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Apr 24 2010
Abs-Olutely Comments (1)
In Touch (May 3, 2010) spotlights the boys of (the impending) summer—Kris Allen, The Situation and Mario Lopez. 
Jun 18 2009
Miss Me Blind Comments (2)


From Life & Style (June 29, 2009): Homophobic asshole Nigel Lythgoe, asked whether Kris Allen or Adam Lambert would go further, compares Kris to Rick Springfield and Adam to...Boy George??? Really? Not even Freddie Mercury? Is he blind? Why not just go ahead and say Liberace...you know you want to.
May 28 2009
Adam Lambert Tops Kris Allen...In Bed? Comments (3)

It's really funny and more evidence that Adam will be explicitly talking about being gay shortly. Maybe he's waiting to do it with a "bang" (from above) on the cover of People or Time or...hey, Adam, throw The Advocate a bone!
May 25 2009
Win, Lewis Or Draw Comments (0)


Above, former American Idol contestant Blake Lewis's Tweet back to Bret Wolfe regarding his preference—which was for Adam over Kris. This Tweet could be psychologically analyzed, considering Blake, too, was the subject of gay rumors (a PhotoShopped pic of him with partner in bromance Chris Richardson fanned the flames), and there is a wistful note to the "I knew that Kris was going to win."


Or it's just a factual Tweet.

Also, is Lewis doing L.A. Pride???

UPDATE: Here is the person he Tweeted it to, reacting to his response:


Yes, Wolfe is a gay porn star. I'd still like to know if Lewis is doing L.A. Pride!
May 22 2009
Adam & Steve Comments (2)

Kris still strikes me as embarrassed he won, but if they can get along I guess Adam's fans will have to move on, too.
May 20 2009
Glam Slammed Comments (10)


American Idol has officially jumped the shark. Sure, Kris is adorable, sure, he can sing some Alg_idolc songs well. In fact, I would be happy with him as #1 in most other years, or at #2 this year. But winning against Adam Lambert? A joke. I believe Adam will go on to have the more, er, fruitful career (which might have, er, queered the deal for him). But I think it's also time to stop watching—even one-eyed, as I do—a show on FOX that is so easily manipulated by Bill O'Reilly (who's...on FOX) for purposes of instilling in viewers the importance of $$$VOTING$$$ and $$$TUNING IN EACH YEAR$$$.

A Change Is Gonna Come Comments (3)


DialIdol.com claims that Kris Allen has a 1.1% edge over Adam Lambert after last night's performances. How this could be is anyone's guess, but I can't see any reason to doubt that Adam's Alg_allen_shirt sexuality is suppressing at least some of his vote. After all, who's more likely to be DETERMINED to vote? Middle-of-the-roaders or people who appreciate Adam's flamboyance, artistry and potential socio-political impact?

I think Kris Allen is awfully cute and very talented; deserving, even, of winning. But not this year, not against Adam Lambert. Yet, as I said in this Daily News article on the subject, sometimes being the frontrunner softens your support and leads to an unwelcome sort of change in the status quo...

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