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Jan 09 2015
Razzies Noms Are In: I Smell A Kirk Cameron Sweep! Comments (0)


Kirk Cameron was nominated for something for the first time since Tiger Beat put him up for Prettiest Hair in 1988...but it's a slew of Razzies. He still probably loves it. Feeds his martyr complex.

Dec 05 2014
Cross To Bear Comments (0)

Kirk-Cameron copy

Kirk Cameron's Saving Christmas is now IMDb's all-time worst-reviewed film.


Feb 05 2014
Let Lying Kirks Sleep Comments (0)


With thanks to Jeremy Kinser, a laughable status update from Christian homophobe Kirk Cameron.

Aug 02 2012
Full House, Empty Mind Comments (2)

Candace Cameron Bure
Candace Cameron Bure, Kirk's sister and a former star of Full House, tweeted that she and her child "love chikin!" along with this photo of them enjoying Chick-Fil-A. I Candace-Cameron-full-house-581765_585_800doubt the Olsens would approve. They don't even eat! Her brother Kirk would be proud, even though she eats chicken and I hear he sucks cock.

Meanwhile, a number of Candace Cameron Bure's followers challenged her on her patronage of the suddenly controversial chain.

One of Cameron's pet charity projects involves getting homes for pets. I wonder if she would put a pet into a gay home? I am glad she's doing some good in this world, even if she has more room in her heart for four-legged than two-legged animals.

Jul 28 2012
Kirk Cameron: Growing Pain In The Butt Comments (1)

Kirk Cameron protestCourtesy of Paul Goldfinger

A large group showed up to peacefully protest Kirk Cameron's speaking program at Ocean Grove's Great Auditorium in New Jersey, yesterday. According to the blogger linked here, there was no open hostility between Cameron's attendees and those who showed up to voice their displeasure that the newly minted NOM spokesphobe was being welcomed to their community.

Johnny Mathis gayWonder if out singer Mathis canceling was related? (Doubt it, but...)

More photos from the protest here.

Cameron made further anti-gay news this past week by refusing to even meet with LGBT youth in New Jersey, instead directing them—via spokesman—to purchase tickets to attend his speech. The spox sez:

"He has a concern for their well being—not only now, but eternally."

See you in hell, Kirk.

Jun 12 2012
Growing To Be A Real Pain Comments (1)

Kirk-cameronKirk is captain of their hearts

In 2007, a judge ruled that a Christian retreat house in Ocean Grove, New Jersey, had no right to deny a request to rent its boardwalk pavilion for a same-sex ceremony. Big brouhaha for the area, big loss for the bad guys.

The locals there haven't learned from their closed-mindedness, inviting outspoken homophobe Kirk Cameron to speak at an auditorium there in July. He was invited by the Camp Meeting Association, but the gay-rights group Ocean Grove United has asked for the invite to be rescinded.

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Apr 13 2012
I Love CCOCK Comments (3)


Via Joe.My.God.: I honestly think this is one of the funniest things ever...a collection of former child stars (Maureen Flannigan/Out of This World, Keith SafariScreenSnapz002Coogan/Adventures in Babysitting, Kenn Michael/The Parent 'Hood, Brice Bechham/Mr. Belvedere, Christine Lakin/Step By Step, Jeremy Licht/The Hogan Family, Josie Davis/Charles in Charge) calling themselves CCOCK (Child Celebrities Opposing Kirk Cameron) chastising Cameron for his idiotic anti-gay beliefs. It's brilliantly written because it skewers his stupidity by playing off the "juvenile" nature of child stars (the finger-sex segment). My only suggestion would have been adding that along with all the gay stylists these grown-up kids were surrounded by, hey might have also hinted that they were also surrounded by gay actors!

Great stuff, I promise...

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Mar 06 2012
Your Nose Is Growing Pains Comments (7)

Kirk cameron anit gayBitch, please!

Kirk Cameron says his gay friends are supporting him in the wake of his disgusting anti-gay comments to Piers Morgan.

Kirk cameron gay

I would like to know who the fuck these traitors are, because if someone I knew believed what Kirk Cameron believes about gay people, it would not matter to me if they were "nice" to me or related to me, they would not be in my life and support is not what I'd be offering.

But my Facebook friend Jordana wants to know:

"When he says they're giving him 'support', does he mean they're giving him a chair to hold on to while they drill him?"


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