—Adidas ad.

*widget boy cultureAll of The Man Behind the Throne: "Stick your butt out, Honey."

*widget boy cultureGloria Steinem defends Kim Kardashian.

*widget boy cultureMO man denied visitation with sick partner & arrested gets a break.

*widget boy cultureMadonna refutes Joyce Banda's "lies," recommits herself to Malawi. Kellan-lutz-op-04102013-02-580x435

*widget boy cultureRussell Crowe to Rebel Wilson: "Fuck off."

*widget boy cultureZambian gay HIV activist arrested after TV appearance.

*widget boy cultureNHL prepping for gay players.

*widget boy cultureRNC doubles down against equality.

*widget boy cultureKid Rock "fucking embarrassed" to be a  Republican.

*widget boy cultureTrump's kid gets slathered in caviar. Nightly.

*widget boy cultureHomophobe compares homophobes to Jews in Germany.

*widget boy cultureKellan Lutz shucks shirt for OP.

*widget boy cultureGet your Pride Stache here.

*widget boy culture"Condom Pope" goes on display.

*widget boy cultureThe past, present and future of gay porn, by a convicted pimp.

*widget boy cultureRyan Murphy & Portia de Rossi cover Out.

*widget boy cultureJay Anthony Parks backs that thing up.

Jay-Anthony-ParksA little Parks recreation.

Feb 26 2013
Need To Know: Flying The Koop, Old Dogs, Twit & Wisdom + Why Knot? Comments (2)

C Everett KoopKoop with his Cabbage Patch mini-me. How much more '80s can it get?

*widget boy cultureLegendary Surgeon General C. Everett Koop dies @ 96.

*widget boy cultureAnderson Cooper's kitty-litter facial. Me-ow!

*widget boy cultureAng Lee took his Oscar to In-n-Out Burger. So L.A.!

*widget boy cultureOscar ratings slightly up. Was it Seth? Barbra? Boobs?

*widget boy cultureKim Kardashian & Kanye screw on a magazine cover.

*widget boy cultureCornholing...San Francisco-style!

*widget boy cultureOld Dogs & New Tricks deals with "Mood Swings":

*widget boy cultureLesbian moms confronted in TX sting.

*widget boy cultureNigel Barker on his upcoming David Mixner flick.

*widget boy cultureEllen's first underwear model.

*widget boy culture"The Twit and Wisdom of Spencer Cox."

*widget boy cultureOklahoma fights to force teachers to pass idiot pupils.

*widget boy cultureMr. & Mr. Jesse Tyler Ferguson on why "husband" matters.


Feb 14 2013
Need To Know Comments (2)

Oscar Pistorius croppedOlympic icons have been having a bad run lately

*widget boy cultureParalympic idol Oscar Pistorius charged with killing GF.

*widget boy cultureJustin Timberlake's "Suit & Tie" video drops.

*widget boy cultureRight-wing group made video of "Hillary" having sex with a "panda." Hillary-Clinton-panda

*widget boy cultureLegal complaint vs. bareback-porn companies.

*widget boy cultureFranco takes Kimmel on "Gay Town" tour.

*widget boy cultureThe good ol' days when "You Are Gay" was romantic.

*widget boy cultureThe AP is still proudly anti-gay.

*widget boy cultureHAPPY V-DAY: Deadly new virus found.

*widget boy cultureIdiotic coach thinks gays ended Olympic wrestling.

*widget boy cultureDid Kim & Kanya get free pass from TSA?

*widget boy cultureYou may flip for this Burger:

Joel-Burger-model-shirtlessGood Burger